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07-10-20 05:27 AM
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Main - Creativity and Artwork Showcase! - Tyty's Art! (2)
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Posted on 01-19-19 04:07 AM Link | ID: 145799

Level: 97

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Since: 05-23-16

Last post: 34 days
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i dig it, wish i had any artistic skills

Posted on 01-27-19 02:47 AM Link | ID: 146002


Level: 16

Posts: 43/50
EXP: 19660
Next: 596

Since: 01-21-12

Last post: 15 days
Last view: 13 days
All it takes is practice and time, really. Talent is the just the starting point, but the ceiling is limitless.

Saber's butt NSFW

A friend asked me to draw "Saber's butt" for her birthday last year. I'm hilariously overdue.

Posted on 01-29-19 08:48 PM Link | ID: 146130


Level: 16

Posts: 44/50
EXP: 19660
Next: 596

Since: 01-21-12

Last post: 15 days
Last view: 13 days
Lydia NSFW

One of my characters. She's a Hikkikomori succubus that likes painting gunpla and character figurines.

Posted on 03-13-19 03:55 AM Link | ID: 146708


Level: 16

Posts: 46/50
EXP: 19660
Next: 596

Since: 01-21-12

Last post: 15 days
Last view: 13 days
Tentacle Marathon NSFW

First drawing in a while. I've been out of it recently, but I had fun with this.

Posted on 03-15-19 06:03 AM Link | ID: 146749


Level: 16

Posts: 47/50
EXP: 19660
Next: 596

Since: 01-21-12

Last post: 15 days
Last view: 13 days
JK Tyty-chan

Part of a... meme I guess? I saw around on Japanese twitter. You'd take the output of a shindanmaker and draw it.

I'm super happy with this one. She's cute!

Posted on 03-15-19 01:00 PM Link | ID: 146753
Site Administrator
The Sorceress.

Level: 223

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Since: 01-01-12
From: UK

Last post: 5 hours
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That sleepy face is adorable.

The world could always use more heroes!

Posted on 04-21-19 11:08 PM Link | ID: 147267


Level: 16

Posts: 48/50
EXP: 19660
Next: 596

Since: 01-21-12

Last post: 15 days
Last view: 13 days
Thanks. I'm really happy with how she ended up turning out actually.

I can't believe I ended up making The Cooler Teyla over a meme... Speaking of Teyla though,

Happy Easter!

Had to draw a bunny for today, but I did a bit of a twist on it.

Posted on 04-24-19 05:24 PM Link | ID: 147305
Goddess of the Apocalypse
Level: 186

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Since: 01-03-12
From: Boston, MA

Last post: 4 hours
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12363 3110 0
:bun: very nice!

Posted on 06-24-20 11:23 PM (rev. 2 of 06-25-20 02:11 AM by Tyty) Link | ID: 160223


Level: 16

Posts: 49/50
EXP: 19660
Next: 596

Since: 01-21-12

Last post: 15 days
Last view: 13 days
Hi hello yes I realize I haven't posted in more than a year whoops.

More arts.

Selfie NSFW

🤔 NSFW...?

Stream Drawings
Might try to get into streaming art again after I move. We'll see though.

Yuuko tiddy sketch. NSFW
I think this is the only time I've used an actual pencil to draw in an entire year.

(Lewd Version)NSFW
Something for the local stampede spirit, though that got canceled this year so, uh...

Bunny Day Lydia

9/9 Drawing
Really happy with this one and how it turned out. I don't normally -like- to draw characters from media but this one was fun.

Yuuko PinupNSFW
please do not notice the weird foot

Rabbit sketch pageNSFW

Anxiety Witch
A quick doodle I used as my twitter avatar for October last year.

Stay Warm Winter Bun
One of my favorite pieces I've done in the past year, not really sure why. Rocking it as my twitter avatar and my discord avatar still.

Slime Time.NSFW
*chuckles* You mean...NSFW
Someone commented the first one looked like Chaos so...

Nozomi BoobsNSFW
Trying to get over my dislike of drawing fanart. I'm still not -super- sure where it came from. Maybe because I used to have a Sonic OC and drew a lot of Sonic art, idk.

Magical Draining Collar NSFW
because horny worldbuilding is fun.

Stuff the Bun NSFW

quickly failing NNN

"Back on my weird fetish bullshit" NSFW
I don't like drawing a lot of the stuff I'm into, but sometimes I need to scratch the itch. Energy drain petrification.

SMW hacking while at Work
little doodle. I made a thing happen and the game didn't collapse into itself. Yay.

Public NSFW

Yuuko Pinup 2 NSFW
For a bit there I think I was trying to give Yuuko more attention. Normally I neglect her a bit.

Limited Colors.
Trying to push myself a bit, I stuck to a specific 5 color palette here. It didn't quite turn out how I wanted, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. I don't think anyone pointed out the colors I used.

Molon Labe NSFW

Somft NSFW
Finally getting to this year. Lydia x Himiko (One of Hiryuu's OCs)

Bunny Ref NSFW
Bunny Teyla color ref. Still unsure if I should -keep- her as Bunny Teyla or make her a different character because...

I started doing this and putting them next to eachother and it's kinda weird.

Bunny Pinup. NSFW

Yuuko Drawings
She's a cutie and I really should give her more attention.

Self-indulgence doodle NSFW
Sometimes I can't sleep unless I get an idea out of my head and drawn down.

Lunch Break. NSFW

Weird tentacle stuff.

Nozomi's Birthday 2020

And since I took so long to post again I'll share some stuff that didn't make the twitter cut. These aren't in chronological order like the above ones are.

SMWCP2 Boss Redesign.

Nozomi x Eli titjob NSFW
This one I drew late May? Never tweeted it out.

Mommydom gf vs succubus gf NSFW
Feat. Short hair Teyla. This one I didn't tweet out because there would be literally 0 context for it.

Lydia x Himiko cutesy thing
Doodle while I was hashing out Himiko designs for Hiryuu

I -think- that's all of it. I sure drew a lot of smut last year.

Posted on 06-25-20 01:57 AM Link | ID: 160224

Lemmy Koopa
Handsome Gentleman
Level: 81

Posts: 2756/2810
EXP: 4871279
Next: 121570

Since: 08-05-17
From: Africa

Last post: 2 hours
Last view: 2 hours
Your art style is immensely cute and appealing. My favorite of these was probably the limited colors one, it really stood out to me and looked cool. A lot of these seem to have a sort of soft-outlined style to them, which I do enjoy a fair bit. It seems to contrast with some of the older stuff you linked, with the black more ink-like outlines. I think both styles look nice, so a bit more cleaner stuff like that again would certainly be welcome.

Posted by Tyty
Nozomi x Eli titjob NSFW
This one I drew late May? Never tweeted it out.

This link lead me to a Discord channel, I'm not sure if it's me or if you linked it wrong when you meant to link the actual image hosted on Discord, but that's the result of me clicking this link.

Giant Paratroopa
Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome' ++++!!
Handsome Gentleman

Posted on 06-25-20 02:14 AM Link | ID: 160225


Level: 16

Posts: 50/50
EXP: 19660
Next: 596

Since: 01-21-12

Last post: 15 days
Last view: 13 days
Oh whoops, thanks for catching that. I grabbed it from a Discord search and must've copied the jump to link by mistake.

And thanks. I've been trying to work on my lines a lot over the past year-year and a half. It's mostly been my focus to get better on line weighting, so I've been practicing with a thicker/softer brush for it.

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Main - Creativity and Artwork Showcase! - Tyty's Art! (2)

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