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Super Mario Bros. X | Kuribo64
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03-23-19 03:29 PM
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Main - Wii U Game Mods-B-US - New Super Mario Brothers U Custom Level - Lava Falls
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Posted on 06-27-15 10:42 PM (rev. 2 of 06-27-15 10:42 PM by shibboleet) Link | ID: 85911
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wee another custom level
And this one is Peach's Castle theme.

This wasn't just a level, though. This level actually has more custom stuff than you wouldn't believe. I finally understood how custom paths and path nodes work, so I put in 2 of them (the raft, and the moving lava block) and volia, they worked perfectly. But this time, I'm going to show you the internal parts of this level. :D

The entire block with sprites can be found here.

Now the new part, paths and path nodes...

Offset 0x00 is the ID of the Path, so 01 is 1 and 02 is 2.
Offset 0x03 is the Path Index, which means if path #1 has 2 paths, the path index for path #2 would be 2, and that's how it finds out how many paths there are.
Offset 0x05 is the number of nodes present.
Offset 0x07 is the looping flag, if set to 02 it will loop. 00 is no looping.

(oh, it's 20 bytes per row, this makes it make more sense.)
These are a bit more tricky. Let's just use the first 0x14 bytes for this example. This is 1 path node.
Offsets 0x00 and 0x01 are the X position
Offsets 0x02 and 0x03 are the Y position
0x04 through 0x0B aren't really known atm, but they are Acceleration, Delay, and Speed.

So I hope showing all this helped a bit, still continuing hacking this game! ;)

Posted on 06-28-15 04:20 AM Link | ID: 85921

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Thanks for showing us the internals of your level. Please continue to do so.

Heh still the same basic stuff we did way back in the '00s. :)

The level is really cool I enjoyed watched the video. Fire Bros. always get a thumbs up from me. :)

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Posted on 07-02-15 09:19 PM Link | ID: 86064
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Nice to see more custoization in NSMBU. Keep up the good work!

So if the 2000's are the 00's then the 1900's are the other 00's. :P

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Posted on 07-02-15 09:24 PM Link | ID: 86065
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This kinda reminds me of NSMBDS hacking back in 2008 :)

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Main - Wii U Game Mods-B-US - New Super Mario Brothers U Custom Level - Lava Falls

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