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Posted on 01-02-12 06:05 PM (rev. 16 of 12-26-19 06:39 AM by Trelior) Link | ID: 31
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Alright guys, here's where you put all the info you'd like about the character(s) you will be playing in our humble story. Be as detailed as possible, please. Changes are welcomed, but try not to be overly radical with your changes.

Be original! Do not just blatantly plagarize a character from an existing storyline that you did not create. If you do, and I find out, I reserve the right to refuse your participation.
Name: Caionna Hoir

Sex: Female

Age: Immortal young adult

Race: Half-dragon

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)

Occupation: Transcended Wizard

Appearance: Slender figure, long brown hair, heterochromia (left: emerald green, right: golden yellow), fair complexion, silver and blue-ish gray scales accenting her features

Adventuring Attire: Flowing purple robe adorned with draconic symbols, a matching beret, a green ribbon tying her hair, and black thighboots.

Non-adventuring attire: A loose-fitting outfit consisting of a white top and black leggings with leather sandals.

Alternate outfits:

-A black wide-brimmed hat with a paired floor-length mantle with runic fringes; a black shirt beneath a purple top that turns into a swallowtail fringe at the waist; a green ankle-length pleated skirt; brown leather shoes; and white knee-high socks.

-A white off-shoulder sweater, a purple plaid shawl, a floor-length purple flat skirt, and a leather hairband.

Personality: Kind, outgoing, outspoken

Caionna is the daughter of a grand dragoness and a human man of the village at the foot of the mountain. Though, this information was withheld due to her mother's duty as planar guardian.

As a child, she was shunned by the other children due to her inherited latent magical aura. As a result, she became shy and withdrawn, only knowing acceptance from her brother and father.

Upon the awakening and fruition of her magical capacity, she was unable to keep it in check and unwittingly destroyed much of her home. She was restrained by a group of traveling sages and taken to a guild academy for gifted spellcasters for training and discipline necessary to harness and control her ability. After several grueling years of study and focus, she graduated at the very top of her class and was granted full honors and membership into the guild and began to adventure in their name.

After several years of service to her peers in the guild, she was called away from them by a higher calling. She was called upon by her mother and the council of dragons to take her place as guardian of her own realm.

Having betrayal of this higher calling coming forward to her by way of being kidnapped and used for nefarious deeds, she exacted righteous justice upon her mother and was transformed as a result. Having her energy stolen, then reclaimed, had an effect on her as a person. She is now far more forward and less shy.

Taking it upon herself, she has used the power that was unjustly wrested from her and used it to do what was previously promised by achieving what was originally intended.

Omni-encompassing spellcasting
Shapeshifting (Limited to various combinations between her dragon and human forms)
Mind shielding (She can not be the subject of mind reading, lest the intruder get counterattacked)

Long wooden staff with a crystaline orb attached (used as spell focus)
Name: Zarik Hoir

Sex: Male

Age: Immortal adult

Race: Half-dragon

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)

Occupation: Artificer

Appearance: Medium muscular build, shoulder-length jet black hair, hazel eyes, and a goatee.

Attire: Dark blue jeans, white t-shirt, blue/black flame-printed over shirt, glasses

Personality: Laid back, cool, sarcastic

He is Caionna's brother. Unlike his sister, he was accepted by the other children. This was partly due to the fact that he didn't have the stigma of being a harbor of magic, and also due the fact that he would always make things they would want to play with.

Having lost his father and other siblings during the destruction that Caionna inadvertently caused, he had no one to turn to when the entire town turned on him. Having no one left to go to, he ran off to be on his own.

He eventually found his way to a city where he took to his tinkering to try to support himself. A skilled artificer happened to be strolling through the ghetto he was shacked up in, took interest in his work, and decided to take him under his wing.

Several years of training with the artificer later, they parted ways and he started his own shop. After spending some time to establish himself, he got a message to meet Caionna and join her in the new realm. Taking the opportunity to finally met with her again, he left the shop in the hands of his underlings.

Having headed the party to save Caionna from her capture, he was instrumental in Caionna's revenge. Having destroyed one of the major dragons under his mother's command, he facilitated much of his sister's recovery.

Mechanical affinity
Weapon proficiency
Elemental breathing
Shapeshifting (Limited to various combinations between his dragon and human forms)
Basic sorcery (used for augmenting his weapons

Short sword, crossbow, and assorted gadgets, as well as any weapon associated with a skill set he decides to dabble with
Name: Zissou Angara

Sex: Male

Age: Elderly

Race: Nu Mou

Alignment: Lawful Good

Height: 4' 3"

Weight: 80 lbs (36 kg)

Occupation: Sage

Appearance: Salt 'n pepper fur, piercing gray eyes, large-gauge ear piercings with large gold earrings

Attire: An old weather-worn robe that has lost its color over the years, an old time-beaten hat, and a crystal staff walking stick

Personality: Calm, quiet, reserved

A sage from the guild, and Caionna's adviser and mentor.

Upon seeing the destruction Caionna caused to her village as such a small child, he took it upon himself to teach her how to control her ability. Ever since then, he has watched over her and aided her whenever she needed.

Wide spell pool

Walking stick staff, concealed dagger, as well as a weathered tome
Name: Arendal Angara

Sex: Male

Age: Young Adult

Race: Raen clan Au'ra

Alignment: Neutral Good

Height: 8' 4"

Weight: 275 lbs (125 kg)

Occupation: Healer, handyman

Appearance: A burly fellow; tan complexion; heterochromia (left: red, right: green); whitish horns with golden yellow webbing running on it; similarly marked scales near his elbows, waist, and on his upper legs. Back-length black hair, styled into large upward-pointing spikes.

Attire (combat): A white hooded robe with red fringes, not unlike that of a classic white mage.

Attire (leisure): Green trench coat, khaki pants, black fingerless gloves, and black loafers. He also wears golden wire-frame glasses.

Personality: Kind, forgetful, strong-willed

Zissou's adoptive son. He was also a student at the guild for a short time. As a result, he only had a passing acquaintance with Caionna. He studied the art of conjuring and learned primarily healing magics.

Growing bored of his classes, he set his focus on learning how to be a craftsman focusing in woodworking and leather working. By strange coincidence, he happened upon Zarik one day while at the markets, looking to buy new tools. The two became fast friends and eventually partnered together to help each other with the odd project.

Despite his doofy persona, he knows when the time comes to be serious. It's almost as if he becomes a different person when he's focused.

Healing, regenerative and restorative magic
Master craftsmanship

A long, ornate wooden cane that doubles as his spell focus
Name: Neristhana Twem

Sex: Female

Age: Young adult

Race: Half phoenix, half harpy

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4' 0"

Weight: 60 lbs (25 kg)

Occupation: Bard

Appearance: Diminutive and dainty. Wingspan of roughly 10' at full spread. Beautiful chromatic wings that shimmer in the full visible color spectrum, coloration dependent on light level and angle. Red hair, heterochromatic eyes (left blue, right purple), human-like body with arms independent of her wings, birdlike legs from the knee down

Attire (leisure): A red halter top and mid-thigh length denim shorts

Attire (formal): Floor length gown of iridescent cloth that changes much like her plumage

Attire (combat): Thick leather armor designed to protect her from a multitude of attacks while not sacrificing fashion

Personality: Scatterbrained, vain, nymphomaniacal

The sole survivor of a settlement of harpies, kept alive solely on merit of her status as a phoenix. She grew up in an astoundingly abusive environment by the horde of black dragons in the Twilight Reach, the draconic origin of Zarik and Caionna.

Saved by happenstance by Zarik, she immediately became infatuated by him. Much to his chagrin, she made him a mark to being her mate. Whether it being a byproduct of her harpy heritage, or the rampant sexual abuse from the dragons, she is very open about her lust for Zarik. Despite his insistence that she make a life for herself that doesn't involve him on every facet, she can't help but be attached to his hip, among other parts of him.

Given her avian heritage, she is easily distracted and naive. Given that, she is not stupid. She is also obsessed with her looks, insisting that she is preened and pampered to a fault. She will claim it is to be at her peak appearance for Zarik, but it could just as easily be harpine vanity.

Fire manipulation
Immaculate singing voice
Silence immunity
Charm through song
Immortality by fiery rebirth

Dagger, bow, talons, and claws

Posted on 01-02-12 06:50 PM Link | ID: 39
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Name: Kawa
Age: NaN
Height: 2 meters
Weight: 100 kilos but actual mass is about half a ton
Hair: dark blonde to brown
Eyes: red

Kawa is for all intents and purposes a cyborg. Most of his body has over the years been replaced, and the replacements have "recently" been replaced by better parts. Most of his skeleton is now composed of a lightweight alloy, which cut his body weight in half.

Kawa always had an antigrav system running to cancel out his disproportionate weight. The controls have been rewritten from scratch -- it now has three modes, which take increasing amounts of energy: Economy, Stealth and Free Flight. In Economy mode, Kawa actually touches the ground. His footsteps can be heard (they couldn't before), and scales actually register a weight. In Stealth mode, just enough energy is expended to keep him off the ground completely, with no footsteps. Free Flight speaks for itself, taking more energy for difficult manouvers.

Being mostly inorganic has diminished his former magic affinity. To counteract this, he has proportionally increased the amount of hidden weapons. Kawa can now fire low to medium power energy beams from the palms of his hands. Putting his hands together in the typical Kamehameha gesture combines the beams into a single, more powerful beam that's harder to control. He has various sidearms hidden in his clothes and carries a katana at his side, made of the same alloy as his skeletal structure. Kawa also has two extending blades hidden in his forearms which slice through the skin when they pop up, with the pivot point at wrist level. In their extended state, the blades are at a mostly right angle with his arms and are good blocking tools. The blades can also be swung around into a claw-like orientation suitable for stabbing.

