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05-22-18 07:54 AM
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - How much do you curse?
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Heh, how much do you curse?
Not much at all
In real life yes, online not much
Online a lot, IRL not much
Of course I fucking swear a lot
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Posted on 05-13-18 11:19 PM Link | ID: 132329

Crazy Catgirl
Meow meow meow meow...
Level: 181

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Since: 07-16-12
From: Albany, NY
OS: Mac OS X/Windows 10

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Hehe, came up with this idea after I censored the KCS thread title (a reference to Sex and the City BTW), but if you've been around me enough you should know I swear as much as a lady truck driver or female rapper or something :D (oftentimes on Twitter I'll sometimes curse a ton at something like a sports team I hate)

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Posted on 05-14-18 12:05 AM Link | ID: 132331

Reisen - Bisexual Sandwich
gee, waffles!
Level: 84

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Since: 03-19-13

Last post: 1 day
Last view: 1 hour
depends if you mean swearing passively or cursing angrily. I don't restrict my swearing when chatting with close friends, and not too much on Acmlmboards either.

Posted on 05-14-18 12:07 AM Link | ID: 132332
The Sorceress.
Warning: Explicit Content.

Level: 200

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Since: 01-01-12
From: UK

Last post: 6 hours
Last view: 6 hours
What's a swear word?

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Posted on 05-14-18 12:57 AM (rev. 2 of 05-14-18 12:57 AM by Emuz) Link | ID: 132335

11 Hit Combo:
Mother's Rosario
Level: 96

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Since: 12-30-11
From: Akron, Ohio; USA

Last post: 14 hours
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I do not fall into any of those catergories. I curse a lot some of the time.. and almost never the other part of the time. If I'm angry every other word is.. but usually I only use them as accents. However when asked this question I go "fuck bitch ass motherfucker.." etc.

Also it doesn't matter online or IRL it's all the same.

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Posted on 05-14-18 01:56 AM Link | ID: 132341

Goddəss of soməthing or othər, I forgət
Level: 165

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Since: 01-03-12
From: Boston, MA

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11359 2330 73
I don't think I curse all that often? Maybe a little more frequently online than IRL, not counting times when I'm driving, in which case I swear alot.

Posted on 05-14-18 02:42 AM Link | ID: 132343

Level: 21

Posts: 251/255
EXP: 48417
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Since: 12-31-17

Last post: 6 days
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I don't fucking swear.

JK, but, um, I generally don't like swearing unless I'm required to.

Mario Making Mods

Posted on 05-14-18 05:37 AM (rev. 2 of 05-14-18 05:37 AM by Jamie) Link | ID: 132346
The Computer Magic & Nicole Crushee
Level: 43

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Since: 06-03-14
From: England

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Bloody hell, what a good idea for a bloody thread

-simulation of me in real life talking about this thread

Serious answer - I swear a damn lot, I’m 16 and lol

Computer Magic is the fucking kawaiiest (as well as Nicole)

Moonlight Capital
Posted on 05-14-18 12:32 PM Link | ID: 132372
Moonlight suddenly attacked!
Level: 22

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Since: 04-26-16
From: Italy

Last post: 1 day
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I don't swear/curse at all.

Never wanted to.

Posted on 05-14-18 07:27 PM Link | ID: 132378

Level: 30

Posts: 215/215
EXP: 152146
Next: 13723

Since: 01-05-12

Last post: 7 days
Last view: 3 days
I swear about people sometimes because my god they can be so in another world in times of urgency.

And there is really nothing inherently wrong with it where used properly.

Posted on 05-14-18 07:55 PM Link | ID: 132379
Global Moderator

Nipper Plant
a mystery!
Level: 113

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Since: 01-29-14
From: ???

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Post #5396
Not that much.

I tend to do it more on IRC / Discord though than anywhere else (that includes RL), but it's not like there's much of a difference anyway.

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Nipper Plant
aka Schezo

Posted on 05-14-18 08:00 PM Link | ID: 132381

Handsome Gentleman
Level: 35

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Since: 08-05-17

Last post: 9 hours
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I tend to curse a fair amount in text but not abundantly. I curse like a sailor if you actually speak to me through face-to-face conversation or Discord chat though.

RIP Swingball

Posted on 05-17-18 12:53 AM Link | ID: 132472

Baby Bowser

Level: 82

Posts: 3312/3318
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Since: 05-23-16
From: Atlanta
ID: 308

Last post: 3 days
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Depends on how I'm feeling. When I'm pissed of course I fucking lose my shit online, irl I do swear quite a bit

been grounded because my dad found discord open on my laptop once

that sure went fuckin well

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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - How much do you curse?

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