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06-24-21 02:47 PM
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Main - Super Forum Gameland - Amiibo Fighting Arena Season 1
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Posted on 02-11-15 06:52 PM Link | ID: 81743
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Since: 02-11-15
From: Bowling Green, KY

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So I want to start up a sorta fun little arena fighting game for you guys to enjoy. I've recently gotten extremely friendly with Amiibo's for Smash Bros. U, and I would love to host little betting matches and fake hype trailers with little back-stories for each of them and make this as ridiculous as possible for myself, because it's my definition of fun.

We currently have
2 Mario
2 Samus
3 Luigi
2 Pikachu
2 Captain Falcon
1 Diddy Kong
1 Kirby
1 Link
1 Yoshi
2 Bowsers
1 Rosalina
1 Donkey Kong
1 Peach
1 Pit
1 Wii Fit Trainer
1 Little Mac
1 Meta-Knight
1 Toon Link
1 Shulk

with these on the way:
1 Ike
1 Megaman
1 Sonic

I'll probably do all sorts of commentary and stuff and load plenty of info here for you guys to play around with and make bets that don't actually matter, I'll keep up with your stats, and we'll tally all of them together at the end of the series and I'll declare a winner.

I just wanted to see who might be interested first before I put waaaay too much work into this. :3

Posted on 02-13-15 02:16 PM Link | ID: 81824
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I may or may not be back to life.
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Can somebody please tell me why Amiibos exist or why they're called that? Because I don't get the appeal.


Posted on 03-22-15 06:14 PM Link | ID: 83153
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Since: 02-11-15
From: Bowling Green, KY

Last post: 2241 days
Last view: 2198 days
I can! I sorta neglected replying for some reason... I just did a video over them that's in post production. I'll just post my notes on the subject straight away from my informative bits.

Well, Amiibo's are Nintendo's comparible equivilant to Skylander figures, or Disney Infinity figures... they're scanned into the Wii U gamepad with near field communication technology. A character is then spawned of the figures likeness, and you are prompted to enter a nickname and choose a costume. The amiibos are then born as potentially brain dead Lvl 1 CPU opponents.

Not only are they infants born of pain and misery, their statistics are also much lower than the average fighter. Interestingly enough, after one battle lasting around three minutes, he gained about five levels. What is it that makes an Amiibo level? I don't actually know... It just seems to happen at random intervels. You'll be beating their brains in and they're suddenly decide they're smarter and stronger than before. Defeat just makes them stronger.

Amiibos gain 50 levels before they cap out, and their stats go from being horrifyingly bad to ridiculously good. It's like the Amiibo are the Unsullied of the CPU world. Because not only is their stats far better than yours, but whatever fighting style your amiibo was pitted against, they are likely now better than you are. No joke, these amiibo are better than you if you do not have an advanced understanding of the game. Ifyou're coming in with basic smash skills, Amiibo are not for the casual gamer. If you took the option to feed your amiibos carefully, you'll notice they also have 120 points that can be allocated to stats similarly to custom fighters. If you do not feed them, their level 50 stats are still significantly higher than base stats.

You can also give them unique special abilities with drawbacks involving much lowered defence, strength, or speed. Similarly, you can make your amiibo worse at basic functions at the expense for more improved stats such as slower running, no perfect shielding, or less time on ledges. You should note that regardless of the option you choose... the maximum amount of points allowed still rests at 120. You should never choose to take negative effects, and likewise, all of your amiibos (if you are actually building them with abilities) should be stocked up on the most carefully choosen powers... because you can make back any stat drain.

But how well do the Amiibos learn? Quite well. They're a bit derpy at times, and you can't really decide what it is that it should learn from your encounters, but it tries its hardest to emulate you. On top of boosting it up to ridiculous feats of strength, it follows your avoidant behavior, your engagement, your button inputs... everything really. It learns a few things on its own, but for the most part it becomes you. This leads to a weird Amiibo talent curve. If they aren't trained properly at first, they never reach their full potential. Nintendo claims that they keep learning even after they hit 50, but I've noticed that their bad habits they got from earlier levels is still very prominant and sticks around forever. But if you train them correctly... they are a force to be reckoned with. Meet WaveShine, a level 50 Fox Amiibo entered in a Candian tournament as a joke. It was knocked out of the first round, but managed to climb an entire losers bracket before losing in the semi-finals.

It's pretty exciting stuff... I can't wait for the Amiibo tournaments to crop up.

And with so many Amiibos, we had many opportunities to train them different ways. So I can safely recommend they are worth training... but keep in mind that Amiibos, like most A.I., have glaring problems with solving the mind game that is the latest installment of smash. They will be a challenge to most, but for you elites out there, you will never lose to these CPUs if you discover their lapses in reasoning. Should you buy them though? The answer is yes. Yes you should. They're not perfect... but they're pretty good. And how long does it take to get them to 50? No more than an hour and a half usually.

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Main - Super Forum Gameland - Amiibo Fighting Arena Season 1

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