Any special technique or ability drains power while used. Kawa's energy levels recharge at a constant rate, slightly faster than a well-chosen mix of "always-on" abilities drains.

Kawa appears to have 360 degrees vision, but it's actually just some sensors (think radars and such) to generally tell where things outside of the usual visual range are up to two meters away. Kawa's eyes have infra- and darkvision. He cannot see invisible things, but can detect minute distortions that said things may cause. His vision is fine enough to discern hairline cracks from up close and detect traps.

Kawa is still a tentacle demon, with two tentacles extending from below his shoulder blades. They are often extended a short distance when idle, sometimes seen as a vague movement underneath his clothes. The tentacles still have three variable tips and the same range as before; two meters, 2.5 with more effort.

Kawa's clothes are still recognizable, but several sizes too large. This is both to conceal things and to make his new bishi looks a little disturbing.

The color of Kawa's eyes is the best indication of his emotional state, varying from nearly black to bright red, followed by increasing amounts of red "smoke" that tends to gather under the brim of his iconic pimp hat. In all cases, his eyes glow in the dark.

Kawa has a faint but noticable robotic flange in his voice, unless he takes special care.

Personal History
Kawa was born as a perfectly normal Pikachu on the outskirts of Viridian City in the Pokémon world, on an unknown date. At some point, he more or less died and was used in a project to create a super-Pokémon. He escaped, accidentally got whisked away to another world, had lots of misadventures and ended up altering his body into its current configuration

Having forgotten his early life in Viridian City, Kawa can speak and understand Pokémon "language" but is blissfully unaware of this fact, using it without thinking when happy. At some point, he came back to the Pokémon world (or something very much like it), which caused several deeply buried memories to surface. Kawa can only assume these memories are his own, and sometimes visits the Kanto region to try and learn more about his past. Meeting other Pikachu for the first time in what could (subjectively) be millenia was a very heavy experience.

Known Languages
All languages are accented unless stated otherwise.
  • Japanese (native)
  • American English
  • Pokémon speak (unwittingly)
  • Hylian
  • Romulan (broken)
  • Klingonese

  • Calligraphy
  • Singing
  • Tesla Coil music (without tesla coils)
  • Voice imitation
  • Swordfighting
  • Marksmanship
  • Spatial geometry

Special Moves
  • Remote Slap (magic, gesture) - From up to 1.5 meters away, causes the recipient to feel a forceful slap across the cheek. Gesture is a simple cutting motion with two extended fingers.
  • Recall Clothing (innate, gesture) - From up to 5 meters away, causes dropped clothing to fly back. Exactly which article(s) can be chosen at will. This only works on Kawa's regular clothes, which are actually parts of his body.
  • Mind Reading (magic, auto) - From up to 2 meters away, allows Kawa to know the basic intent of people.
  • Rule of Foo - Invoke the Rules of Cool or Funny to cheat the laws of physics. Can only be done so many times in short succession because of audience saturation, but at no power cost whatsoever.
  • Bullet Time - Slow down perception up to two linear levels, at quadratic power drain.
  • Glare of Doom - Simply a particularly mean look that would cause most people to get scared and go away.

Commonly Known Superpowers
  • Healing Factor - With an immense energy cost, Kawa can reconstitute his body from nearly a single cell. The more damage done, the longer it takes. This mainly due to necessary energy reclamation breaks and can be subverted by exposure to a suitable energy source.
  • Physical resistance - Kawa can take more hits than the average human before drawing blood.
  • Reflexes - Kawa can dodge manual fire. Rapid-fire is much harder, depending on the firing pattern.
  • Strength - Kawa can lift up to one ton with relative ease, which is not really very impressive.
  • Vision - As stated above, Kawa can see more than usual.
  • Immortality - Caused by the healing factor and manual replacement of most body parts.
  • Electric Manipulation - Well, DUH! This includes force field generation and energy blasts.
  • Dimensional/Time travel - At an incredibly high power cost, Kawa can travel to other worlds. For slightly less, he can travel through time. This is one of the main reasons his age is unknown.
  • Flight - As described above.
  • Strange Charisma (magic) - Causes target to see Kawa in proverbial soft-focus, sparkly vision.

  • The forearm blades mentioned above.
  • The tentacles can be used for bludgeoning and stabbing.
  • Desert Eagle (.50 Action Express)
  • Remington 870 shotgun
  • A length of rope
  • A metal baseball bat
  • A set of knives
  • A katana
All but the katana are hidden in his oversized clothes.

Hidden Power
Kawa used to be like a god, but got bored with his power. It also made him fearful of potential power-madness, so he shunted most of it into several orbs, which are stored in a vault deep inside his home. One of them has been powering his home's systems ever since.

Name: Cynthia
Age: 19 (mentally)
Height: 1,7 meters
Weight: don't ask
Hair: reddish brown
Eyes: golden brown

Cynthia is the direct result of Kawa's frustrated efforts to ease his loneliness. She was constructed from his own old parts and some new stuff.

Despite being based directly on Kawa's own technology, Cynthia does not possess any superpowers or special skills besides enhanced stamina and an uncanny aim with guns. She is intensely loyal to Kawa, but may need some training on certain social subjects.

Known Languages
Cynthia can speak American English and Japanese. She speaks with a noticable robotic tinge and somewhat clipped words.

Cynthia has not developed any special skills.

Special Moves
Cynthia does not have any special moves.

Cynthia carries a small knife and a Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum seven-shot revolver.

Name: The Homeship

The Homeship used to be a Japanese-influenced mansion stuck through the side of a small mountain surrounding an insignificant fishing village that Kawa lorded over as a benevolent but passive local god. At some point, he got bored with it and took the mansion up into high orbit, taking a sizable chunk of mountain with it.

The Homeship contains, among other things, a dimensional cartography system in the study room and a fairly powerful transporter system which keeps a constant lock on Kawa and Cynthia. Both can trigger the system with just a conscious thought to instantly transport themself up to the Homeship.

The Homeship has standard-issue propulsion systems stuck in the rocks and can be used to do orbital strikes. Various system controls can be manifested with a thought, though many functions are locked out for visitors.

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((Sure, why the hell not.))

Character Bio: Billy Charll

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Physical: Roughly 6ft 1in tall. White human. Green eyes. Short brown hair, slightly untidy. No defined waistline.
Mental: Laid back. Doesn't like to take charge unless threatened. Oddly protective of friends. Spends more time on the computer than anything else. Enjoys a good game of baseball.
Alignment: True Neutral
Origin: A human world. The residents are perfectly mundane. His discovery of the multiverse came about when he obtained his powers, but his first encounter with other multiversal travelers was in Kawa's Lounge, which somehow intersected the game of Minecraft he'd immersed himself in.

Lucia's twin brother. Billy's usual outfit consists of a red T-shirt with a slightly fancy green triangle on the front, blue jeans with slightly worn knees, brown shoes, and a callous smirk.

He usually attacks with a baseball bat which he keeps stored away in a pocket dimension, but his proficiency with them leads to a skill with swords which is more than sufficient. He usually carries a baseball in one of his front pockets, which often serves as his standard projectile.

Natalie revealed herself to Billy as the one who gave him his special powers. Billy is capable of performing telekinesis, creating spacetime portals, and utilizing mundane extravision. His repertiore may be limited, but he can always come up with a way to come out ahead.

- Age up! 17 -> 18.

Character Bio: Lucia Charll

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Physical: Roughly 5ft 10in. tall. White human. Green eyes. Shoulder-length brown hair, well-kept. A-cup breasts; minor Berserk Button. Slightly thin figure.
Mental: Slightly bossy, especially around Billy. Takes charge when agitated. Doesn't like being teased about her small chest. Enjoys physical activity. Slight pyromaniac.
Alignment: True Neutral
Origin: A human world. The residents are perfectly mundane. Her discovery of the multiverse came when Kawa's Lounge wound up intersecting her homeworld.

Billy's twin sister. Lucia's usual outfit consists of a yellow T-shirt with a brown cube on the front, khaki-colored pants, sandals, and an innocent smile.

Lucia's weapon of choice tends to be her bow and arrows. She's a crack shot at any distance. Unfortunately, her quiver is nowhere near bottomless. She sometimes has to rely on Billy to supply her with extra ammunition.

Lucia has limited magic ability - mainly fire, ice, and healing magic, all at extremely short range. She can, however, channel the magic through an object she's in contact with, letting her shoot arrows loaded with fire or ice magic.

Natalie revealed herself to Lucia as the one who gave her her special powers. Although they're not much in the grand scheme of things, she can still hold her own against many foes.

- Age up! 17 -> 18.

Character Bio: Natalie

Gender: Female
Age: 26
Physical: Roughly 5ft 7in tall, flat-footed. Anthropomorphic dolphin with human-like face. Deep blue eyes. Mid-back-length brown hair. Somewhat fin-like ears ~7in long, resting angle ~30º up from horizontal plane. Tail length roughly 5ft 3in. Tail fin span roughly 2ft. Small white heart mark on top left surface of tail fin. Breasts approx. 36D. Thin figure.
Mental: More spunk than a Martian has desire to blow up the Earth. Rather manipulative, able to put on a display of whatever emotion she may feel like. Prefers nakedness, but respects common modesty sentiments. Likes to be in control.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Origin: A human world. Her power is unique in her homeworld, but others with similar power exist in certain other universes...

