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05-19-24 02:09 AM
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Posted on 11-22-12 10:08 PM Link | ID: 28970
Normal User

Miracles Happen
When you believe...
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Since: 07-16-12
From: Albany, NY
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So, I figured since we didn't have any thread like this on here, let's get started with a couple I found :)

The World Ends With You $19.99 on Amazon - probably the best price you'll find for it anymore for a complete/new one :)
Persona 4 on Amazon - If you're looking for another sealed copy or just want to play the game, hurry :) (Also check out the prices for new SMT: Nocturne and Persona 3 FES)
NewEgg on eBay - lots of deals here, I actually picked up KH: Chain of Memories for PS2 for $14.99 new ;D

"Miracles happen, when you believe..."

Posted on 10-20-13 01:45 AM Link | ID: 36289
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Level: 11

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Since: 08-24-12

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lol blank cell
Games with Gold Extended Indefinitely (Halo 3 is free right now)


Posted on 05-17-16 10:17 PM Link | ID: 90095
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Since: 05-16-16
From: None of your business ;D

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I would definitely get portal 1 in steam, but it cost $9.99. So, $7.49 is a deal to pay for some sort because I already got portal 2 from a friend who is a youtuber.

Posted on 05-22-18 09:20 PM Link | ID: 132741
Normal User


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Since: 09-06-17
From: World X Pipe

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A copy of Nintendo World Campionships! Only $30K! :P

Check out some of my websites!

Posted on 03-06-22 09:39 PM Link | ID: 167530
Normal User

Level: 28

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Since: 07-15-12
From: Arkansas

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So there's a few places you should follow if you're looking for deals on that in general, mostly from Twitter - I'll start with those:

Cheap Ass Gamer

A couple other things you should look at not related to social media are IsThereAnyDeal and the Steam add-on for Chrome, etc. Augmented Steam which gives you an idea, in real time when on the site, if you've got good deals somewhere on any given game plus additional information populated on any given game page, etc.

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