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05-23-22 09:13 AM
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Main - The Officer's Club - Women are now pregnant two weeks before a baby is concieved.
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Posted on 08-26-12 11:27 PM Link | ID: 24420
Normal User
T̨̞͎͓͉̮͓̠o͚͎o ̴̘̼̳͔̥̺͓m̤̤a̸̳̫̜̠̬͉̗ny͕̳ ̥͈̘̞͟c͚̦̳̘̠̟ͅo҉̗͎̮̣͉o̷͍̤̥̞͔͎̹k҉͙̲̩͍̮̮s͈̼͎
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Since: 01-02-12
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This makes sense.

I find it a little sad a law like this even managed to get passed. How does this make any kind of sense? THEY'RE VIOLATING CAUSALITY FOR GOD'S SAKE.

I know this story is a little old but I'd like to know other's opinions on this. I don't really care for the article because it is quite obviously biased an I'm a fan of unbiased news, but the message is still there. Also I love how apparently you can pass a bill that changes science facts in your state alone, how about that?

Posted on 08-26-12 11:29 PM Link | ID: 24421
Normal User
Outta here.
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Since: 01-03-12

Last post: 3237 days
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Never mind that conception happens the moment fertilization occurs.

Posted on 08-26-12 11:32 PM Link | ID: 24422
Normal User

Red Birdo
Fat Lesbian
Level: 86

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Since: 04-03-12
From: Seattle, USA

Last post: 2752 days
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Logic fail.

For one thing, how do you know if a child will be conceived sometime in the next two weeks, to be able to determine if someone is "pregnant"?

'Cause when you've given up,
When no matter what you do it's never good enough,
When you never thought that it could ever get this tough,
That's when you feel my kind of love.

Posted on 08-27-12 03:13 PM Link | ID: 24521
Retired Staff

Not okay
Prophet of Celestia
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Since: 01-01-12
From: The Netherlands

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This is right up there with "if it's a legitimate rape the body will shut the whole thing down" and "pizza is a vegetable".

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Main - The Officer's Club - Women are now pregnant two weeks before a baby is concieved.

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