Natalie was an ordinary human until she discovered her abilities at thirteen years of age. Once she discovered the true extent of her powers, she began exploring the spacetime and training herself in the proper applications of her talents. She never had to do a day's mundane labor in her life... not the way a normal person would, at least. Despite her nature, she actively tried to avoid friendships, only truly connecting to a few people she felt were important.

She has a bit of a preference for elementally-aligned gems and specialty metals such as silver, if she's gearing up for the purposes of mundane protection. At the same time, though, she understands the importance of durable materials such as steel in the main construction of her conjured equipment.

Among her repertoire of abilities, she boasts a half-dragon form, the ability to channel pure divine energy at will, and even mastery over spacetime itself.

Natalie's seen it all in her interdimensional travels. Many of her observed abilities are inspired by things she encounters in her travels.... She likes to think of herself as a demigoddess, but she's got a ways to go before she could even begin to compare.

- Tail length 3ft8in -> 5ft3in. Seriously, that thing was way too short.
- Age up! 24 -> 26 (superficial, I know) to reflect the time she spent dealing with Lena.

Character Bio: Lena

Gender: Female
Age: ???
Physical: Roughly 5ft 11in tall, flat-footed. Fair-skinned succubus. Deep red eyes. Mid-back-length brown hair. Slightly elven ears. Narrow demon wings with ~5ft wingspan. Tail length roughly 6ft5in. Tail tipped with 3in. fleshy spade. Breasts approx. 34E. Thin figure.
Mental: Often tries to be seductive. Has little respect for personal space. Will attempt to seduce either gender. Speaks in an endearing fashion frequently.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Origin: The realm of demons. Or at least, one of them. Who knows how many of these things exist in the multiverse?

A pair of short, nubby horns poke out from Lena's hair, which falls between her narrow demonic wings. Her revealing outfit is a shiny black leather strapless bra, supporting a luscious pair of breasts; panties of the same material that leave no part of her hips unexposed; long fingerless gloves made of a dull black fabric; knee-length black stockings; and shiny black high-heels. A blood-red ruby, cut in a teardrop shape and mounted point-down hangs by a thin gold chain from a loop in the front of the thin black collar around her neck.

Lena is an odd duck among the Succubi - she has no desire to turn victims. With Natalie's help, she hopes to some day be able to fit in among normal people.... She almost never drops her slutty attitude, but she genuinely respects and cares for Natalie and will change track at even the slightest hint of the demigoddess' annoyance with her behavior.

- Fleshed out paragraph two a bit... by adding one sentence.

Posted on 01-04-12 01:13 AM (rev. 30 of 11-15-19 11:01 PM by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト) Link | ID: 223
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Copied from the last forum incarnation.

Name: Belgarion Liadon (Bel for short)
Age: 170 (Approximately 25-26 human years)
Species: Elven
Gender: Male
Hometown: Copley
Birthplace: Copley Forest
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 136 lbs (~70kg)
Job: Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hair: Silver/Grey. Hair reach down to his lower back (Similar to Magus in CT). It's combed backwards.
Tattoos/Marks: Has a draconic mark on his neck that means "dragon". It's covered by his hair.
Eye Color: Black.
Voice: Not too dark and not too light. A little raspy.
Personality: Cynical and/or sarcastic at times but cares deeply for his friends despite coming off as a bit of a dick sometimes. Has a strong sense of justice.
Familiar: A black cat named Dusk.
Weapon proficiency: Longswords, rods, wands, scythes, staffs, daggers and Two-bladed swords.
Weapons in Possession: A family longsword which he carries in a sheath on his back. It's engraved with runes and is rumoured to have magical powers which may activate when the owner is in danger. He also is in possession of a rod (Arcane Rod of Ever Yielding Mystery) which is capable of a number or magical feats such as acting as a torch and enabling teleportation to towns/cities/locations known by the owner. It slightly enhances his magical abilities.

The rod is roughly 2 feet tall (or 50cm) in very fine sculptured wood with a dragon's head at the top with a round crystal in its mouth. Below the dragon's head, its body swirls around the rod, two reptilian hands with adorned claws grasping the rod, one above another. Same with the feet but near the bottom. The tail twirls around the bottom part of the rod. The material of the dragon is unknown at this point. Due to the shape of rods (Thickness can vary but are generally thin. Bel's rod is slightly thicker than the general design, though.) the dragon's body looks to be inspired by chinese dragons while the head is influenced by western design. Looks kinda like Lagiacrus but with dark grey/black colors.

The rod gets the cobra-like "mane" after Bel inserts the two space/time-gems. Before that, it has a more traditional design at the back of its head, neck and throat area.


Flight (limited distance)
Healing Factor: Activates when he gets hurt (think Wolverine but weaker healing factor)
High-level telepathy (short or long-distance)
High-level telekinesis
Arcane senses: Enables Bel to sense when magic is being used/have been used and/or magical artifacts or ancient ones emitting some sort of energy. He can distinguish between hostile and non-hostile magic even if said magic is the same he can use himself. He can also use this ability to scan an area as large as one square mile for magical energy coming from people and/or creatures. Actively scanning for magical energies needs mild concentration and the area of the scan can be increased but requires more concentration.

Signature Attire: Black robe with very small golden lines of magical runes at the end of the sleeves and also at the bottom of the robe itself. The robe has magical properties unknown to everyone but Bel himself. It also has a hood/cowl which shades most of his face making it hard to see. Bel also has a leather belt complete with a golden buckle with some pouches in which he carries various magical powders and other things. It has attachments which can be used to carry Daggers/Rods and such.

Languages (written and spoken):

Elven (Native)
Common (English)
Infernal (Devils, lawful evil outsiders)

Above-normal agility and dexterity giving a very fast reaction time.


Ray of Frost: Capable of freezing objects and parts of people/creates solid and causing minor damage. 30 feet range.

Mage Armor: Gives him additional moderate physical defense.

Identify: Determines properties of magic item.

Charm: This charm makes a humanoid creature regard you as its trusted friend and ally.

Flash: The eyes of the snake/dragon-like head of Bel's rod emits a blinding flash of light that temporarily blinds one or several enemies in the cone-shaped area it affects. The light is most effective within 40-45 feet from its origin.

Knock: The knock spell opens stuck, barred, locked, held, or arcane locked doors. It opens secret doors, as well as locked or trick-opening boxes or chests. It also loosens welds, shackles, or chains (provided they serve to hold closures shut). If used to open a arcane locked door, the spell does not remove the arcane lock but simply suspends its functioning for 10 minutes. In all other cases, the door does not relock itself or become stuck again on its own. Knock does not raise barred gates or similar impediments (such as a portcullis), nor does it affect ropes, vines, and the like. The effect is limited by the area. Each spell can undo as many as two means of preventing egress.

Discern Location: The spell reveals the name of the creature or object’s location (place, name, business name, building name, or the like), community, county (or similar political division), country, continent, and the plane of existence where the target lies. An item that belongs to said creature or person is required.

Burning Hands: A cone of searing flame shoots from his fingertips. Flammable materials burn if the flames touch them. Causes minor damage. 20 feet range.

Magic Missile: 5 missiles of magical energy darts shoots forth from his fingertip and strikes his target for moderate damage. This attack cannot miss but it can be blocked by certain magical barriers.

Flaming Sphere: Creates rolling ball of fire which is 5 ft in diameter. A burning globe of fire that rolls in whichever direction he points and burns those it strikes. As part of this movement, it can ascend or jump up to 15 feet to strike a target. The sphere moves as long as he actively directs it. Causes moderate damage. It ignites flammabe substances and causes illumination of the same kind a torch would. It can be extinguished by any means that would put out a normal flame of its size, though.

Scorching Ray: He blasts his enemies with fiery rays. The rays must be fired at the same or different targets, but all bolts has to be aimed at targets within 30 feet of each other and fired simultaneously. Causes medium damage. Sets fire to combustible sources.

Mirror Image: Creates up to 12 decoy duplicates of himself making him harder to hit. These illusionary copies are transparent if you try to him them. This is originally a defensive spell but does have a secondary effect. If Bel would use a flash of light to blind the enemy, for example, the duplicates does so too making it more effective. But would he use an offensive spell, only the original one can harm anyone. The duplicates' attacks are visible but will pass right through the enemy. It serves as a mean of fright, though, as the enemy don't know if all attacks are real or not.

Fireball: A long range spell which sends a fireball from his hands. The fireball is the size of a soccer ball and explodes when it hits the target or anything in the way. The explosion affects an area of 20ft.-diameter. It sets fire to combustibles and causes medium to heavy damage to objects/people in the area. It can melt metals with low melting points, such as lead, gold, copper, silver, and bronze. Range: 120 feet.

Super Fireball: A souped up version of Fireball created by combining two regular fireballs. It's about 4 feet in diameter and has a area of effect of 40ft in diameter. Causes heavy damage to objects/people in the area. Range: 200 feet.

Ice Storm: Great magical hailstones (roughly as big as bowling balls or slightly bigger) pound down, dealing medium to heavy bludgeoning and cold damage to every creature/target in a 60-ft. diameter, 200 ft. high area. If it's indoors, the hailstones appears from portals. The hailstones disappears after the attack.

Lightning Bolt: Releases a powerful stroke of electrical energy from Bel's fingertips that deals medium damage to each creature/target within its area. The lightning bolt sets fire to combustibles and damages objects in its path. It has a 120 ft. range.

Super Lightning Bolt: Like Lightning Bolt but high damage.

