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07-30-21 12:40 PM
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Group Normal User
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EXP status Level: 12
EXP: 6884 (for next level: 1037)
Gain: 312 EXP per post, 33103.484 seconds to gain 1 EXP when idle
Registered on 12-19-17 03:48 PM (1318 days ago)
Last post 01-09-21 08:56 PM (201 days ago)
in Who still uses Windows 7? (msg db 'Computer Address',0xa)
Last view 01-09-21 11:40 PM (201 days ago)
at /thread.php?id=2350

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Homepage We also have a Discord. Come and check us out! -

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Location 4 hours northwest of Hiryuu (Farmington, Arkansas)
Birthday Monday, January 25, 1999 (22 years old)
Bio Welcome to this bio! So good of you to join me! I have captured a lot of original Acmlm's board users such as Weasle and Acmlm. When Weasle retired from staff, it wasn't his decision, it was mine. I made the post, and when he joined Board2, that was because I let him but I forced him to leave. I also have Acmlm working on Acmlm board 3 and Acmlm board 4 as I right this. Acmlm board 3 will largely have a look that will remind people of the previous Acmlm board versions 1.92 and 2.5, but Acmlm board 4 will have a look that's out of this world. It will look nothing like Acmlm board 1.92, 2.0 and 3.0. I also have Xkepper, but he's working as an intern meaning he's not subject to the same conditions at Weasle and Acmlm. And a little spoiler. Acmlm has a twin brother named Tom who goes by Vbulletin on the internet. He was the one who started the popular Vbulletin software. It is rumored that Acmlm and his twin brother do not talk cause Tom hates the Acmlm board series. Rumor has it, Tom sent Acmlm to the hospital because of a BIIIIIIG BLOWOUT between the two. They haven't talked since, and despite rumors of a reconciliation, Acmlm always says this; "It's definitely not happening. Vbulletin would have to be destroyed for rekindling to happen and I just don't see that happening with how many forums use that BUT, if I could convince them to transfer over to my Acmlm board 3 software which will incorporate support to transfer a database from a different forum software such as Vbulletin to AB3, then we might rekindle, especially if I offer him a job on the AB3 team." It was also rumored Tom took a picture of Acmlm and shot at it with a gun when Acmlm board I3 went offline and was archived. It is also rumored that Acmlm plays the piano and the synthesizer in his free time. He also reportedly recorded some synthpop under the blackholeEmuz53215 name. I also have Randy53215 and am forcing him to play the rock and roll synthesizer ala Marilyn Manson's cover of Tainted Love. He has plans to release some synthrock under the name of XRandyAliureHiryuuKeeper54123. Oye Como Va.
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Sample post
Posted on 07-30-21 12:40 PM
Normal User


Level: 12

Posts: 33
EXP: 6884
Next: 1037

Since: 12-19-17
From: 4 hours northwest of Hiryuu (Farmington, Arkansas)

Last post: 201 days
Last view: 201 days
Posted by Emuz
The sample link.
Posted by Acmlm
Posted by "Shroomy"
Sample nested quote.
Sample spoiler, but I guess I ruined that for you hehe
^Sample sarcasm

How about some code:
<?php if ($whateverthislongstupidvariable == $anotherstupidlylongnamedvariable) //Epele: simple test.... { print "Sample code."; #It may print something.. or confuse you. } ?>

Sample message.

Layout by Moline.

Posted by Nik Kershaw
Wouldn't It Be Good
Posted by Moline
This is a bio? Is this where I input Biology or Biography? And I'm pretty sure graphy is a suffix due to its usage in geography, photography, biography, and tomography.
Rock, blues, jazz, reggae and alternative. 24/7 on KFMH 99 plus

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