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05-19-24 01:25 AM
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Posted on 06-15-23 04:13 AM (rev. 2 of 06-15-23 04:15 AM by Moline) Link | ID: 169911
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Name up to 5 facts you know. I'll start.

1. Jeff Beck played with Stevie Wonder, helping him come up with the funk rocker Superstitious.

2. The first recorded vocal by Whitney Houston was with a band called Material, a band that was known for using guest singers rather than a stable one.

3. That same band was originally known as New York Gong, as it featured Daevid Allen from Gong, a band from the United Kingdom. Daevid Allen left as the other members did not like the European life style.

4. Your intestines cannot wrap around the Earth.

5. The Police members were also in a band called Strontium 90. The Police, formed just prior, originally featured Henry Padavoni on guitar alongside Sting on bass and vocals and Stewart Copeland on drums. Strontium 90 featured Sting along with Mike Howlette (of the aforementioned Gong). Drummer Chris Cutler (also of Gong) was unavailable, so Sting brought in Copeland from The Police. This trio was supplanted by guitarist Andy Summers. This was Sting and Copeland's first meeting with Summers, who was a decade older, and already a music industry veteran. This band recorded a demo that sat on the shelf until 1997. They broke up, and Summers joined Sting and Copeland in The Police alongside Padavoni. Summers disliked him, and so got him fired. They then had massive success. That demo was released in 1997 as Strontium 90: Police Academy. It is notable for featuring the first appearance of Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, performed solely by Sting. Later, in 1981, the full Police lineup completed it, backed by guest keyboardist Jean Alain Roussel.

Now it's your turn. Go!

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Main - General Forum - Facts you know

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