Shockwave: Bel clenches his fists and gathers electrical energy, with a pose similar to the DBZ-style of powering up. The energy gathers between his fists and expands outwards creating a circular, barrier-like formation around him. While in this state, he's also protected from attacks. He then quickly stretches his arms on both sides of his body, causing the barrier to explode, thus creating a shockwave of electrical current that covers an area of 30 meters in diameter. Can be increased further. The power is in between that of Lightning Bolt and Super Lightning Bolt.

Invisibility: Makes Bel or someone/something else invisible. It can be canceled at will.

Thunder: A very powerful and big magical spell that calls lightning down from the heavens and causes major damage to anything in an area up to a 80 feet diameter area that isn't resistant to magic. That makes the damage go down to moderate. Summons up to 12 lightning bolts. Sets fire to combustibles.

Binding of the Earth: Bel calls on the power of the earth to bring forth powerful roots to tie the enemy up or pin it to the ground or to another object. They can also crush objects and/or creatures the same way large snakes do. The roots may vary in thickness but they're all strong. They can travel throgh most forms of dirt, sand, gravel and can even plow through harder materials such as solid rock. They're resistant (but not immune) to most cutting and slashing weapons. They can be torn apart but it requires a significant amount of power.

Earth Spike: Up to 8 spikes of solid rock/earth randomly shoots up from the ground causing low to medium damage to the enemy/enemies. It can penetrate bodyparts and such or at the very least trap whoever it's aimed at. It affects an area of 10 square meters. It obviously doesn't affect flying foes.

Earthquake: Bel calls forth a powerful earthquake with enough power to shake apart large buildings and swallowing/crushing them beneath the earth. It's basically like an 8 on the richter scale and works kind of like the one in pokémon.

Blizzard: While not as strong as Thunder, it can affect a significantly larger area. Summons an intense arctic snowstorm capable of making even the toughest vikings shiver of cold. If you stay in this for too long, you risk freezing to death or even being frozen solid. Can affect an area of up to 500 square meters. Low to medium damage and possibly lasting colds or even death if you're unlucky.

Finger of Death: Allows Bel to slay one living enemy/creature within range of 30-40 ft. If the target survives it suffers medium damage instead. Does not work on undead creatures.

Reverse Gravity: This spell reverses gravity in an area, causing all unattached objects and creatures within that area to fall upward and reach the top of the area at normal falling speed. If some solid object (such as a ceiling) is encountered in this fall, falling objects and creatures strike it in the same manner as they would during a normal downward fall. If an object or creature reaches the top of the area without striking anything, it remains there, oscillating slightly, until the spell ends. At the end of the spell duration, affected objects and creatures fall downward.

Meteor Swarm: Meteor swarm is a very powerful and spectacular spell that is similar to fireball in many aspects. When you cast it, four 6-foot-diameter spheres spring from your outstretched hand and streak in straight lines to the spots you select. The meteor spheres leave a fiery trail of sparks. Any creature struck by one of these spheres takes heavy bludgeoning and fire damage. If a targeted sphere misses its target, it simply explodes at the nearest corner of the target’s space. Once a sphere reaches its destination, it explodes in a 50-foot-radius spread, dealing heavy fire damage to each creature in the area. Range: 500 ft.

Protective Orbs: Bel can, if he wants to, summon up to 3 orbs of any element that circles around him rapidly, protecting him against physical threats. Fire would obviously burn the foe if they try to attack and possible set him/his clothes on fire aswell, an electric orb would electrocute the enemy and possibly paralyze him, an ice orb would possibly freeze the enemy or whatever he/she/it decides to attack with. A bonus the ice orb has is that if it freezes a weapon for example, it can be shattered. There are more elements but those are the general functions. They deal low to medium damage.

Barrier: This spell summons an invisible barrier that encircles Bel and possible comrades. It has very powerful defensive capabilities, both physically and magically and can block most, if not all attacks but can only take a limited amount of hits before it vanishes. The barrier shows, briefly, when taken a hit before it reverts to its invisible state. When broken, the effect is that of something that breaks into pieces. This also shows briefly. It is possible to recharge it but at a high mana cost. Last for 6-8 hits. Hits it can take may depend on how many targets it's cast on.

Fire Wall: Bel summons a wall of fire which is 7-12 meters high and as wide as it can be in different areas. Let's say you have a road which is 20 meters wide with house or buildings on each side, then it will stretch until it touches a building. The wall prevents enemies from getting through and deals low to medium damage should they try. It can also ignite flammable substances/materials/objects if they come in contact with the wall. The wall is like a simple forcefield but with additional properties. The wall can be made more poweful with a longer preset routine, so to speak.

Thunder Wall: This is similar to the Fire Wall but with Lightning instead and some differences. The size, however, is the same. This wall sends out lightning bolts with less than half a second between each towards any enemy getting closer than 15 feet to the wall, making them flinch for a very short time if they get hit. The bolts deal low to medium damage and the wall itself deals medium but constant damage. It may be able to short-circuit technical devices. This makes the wall and offensive defensive spell. Should they come in contact with the wall itself, the lightning damage is constant and can also make them immobile as if they touched a cable with heavy electrical current flowing through it. The wall can be made more poweful with a longer preset routine, so to speak.

Mana conversion: This allows Bel to convert some magical energy to physical/healing energy or simply to use it to heal himself from injuries if they're more than the healing factor can cope with or if it heals them too slow during whatever situation. He can also share this energy with others to heal them up/restore energy.

Dispel Magic, Greater: Bel can use dispel magic to end ongoing spells that have been cast on a creature or object, to temporarily suppress the magical abilities of a magic item, to end ongoing spells (or at least their effects) within an area, or to counter another spellcaster’s spell. A dispelled spell ends as if its duration had expired. The effect of a spell with an instantaneous duration can’t be dispelled, because the magical effect is already over before the dispel magic can take effect. The dispel magic has a range of 150ft. You choose to use dispel magic in one of three ways: a targeted dispel, an area dispel, or a counterspell. It affects one spellcaster, creature, or object; or 20-ft.-radius burst.

Antimagic Field: An invisible barrier surrounds Bel and moves with him. The space within this barrier is impervious to most magical effects, including spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. Likewise, it prevents the functioning of any magic items or spells within its confines.

An antimagic field suppresses any spell or magical effect used within, brought into, or cast into the area, but does not dispel it. Time spent within an antimagic field counts against the suppressed spell’s duration. Summoned creatures of any type and incorporeal undead wink out if they enter an antimagic field. They reappear in the same spot once the field goes away. Time spent winked out counts normally against the duration of the conjuration that is maintaining the creature. A normal creature can enter the area, as can normal missiles. The spell has no effect on golems and other constructs that are imbued with magic during their creation process and are thereafter self-supporting (unless they have been summoned, in which case they are treated like any other summoned creatures). Elementals, corporeal undead, and outsiders are likewise unaffected unless summoned. These creatures’ spell-like or supernatural abilities, however, may be temporarily nullified by the field. Dispel magic does not remove the field. The field has a 10 ft range and affects an area of a 10 ft radius, centered on the caster. It lasts for half an hour up to an hour.

Gravity Crash: This spell allows Bel to make any object and/or living tissue up to 1000 times heavier than normal. Likewise, he can also make them 1000 times lighter.

Greater Shout: Bel emits an ear-splitting yell that deafens and damages creatures in its path. Any creature within the area is stunned for a short amount of time and deafened a bit longer. The range of the spell is 60ft and affects cone-shaped area. Any exposed brittle or crystalline object or crystalline creature is severely damaged. The spell is instantaneous.

Ice Beam: Like Ray of Frost but much more powerful and bigger. This spell has a range of 120 feet. The size of the starting point is like that of a soccer ball but 100% bigger. (Imagine some of the ki blasts from DBZ with that "ball" at the beginning and end of the beams) The "beam" is 75% of the thickness of the "ball". It's of the ice/water element and deals medium to heavy cold damage. It's capable of freezing objects or creatures as big as elephants or even houses solid. Can be lethal.

Control Undead: This spell enables Bel to command undead creatures for a short period of time. He commands them by voice and they understand him, no matter what language is spoken. Even if vocal communication is impossible the controlled undead do not attack him. At the end of the spell, the subjects revert to their normal behavior. The duration of the spell is 15 minutes.

The range is up 50ft due with Bel's skill level at magic, and the limit is up to 4 creatures but they can't be more than 40ft apart from eachother. Intelligent undead creatures remembers that Bel controlled them.

Bolt of Judgment: Shares similarities with Lightning Bolt, is much stronger and has greater range. This spell originates from Bel's rod, sending forth bigger and stronger bolts of lightning at the enemy. The bolts zigzags forward at extreme speeds with thunderous and crackling sounds, searching out the enemy. Said enemy has to be visible, though. The spell can also be made to send continuous lightning bolts out in 360 degree directions, protecting Bel from all sides. Up to 15 bolts can be summoned at once and each of them has enough power to turn something as big as an elephant into charcoal in a couple of seconds. To make the matter worse for the enemy, all bolts can be concentrated on a single target, if needed. Range: 150 ft.

Holy: Bel focuses, connecting the fingers of both hands in a stretched out fashion and summons holy power from the goodness of his heart. The power reaches its peak when Bel's hands starts to glow with a white and bright aura-like light. 5 orbs of powerful, holy energy are then created and position themselves in front of him, when Bel separates his hands roughly one foot. The orbs have a 3 foot diameter. These orbs rockets towards the enemy when Bel stretches his right hand forward in a forceful manner as if taking aim at something, stops and position themselves spinning around him/her/it, thus preventing escape. But moreso for demons and undead due to the orbs illuminating the area around them with holy light. Should the target attempt to hit or destroy the orbs, they will cause excrutiating pain and push the target back, but not detonate. When Bel clenches his fist, all orbs close in on the enemy and explodes in a cascade of pearl-white light, effectively destroying unholy beings.

FINISHER: Heavenly Judgment

Bel creates a total of 4 floating orbs of intense magic energy of the elements water, fire, lightning and earth of which 2 is created by his rod which is floating in front of it, 2 meters away. Each orb is 2 feet in diameter. He sends them spinning in a circle shape high up in the sky while keeping his arms somewhat stretched to control them, then he pushed his hands together to make them all collide at once in a huge explosion sending down 12 vertical beams of non-elemental energy over an area of 120 meters in diameter. Each beam is 3 meters wide and causes explosions with an area of effect of 25 meters in diameter creating big craters. The explosions makes the total area of effect even bigger. The beams possesses crushing force and power and if the enemy manage to avoid the beams, the explosions will get him for sure. The explosions power and heat is enough to vaporize toughened steel/titanium alloys (metals in general), stone, diamond and living tissue. These are the known materials. There might be more, even harder ones that gets broken down. This is a spell/attack of immense destruction. It posseses both physical and magical properties. Naturally it takes a lot of stamina and power to use so overuse is not recommended. More than 2 uses within a short amount of time may result in temporary paralysis of the caster's body due to very high energy usage.

ULTIMATE FINISHER: (No name or desc yet.) Triggered at a certain age/part in his life or when in a hopeless situation/when someone is in imminent need or danger.

Sword skills:

Lunar Slash: Bel moves his sword in a half-moon pattern, making an astral image of the moon appear above him. Then he does an downward-slashing move with the sword in the direction the enemy is, sending a half-moon shaped (vertical but spinning sideways) projection of energy that slashes the enemy 5-7 times in a circular motion. (Check some attacks in the Romancing Saga games for more accuracy about the slashes. I don't remember the name of it.) But make no mistake. The attack is physical and can do moderate to heavy damage to an enemy. It's also possible to send several of those energy projection at the enemy at once. They can lock on to an enemy but needs a second or so to do it. Using this attack when there's a moon visible on the sky, be it half-moon or full moon, cranks the power of the attack up to guaranteed heavy damage.

Rayblade: Bel charges his sword with electrical energy that makes it spark a bit and glow a little blue. Then he points it at whatever he wants to hit and shouts "Rayblade!" which unleashes the energy in the form of a round, moderately thick (size of a small table plate) electric beam that flies towards the target at incredible speed (900-1200km/h). The beam can penetrate some kinds of materials like, wood, glass and some kinds of metal. It does moderate damage but has a bonus against mechanical devices, computers and such things which it WILL short-circuit or simply fry if it hits. The electric surge will spread if it hits a computer system or some kind of network. If it hits a humanoid or another living creature, it'll electrocute them and possibly paralyze them aswell.

Grand Cross: Bel concentrates (by calming down) and closes his eyes. The contours of his body starts to emit a white, sacred light. He summons a clone, while holding his sword in a 90 degree angle to the right. The clone appears from the edge of his sword in a way that the visibility of the clone starts with his sword and continues to the right until he's completely visible. He moves in a mirrorized angle from Bel but CAN move freely after that. You can distinguish the clone from the original due to the arcane runes on the robe being silvery instead of golden. The robe itself is white instead of black and his hair is also on the opposite spectrum of Bel's hair color. The clone and Bel moves side to side towards the enemy at very high speeds but with a bit of a distance between eachother, all while seemingly disappear and re-appear to fool the enemy. When they're close enough, they really do disappear, Bel on the left of the enemy and the clone on the right. When they re-appear, Bel is up in the air grabbing his sword from the sheath, making a downward slash at the enemy. At the same time the clone comes from the right doing a wide slash to the left, creating a big, glowing cross of holy energy in unison with Bel that causes heavy damage to anything unholy, be it zombies, devils or demons. The power of Heaven also make the attack penetrate any form of shield the enemy might have up.

Flame of the Dragon King: Bel does a circular motion with the sword, starting from a 90-degree angle to the right and continuing clockwise until he comes back to that point. As he starts doing this, blue/cyan, candle-like flames appears 3, 6, 9 and 12-o-clock in the circle. When he comes back to the original position, the cyan circle begins to spin, or at least appears to do so. He grabs the sword with both hands and holds it forward in the middle of the circle. He then thrusts it forward which causes a pulse-like blast shoot forth towards the target, looking like this from a bit of distance. When it hits, it bursts causing major/very high damage to anything dragon or unholy/dark/demonic and medium/small chance of high damage to anything else. It also has a small chance to stun the target.


Belgarion was born in the village Copley which is named after the forest it lies within. Already as a baby, the village’s wizards could feel slumbering potential in the young Bel. As he grew older (2-3 years) it happened that he accidentally used weak but non-offensive magic without noticing, such as moving objects, small flares and firework effects. This was very unusual for a boy of his age. At 5 years he began to learn weak offensive spells although they were far from lethal. However, it was hard to master them at this age. The wizards knew that he’d become very powerful as an adult but they had to limit the rate his magic powers grew until he became old enough to control them fully as they grew very rapidly. At the age of 10 Belgarion started to show interest in science and books about magic, dragons and other arcane subjects. He also grew more curious and that curiosity got him into trouble at several occasions but due to his magic he could often get out of it with none to minor injuries even though his powers were limited. This was partly due to his healing factor.

At the age of 12, the wizards of the village slowly started to increase the growth of his magic over the coming years as they now felt that he was more able to control it. He also began participating in defending the village against potential threats although under supervision. He managed quite well despite a few mistakes but that was to expect and nothing major. When he turned 15 he got a robe from the Great Wizard of the Copley village as a gift, the robe he now wears. By this time, the rate at which his magic grew was back to normal and he was allowed to practice it on his own a bit outside the village without supervision.

Over the coming years he developed his own spells and gained several that came naturally for a wizard. Sometimes the people in the village could hear loud bangs, rumblings and even feel small vibrations when he unleashed his powers. Such was his powers. He eventually became known for single-handedly slaying several dragons many years later (Elven people age much slower than humans), one of which nearly destroyed his whole home village. Dragons are very tough opponents as they usually have natural resistance against magic so naturally he was exhausted after defeating one.

More sword skills and stuff to be added over time.

There is nothing that can stand against my Zankantou!

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T̨̞͎͓͉̮͓̠o͚͎o ̴̘̼̳͔̥̺͓m̤̤a̸̳̫̜̠̬͉̗ny͕̳ ̥͈̘̞͟c͚̦̳̘̠̟ͅo҉̗͎̮̣͉o̷͍̤̥̞͔͎̹k҉͙̲̩͍̮̮s͈̼͎
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Name: Gray Wrensonn

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Race: Human

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 126 lbs

Occupation: Archaeologist, Relic Thief, Treasure Hunter, Explorer, Tangemancer

Appearance: Humble, rat-like face with a long crooked nose. Long neck, tall and skinny body with cuts and bruises all over it, greasy and short black hair. Has an uneven stubble-beard.

Attire: Wears a brown duster jacket, old aviator's cap, goggles, old raggedy pants, a brown leather pack, and old patched up boots that have seen better days. Has a very old looking watch that has the ability to let him teleport through dimensions by changing the hands on the clock.

Personality: He's a determinator, once he gets an idea he'll stick to it no matter what. However, when he DOESN'T have an idea, he'd rather save his own skin than go for others. This doesn't make him an asshole, he's relatively polite and won't actively insult you or hate you, but he thinks that if he'd get hurt helping someone else, it'd be better just to ignore the situation. He's unusually quick and clever, able to see through traps and tricks, and is a fast speaker. He makes up for his humble appearance by being very charismatic.

History: Gray was born on the planar realm of Wren, a magitek endowed world that is now completely destroyed. He lived a simple life there, fixing up old artifacts that they found, until his world was destroyed by a man of the name Sebastian. During the chaos that ensued, he found a watch called the Watch of the Architect. There is one watch located on each dimension that the Architect created. Using this watch, Gray escaped the destruction of his world. He now searches for some kind of way to fix his world and bring back his dead loved ones.

Skills and Abilities:
Tangemancy, which is the ability to know information just from touching something. His tangemancy has an affinity for artifacts. For example, he can tell where an artifact was made, by whom, and what its purpose was by just touching it and focusing his energy into it.
Acrobatics, he's very nimble
Teleportation between realms, while he's not able to decide where to go when he teleports into another dimension, and he can't move from one location to another in the same dimension, he can at least move between them using his watch.

An old flintlock pistol
A knife

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Name: ?
Sex: N/A
Age: 3k or so.
Race: Kirby
Size: Around the average kirby size, AKA, a little less then half the size of a (normal sized) human.
Looks: Light green "skin" and brownish feet. Eyes are teal.

->Sword of the seven winds
>Can summon gales when slashed.
>When spun rapidly it makes small scale tornadoes.
>Is said to have the spirits of seven wind gods in it, but that's just old legends.

->Cool Spear
>Not much is known about it other then it looks really cool.
>It's so cool that it will never break.
>Comes with a purple headband.

->Topaz ring (?)
>Charges up energy from light.
>Energy can be drained from it when held to boost movement speed.
>Some claim this is done by slowing down time around the user, other say this is bullshit.

->Star Road key
>Opens dimensional gates when near them

->Winged Star
>It flies and glides very well!

->Black hole storage
>Can story anything and everything inside itself.

>Can fly some distance by inhaling air.

>Understands what everyone says regardless of language.
>Can't actually talk.

->Mostly anything related to wind, nothing else.
>Need some sort of staff to cast spells, quality of it does not matter at all.

->Not much is known about it since it can't talk.
>Answers to the name "green" or "kirby" or a combination of both.
>Likes to cut hostile looking things with it's sword.

Broken layout got nuked. :v

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Name: Nova Storm the Squirrel
Species: Squirrel
Gender: Dickgirl
Age: 16
Height: 5'10"
Personality: Exactly the same hir player's
Powers: None, though quite often hir milk (or a certain other fluid) is altered to sparkle and cause some transformation effect on the person who drinks it, if that counts as a power.

Nova is a neon green squirrel with angel wings. Shi has blue eyes.

Shi is a princess and shi rules over Nova Forest of IRCWorld

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Name: Łavái Sila
Age: 37 (appears to be about 18)
Species: Safir
Gender: Female
Hometown: Aňira (city and state), Firneramnen
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height: 5’10.87” (180 cm)
Weight: 121.25 lb (55 kg)
Job: Owner of several Aňira-area sports teams
Hair: Floor-length brown
Eye Color: Blue
Voice: Lustful and authoritative
Familiar: A 22-foot-long (6.7 m), six-legged, gold dragon named Pierre.
Weapon proficiency: Baseball bats.
Weapons in Possession: A 34”-long (86.4 cm) metal softball bat.


Telepathy (limited distance: 330 ft / 100 m)
Telekinesis (limited distance: 33 ft / 10 m — limited target mass: 330.69 lb / 150 kg)
Aura reading
Astral projection (67% involuntary)
Teleportation (limited distance: 124.27 mi / 200 km)
Clairvoyance (often in the form of an arcane sixth sense)
Bilocation (limited duration: 1 hour)
Biofield energy healing (limited use: 7 on a pain scale of 10)
Scrying (future sight — limited target duration: 1 year, unless involuntary)
Levitation / Flight (limited distance: 62.14 mi / 100 km)

Signature Attire: Three-piece suit, usually black pinstriped, with a blue or orange tie.

Languages (written and spoken):
Modern Āirumāli (native)
English (native)
Classical Āirumāli



Sila was born in the city of Vancouver to Łavái Mara and Asāni Āmāne, the previous chairwoman of the Aňira Professional Sports Corporation, which owns the Anhira Metropolitan Baseball Club, the Aňira Sabres Hockey Club, and the Anhira Dragons Football Club. Sila enjoyed a lavish upbringing, with most all of her whims catered to within three business days. When her birth-mother Āmāne died at the young age of 194 — and when she was 15 — Sila inherited her mother's business, and still owns it today.

Layout by Maple.
Hoennese Realm Safir Alliance

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Name: Rune "The Betrayer"
Formally: Leo Menethil

Sex: Male

Age: appears to be early 20s

Race: Elf

Alignment: Chaotic

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160 lbs

Occupation: Wanderer

Leo is a tall and slender man though his muscles are well-defined. He has black short hair and he has many tattoos on his arms and back all depicting a hatred for demons and other evil entities. His incisors are noticeably sharp but they are not fangs. His right eyes is a hazel color and if one would stare into his pupil they could see that they seem to have a bit of depth to them. His left eye is bitch black from the corruption though he keeps it covered with an eye patch. He has the face of a pretty boy that matches his eye and hair wonderfully. On his back, right above his shoulder blades, he has "Shingiri no Tachi" tattooed going across and arching upward in the middle.

Attire: For a rough idea of his clothes and appearance see mood avatar. It's from DnF but it looks so close to what I also imagined Leo to look like in my story.

Personality: Leo tries to be kind to most of the people he meets. He likes helping people. He is also very dense when he is having fun which has gotten him in trouble many times. His mood seems to be shifty and at times it may seem as if a depression has taken hold of him. Though he does his best to hide this.

Bio: Leo came from a universe where the factions of light and darkness ruled. Leo was a warrior of the light and chosen of the goddess. The chosen of the goddess were elites in the warriors of light's ranks. Normally only one is chosen, but in the instance that the current chosen has a son who becomes a knight then the son can also be labeled as such. The chosen are taught and trained in ancient ways compared to the other warriors. The goddess also imbues them with some of her magic. Though Leo's world was attacked by a general of darkness, a demon. His world fought long and hard against the the army of darkness but everyone but Leo perished in the battles. It was during the final blow made by the demon that Leo used a special magic that would forever brand him a traitor in his teachings. The ultimate sin one could commit under this goddess's rule. He used a forbidden magic that absorbed the army of darkness and the mass of darkness that was covering his planet. This caused him to fuse with said forces. But he also absorb something else unknowingly, a great evil, a weapon hidden away on the planet. He now travels his universe looking for knowledge on why the darkness attacked and how to get revenge for his people. He began to go by the name of Rune as to not disgrace his family name nor the name that his father gave him. It also expresses that he has something wrong, it's a secret to everybody.

Though something Leo has yet to understand is that in my lore the factions of light and darkness don't exactly fall under good and evil. Also that this "goddess" who tricked his people was raising an army to wage war on said factions.

Holy magic
Demon Magic
Hand to Hand Combat
Twilight Magic (Mix of his darkness and light based magic)
Teleportation magic and knowledge
Demonic Transformation (Partial and Full)

Leo's weapon include a sword that was passed down in his family for generations. Crafted out of a holy metal that his ancestors found buried deep in a shrine on their planet. He keeps it sheathed in between his two belts.

Leo has a voice speaking to him from time to time. He thinks that this voice is the darkness within him but it is actually the weapon. It speaks directly from his mind, but a portion of his mind that someone would not be able to hear it if they tried to invade Leo's mind. Though people who are very very adapt with the skills required to read someones mind can sense that something is wrong but they can't tell how bad or what it is. At times the voice will reach out to these people, it will not try to invade their mind but it will whisper to them as it does to Leo. I will state when the voice is doing this. Though the voice does provide one good side effect. It and the darkness that he has fused with protects Leo from having his mind read. It is possible to hear his immediate thoughts should one want to but impossible to go any farther then that. All the person would hear is the screams of his people as they were cut down.

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Height: 7' or approx. 2 m
Bob has a thick, muscled build and wears a red and yellow Hawaiian shirt with khaki shorts that go to his knees. He typically does not wear shoes. His head is bald with a single eye where two would normally be.

Bob is often mirthful; this is often not displayed at appropriate times. A quick glance over him shows he has no real possessions to speak of. There is a small metal glove around a necklace that sits in the area where his shirt rests open at the top button. The glove has the palm toward his chest and is adorned with a small, purple gem above the knuckles.

Somewhere along his journeys in the multiverse, Bob gained the ability of limited physics control. He can speed himself up, or slow himself down at will. He can also change the world around in a limited radius (about 3 feet). Other accounts have said he can manipulate his strength at will as well.

Bob is know to travel through universes and delivers liquor, wine, spirits, and beers to many people across the lands. It is unknown how he travels this way. He uses what appears to be an ordinary wooden sled, about 5 by 5 feet or about 1.5 by 1.5 meters. Somehow, he can stack products up as high as he pleases and almost never drop a single barrel.

(More information to be added as observed.)


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[Character redacted per plagiarism]

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Name: Scrydan Biringer
Age: Around 24 (would be 8 if not for Desteria)
Gender: Male
Personality: Caring at times to the point of putting own happiness in jeopardy. He is often found giving advice that can sometimes make even some of the most stubborn see reason. He desires knowledge above any worldly possession.
Race: Human/Dragonkin/Dragon - Has three forms, his human form, his more humanoid like dragon appearance, and then his much larger dragon form. The latter has not been seen yet.
Height: 6'4"/6'8"/??
Weight: 225 lbs/255 lbs/???? lbs
Hair/Scale color: His hair is a dark brown while his scales are blue as dark as the ocean depths.
Eye color: Green, they are eyes that can see your very being.

Description: As a human, he tends to try to blend in as much as possible with other people in the city with his attempts at typical human looks, although he is quite handsome to quite a few ladies but he tries to not get distracted by that. He does have certain qualities unusual for humans if you look closely. His green eyes seem to have a power that grabs you or where you can feel his gaze. He also has a brand of a Draexperit on his lower back, a dragon experiment symbol of Lord Mazon, who created various experiments and is the reason why some of the strange creatures of today exist.

As a dragonkin, he retains a few of his human qualities but is now mostly more overwhelming with new dragon like features including wings, scales, and a much more powerful feel and look to him. He tries to not overwhelm people with his appearance and scare them away but sometimes it still happens as dragons in Desteria are often treated as minions of Mazon or worse, the Scarlet Flame who's purpose is thought to destroy all corrupted human life. His wings are about the size of the his body from one arm to another. Not too big. He is mostly immune to lava but is also equally immune to the coldest parts of the world. Very good defense when it comes to clement dangers.

His dragon form has not been seen as of yet and is thought to be much bigger and more powerful. Totally immune to fire and lava. In fact, absorbing the heat from it gives him more endurance against other attacks. The same is probably of his immunity to cold.

Bio: He can be found always looking for answers to mysterious and giving answers to some of them to travelers and friends alike. Currently along with Sara Wilkins to figure out who is responsible for turning her into a Kingrayon and aiding her in learning of her new abilities. When faced with an enemy, he will usually find ways to win without much fighting at all. (more to come!)

Most typical dragon abilities including breathing elemental breaths of all types, diamond-like sharp claws made from Dark Diamond, and some others not yet known.
Transforming - Unlike many of his kin, he seems to have picked up the power to transform into other creatures like a Kingrayon but rarely uses this besides his human form. And he only has a human form because he was a human before long long ago when experimented on in a humanoid experiment.
(more to come!)

(Not near complete by far but it will do for now I suppose. I have more characters to add but we'll start with one to make things simpler. Pictures will come eventually!)

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Name: Leo the Thief
Hair: brown
Eyes: black
Age: early 20s
Clothing: ratty with a blue bandana
Affiliations: Outcasts

Leo is from a story that was never finished. As such, he knows next to nothing about himself and the last thing he remembers is fighting the local police force, watching his partner Doma get stabbed in the back, and turning the force's black mage Zack to his cause.

His friends include Elayne the Healer, and Old Man Duncan.

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Name: Anya Crystaltina

Sex: Female

Age: Twenties

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 5'9

Weight: 154

Occupation: Adventurer

Appearance: Long brown hair and eyes to match. Athletic build

Attire: On Earth she's in shorts and a t-shirt and on Crystaltina, a white blouse, under a brown vest and shorts. Long brown boots.

Personality: Doesn't like to talk about feelings and she runs head first into a battle instead of planning it all out. Would rather die than to see her friends suffer. Very protective of them, even though she doesn't say it. She's been on both sides of the equation, thanks to an evil entity possessing her years back, which still gives her nightmares. On the bright side, she can be very silly.

Skills: Fire ability. Able to tap into the Void, uses it to teleport and to pull objects out of a small pocket of the Void that is always located behind her.

Weapon: Duel bladed staff.


Name: Kyle "Dryden" Roberts

Sex: male

Age: appears to be in his twenties

Race: Rayasha

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 5'10

Weight: 160

Occupation: Adventurer

Appearance: Brown hair and eyes to match. Athletic build.

Attire: Jeans and a t-shirt or plain shirt under a tan/leather jacket with no sleeves and tan pants.

Personality: Dedicated. Anya's partner in crime and ready to jump into the fire for her and whatever mess the two might get into together. He is an entity from another plane of existence known as the Rayasha.

Skills: Electricity. Flight.

Weapon: broadsword


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Bio: Sapphyre "Blaze" Eldritch

Age:40 (Appears to be 21.)
Height: 5'4

Appearance: Palish skin, blue mid-length messy hair and grayish green (open to interpretation) eyes. Tattoo of Japanese kanji for energy on shoulder.

Occupation: Hacker

Power Type: Energy Replication

Apparel: Wears a zip-up black hoodie over a dark blue long sleeve T-shirt,khaki trousers and red canvas shoes. Constantly wearing aviators. Replaces the hoodie with a duster when going outside.

Personality: He acts sarcastic and cynical but humorous and is rather smart and witty. Slightly anti-social due to mild aspergus syndrome but fine with people when given time to familiarize with them.

Energy absorb: Can absorb people's powers and other such things on skin contact.
Fatal Energy Absorb: Similar to "Energy Absorb" but all of the subject's energy is taken from them killing them and giving Sapphyre a large boost of energy.
Energy Replicate: Produces energy from his core being which can be used to mimic any power he has absorbed, however using too much energy at once tires him greatly.
Energy Overload: Can use up a large amount of energy to boost his physical prowess. He transforms into an overload state, a few noticeable differences include red flaming hair, a blue glowing aura and movement trails.
Partial Psychic Abilities: Can read and control peoples thoughts, though only weaker minded folks for the control aspect.
Energy Imbue: He can pass on abilities or weaknesses on to people temporarily. This can also be used to enchant weapons which are more permanent.
Energy Wormhole: Can create a wormhole out of energy that can be use to travel to different worlds.
Electrokinesis: Can manipulate electric and electromagnetic energy to form a wide range of attacks and moves such as lightning bolts from the palm and kinetic shields etc.

Firearms use
Free Running
Minor Seduction and Persuasion
Metalworking and forging

A well preserved artifact katana.
A pair of crimson and dark blue SecFire revolvers.
A Claw Gauntlet that can function as a grapple hook (one of the ones you have to throw)
Hack Tool

Sapphire originates on an alternate version of present day earth wherein magic exists but is scarce among the population. Sapphire was born with a double recessive genotype for magic capabilities,his parents being carriers, which on this world is rather rare as on 1/4 of the population are carriers let alone affected by magic.

He had a rather normal existence until the day of his 15th birthday, when suddenly started absorbing energy uncontrollably, wiping out the electrical grid of half the city. A month after this a man visited him in his home and offered to train him, this man was a psychic and taught Sapphyre the mental strength needed to control his powers and also a little psychic training on the side.

About a year later he realized that his body had not aged due to the magic however he was able to drink and smoke with no consequence, however he did not let that turn him into a junkie and stayed on his teacher's strict training regiment for two more years until he could control his power.

At the end of the two years he was let back out into the world where he lived moderately successfully for several years as a hacker. He eventually became aware of the multiverse through a psychic vision showing him amassing a large amount of energy and transporting to other realms. He traveled to many worlds, saw many things and had many adventures. Chronologically however this is his first.

(Sorry if the backstory's too long I kinda got carried away.)


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Name: Adel Volker
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 27

Class Name: Shikari
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral → Chaotic Good (shift defined below)

Appearance: Adel is fairly tall, standing at somewhere around 6'3", with a moderate build. He has blond hair, about shoulder length (a bit longer), and hazel eyes. Said hair is always really disordered. He tries to keep it tidy, but it never seems to work. Perhaps the most obvious physical feature is a scar on his left hand, like one left by a knife -- a sign of a blood pact; it being on the left hand, he claims, is a sign of particularly deep trust (after all, it meant that the person whom he was joining hands with probably still had the use of their dominant hand (thanks statistics!) and could possibly attempt to injure him).

In terms of clothing, typically he wears relatively loose-fitting clothing, partially influenced by the fact that a fight could break out at any time. He usually wears black T-shirts and pants that fit loosely around the legs (but tightly around the waist -- it'd be all for naught if they dropped around his ankles!).

Personality: Adel is a smart-alecky type with an occasionally foul mouth. He tends to keep quiet a lot of the time and leans toward being all-business while on a job, but he loosens up a lot afterwards. He also has a tendency toward being a little less than careful as a fighter, being very confident in himself and in his capabilities. It definitely helps that he was well-trained. He has a strong interest in gambling, but he doesn't often engage in it, probably because, for a time, he didn't have money, and so he is not keen on waste. Not that that always stops him, of course. He also really does not like leaving loose ends and loathes not seeing a job through all the way, even if it can't be helped.

History: Adel Volker was born in 2009, in a world where it had become illegal to use any long-range gun larger than a light carbine. It was a world where humans fight with swords and sorcery and the like, just... very heavily modernized.

The boy known as Adel Volker may very well never have officially been named at all. He was put up for adoption by his family, where one of a group of local scientists adopted him for use in a secret project, "Project Argentum." He wasn't the only child adopted; a wide variety of children from the Eastern seaboard of the United States were also adopted, drafted into a secret military project to make the greatest soldiers the world had ever known. To accomplish this, they trained each child in an esoteric set of skills, hoping to make them the best at those. They would suffer at others, but what they were capable of would be fairly unexpected. In addition, each was taught to use a magical power. Adel was taught to use the element of lightning and to fight using a specialized style based on not using hands, using large blades. He was taught to move fast and quiet, to infiltrate and, should he be detected, to end those who saw him before they had a chance to use that knowledge to their advantage.

Unfortunately, military projects like that needed funding to survive. Fifteen years on, when the government gutted Project Argentum and several other secret projects, the subjects had to be sent out into the world. Each was secretly sent away to a different country with false papers to create a false identity for each of them. Adel was sent, naturally, to Germany, but he could not seem to fit in very well. Eventually, penniless and with no connections, he snuck aboard a plane to Seattle. In this version of Earth, Seattle was probably about as much the stereotype as you could imagine at base -- rainy and dark all the time. Seattle was a young city, too; established in the mid-to-late 20th century, it owed its existence to many, many technicians who developed various ways to harness the constant rain to make a city so gloomy one worth living in.

Arriving in Seattle, Adel remained penniless, with nothing to his name but phony papers and a ratty, oversized shirt. He began to take odd jobs to get by, sleeping in relatively dry places or under cover of his own making. Saving every penny he could, he found a katar in a pawn shop, and it was then that he began to take a more dangerous path, becoming a part of the criminal underworld. It started with another false name, a new codename, and an act of shrewdness; by undercutting another hired crook to get a job for a particularly cutthroat politician, Adel secured a job to try and turn the tide of an election. He'd only wanted his opponent impossible to compete. Adel made really sure of that. It would take a very special kind of magician to do that.

Sure, it was a risky, stupid move, but the act brought "Faceless" a surprising amount of fame in the criminal underworld. An apparent rookie, so efficient and cheap? He had lots of work, doing all kinds of slimy work. The pay was pretty good, which was all Adel needed right now. He could consider moral ramifications later.

2031, though, was the year that everything changed. It was then that Adel Volker met a very important someone from his past. His name was Yourei Izayoi, and he was one of the Project Argentum children. He was a primarily defensively-oriented fighter, with shadow magic. He and two friends he'd met in Japan (where he'd, of course, been shipped after Project Argentum ended) were renting a penthouse apartment and taking various jobs to cover for rent. There was something fun, he reckoned, about that kind of lifestyle. Yourei had been given a job to make that long-dead political rival seem alive; Adel's job, of course, was to kill the shadowmage responsible for that.

At this moment, he decided that he would quit his job and join Yourei and his company. They had been brothers in the past; they would become brothers once again, and brothers, they reasoned, had to stick together. The new scars on their hands were proof of that.

Also in 2031, strange creatures began to emerge. Things had taken a turn for the Shadowrun. For the first time, humankind dredged up large armaments from the vaults, but they could do nothing against these spirit creatures. It took magical energy to destroy them. Mages in the public had become rare, and the military would not assist. The Argentum Corporation, as Adel and Yourei's group came to be known, took up the cause of defending their new home from these beings. It was here that Adel realized that his course was perhaps wrong -- that he would be better served being a hero to these people. After all, this city had grown to become his, in a way.

For years, then, the Argentum Corporation defended the city of Seattle from the rooftops. They took payment for their smaller jobs, but accepted no payment for destroying the spirit-monsters. Around this time, an interest in magical relics built; many requests begged the Argentum Corporation to get hold of ones for them. Some were dredged from the harbor, some found in pawn shops with no awareness of what they owned, but most were claimed by crime. The value of these objects had gone up so much that only the wealthiest held them -- mostly corporates. As many missions were spent clearing the city of unnatural aberrations as were spent liberating large, ancient "pieces of art" from well-defended corporate bastions and attempting to make it seem like nothing had ever happened. Adel never bothered to consider this anything less than moral, and nor did anyone else -- except the artifacts' prior owners, who often didn't even notice.

Sometimes, maybe Adel worries about his past catching up to him. Until then, though, no big deal.

Skillset: Adel's class is listed as "Shikari," after the big game hunters of India. Though he probably leans toward a thief in about half of his skillset and a good majority of the work he took prior to this storyline, it describes what he did, he feels, reasonably well. A "thief" aims for small targets; a "thief" picks pockets. Plus, a "thief" sounds common. What do you call someone who routinely steals something larger? If a common thief hunts pheasants and similar, then Adel hunted the Big Five game.

Adel's combat abilities are about what you would expect from a thief, but without the stealing -- save for one ability that resembles Mug from the Final Fantasy games, although a bit more "punch them so hard that the money is evicted from their wallets in a ballistic manner." He fights with three major types of weapons -- katars, pata, and handguns. Adel primarily fights using a single katar in his right hand with a pistol at the ready for use in the left hand. When he fights using pata, he dual-wields them exclusively; he only ever learned to fight using two and seemingly can't get the hang of anything else even if his life depends on it. Switching between, er, loadouts is not a simple process, so Adel reserves the dual pata style for when he expects large groups of targets (his pata have much longer reach than the katar, and fighting large groups with the handgun is just not practical).

In addition, though, he does carry some special equipment on his person, which he may switch to if the need arises. He possesses a device that can shoot a very long, highly flexible metallic wire -- somewhat akin to a grappling hook if it was ballistic, or maybe the Hookshot if it shot a highly conductive wire and didn't pull you in. Its main purpose, actually, is to conduct electricity from Adel's one other ability that leans remotely supernatural. Essentially, it's used to generate an enormous magnetic field. That said, though, it's pretty useful in its own right -- it's tipped with a fairly strong head that makes it also a bit like a harpoon. It's not especially practical for direct combat, though, since it must be set up on a tripod or something similar.

Thanks to extensive magical training, Adel is capable of using powerful electrical/lightning-element magic, be that calling lightning bolts from above to strike targets, "chain lightning"-type effects, or just producing an electric current.

He tends toward being fast and powerful, but frail. Think a Myrmidon with a bunch of extra shit as described above.

-Messenger Bag of Holding: A custom-made item, this appears to be a simple messenger bag, but it actually has a larger capacity on the inside than on the outside. In this are stored, rather tidily, all of his other gear.
-Twin Pata: Two pata (noted above), both with 39-inch-long blades. The blades are solid steel with flamelike designs etched into them. The gauntlets have three golden streaks on the side that points outward (i.e. that would go over the back of the wrist).
-Katar: A single katar, wielded in the right hand. This Indian push dagger is far more ornate-looking than the pata, with a padded brass hilt and golden spiraling patterns with a slight resemblance to a tiger -- possibly referencing how killing a tiger with one was considered a sign of superior skill.
-Pistol: A refurbished Luger P08 pistol. By now, none of the parts of this 125-year-old pistol are actually from the original weapon. A reliable medium-range weapon. Can fire eight shots before needing to reload.
-Bullets: Several clips of custom-made reproductions of the Luger's 9x19mm rounds. About 800 in total.
-Wire Launcher: As described above. Some mechanisms make it very safe to remove, but increase the setup time required.

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Name: Aneron, Ani/Annie for short
Race: Felin
Sex: a mystery to everybody
Height: fair
Weight: doesn't look very heavy
Colors: teal bodily fur, dark green hair, yellow eyes
Origin: Starbound

Like most felins, it's difficult to tell if Aneron is male or female without getting up close. This is compounded by a many-layered loose robe concealing its physical characteristics. As a travelling Hunter-Scholar, it has a shuttle in orbit. Hidden inside its robes somehow are a notched broadsword of felin make, a dagger, a claw gauntlet, and a Wildcat service rifle, along with a battered matter manipulator (lovingly called the beam-axe for short).

Aneron has no magic or other superpowers, only the grace and flexibility you'd expect from a cat creature, and the knowledge and skill of a Hunter-Scholar. As a videogame character it does have a tendency to use odd phrasing. It can fluently read and write Standard Galactic Alphabet.

Up in the shuttle is a slightly dented automobile that closely resembles but honestly is not a '71 corvette, painted a shiny black.

Aneron is bisexual, as is the norm with its people because you never know what you're flirting with, and takes no offense when the wrong pronoun is used. In fact, this amuses it greatly.

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Name: Giran
Age: About 12 years old
Race: Saiyan
Sex: Male
Height: 145cm/4'9"

Backstory: Giran has no last name, and no recollection of any memories at all. When he was 5 years old he was found banged up on a distant planet by an unknown race of humanoids. At first Giran, being a child, was really frieghted by everything, however over came that fear around the age of 8 due to extensive training and exercises. Giran is trained in a Martial Art style as well as Ki (energy). As a child growing up he always led himself to believe his destiny was to become a warrior. Unknown to him his bloodline is full of great warriors, he trained hard an eventually rose to meet the likes of a Super Saiyan. As such he promised his planet to live out his destiny as a warrior, and protect them from any threats.

Appearence: Regular Form, Giran has a medium size spiky black hair reaching just past his shoulders. He wears a humanoid chest plate and blue boots, as well as arm bands. He has blue eyes and his skin color is white. Super Saiyan Form, Giran's hair instantly turns a golden yellow, as well sections of his hair shoot up and some reach around his neck. His clothing remains the same, his eyes turn green and his skin color doesn't change either.

Moveset: Giran knows all the basic ki blasts and fighting tactics and a few complicated ones as well.

Martial Arts: Giran knows a speed fighting style in Martial Arts that consists of multiple kicks and punches in a variety of different locations, as well as power slams that send the foe to the ground.

Ki Blast/Volley: Giran's basic Ki charge is usually this basic yellow ball of energy that is shot once, or plenty times at once in a volley type formation. Doing volley blasts usually take more energy out of Giran than a Kamehameha.

Kamehameha: This is one of the only complicated ki blasts he had trained and learned, and it consists of a blue beam that shatters mostly everything in its path. Depending on how focused Giran can be, it can either kill a person, or leave them moderately shook up.

Transformation: As it says, the transformation to Super Saiyan; exceeding normal power limits to beyond levels Giran ever imagined.

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7839 4350 27
Let me know if this is acceptable, alright? I haven't role-played in ages but I figured I might as well give it another try

Name Niesse
Age Physically about 20
Sex Female
Species Magically altered cat
Height (human-like form) 5'3"

Backstory At one time, there was a witch Ysylvia, who loved a wizard Kathor, and had a black cat familiar named Niesse. But magic-users were a tiny minority on that plane, and an angry mob burned Ysylvia alive, destroying her house and all her property but the tiny cat who fled into the forest, finding Kathor. Kathor cherished Niesse, and gave her a human-like form, taking her in as his assistant (since a cat could not, by ancient tradition, be an apprentice) Over time, however, he became more fueled by revenge then by love, delving in to darker magics and becoming feared in the town, and neglecting Niesse and making her more of a slave than an assistant. Eventually, Niesse learned that Kathor planned to kill her for a ritual that would destroy the local town entirely; having had enough, she fled, stealing a number of artifacts in her wake, including one that would allow her to pass out of the plane entirely.

Appearance Niesse in her cat form is a black cat with no other coloration, with green eyes. Her human form is modeled somewhat after the witch Ysylvia, with extremely pale skin and black hair- however, she retains cat-like ears and a tail in this form, as well as her cat-like eyes.

Attire At her time of fleeing, a brown cloak over her nightshirt, which she can cover her head and ears with, and a well-worn leather knapsack that once belonged to the wizard. The knapsack contained some of her serving outfits, the stolen artifacts, and things of that sort. She always wears a thin green collar made of some magical unbreakable material with a metal ring in the front; this shifts size with her transformation, and was given to her by Ysylvia.

Abilities Can shift between human and cat forms, though this does have an energy cost. Natural high agility in either form. Was taught some very basic magics (simple object levitation, summon a single flame, that sort of thing) from the wizard Kathor before his corruption.

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