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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - Which Programming Languages Do you know? (1)
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Which Programming Languages do you know (at least well enough to write at least a function)?
C++ (OOP)
Actionscript (Flash)
ASM (any CPU, spec in reply)
Other (please spec)
Multiple voting is allowed. Changing your vote is allowed. 15 users have voted so far.

Posted on 06-19-12 01:42 PM Link | ID: 17228
Site Administrator

11 Hit Combo:
Mother's Rosario
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PHP is a mess. Perl never caught on with me since the structure of it just seems to be a bit too confusing at the time I tried to work with it (1997). I ended up at that time just trying to work with compiled C in cgi-bin.

The thing about PHP that irritates me the most is the inconstant nature. When I was asked a long time ago to describe PHP's format I said something to the effect off "C, shell script, and small dash of perl."

10 REM "What do I need to remember?"
20 PRINT "<p><b>Why not in BASIC?</b></p>"
30 GOTO 10

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Posted on 06-19-12 02:04 PM Link | ID: 17236
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You're right. htmlentities() -> html_entity_decode(), strpos(), str_rot13() etc...

PHP is also the only language I know of, where function names are case-insensitive. And yet variable names are case-sensitive, yet another inconsistency.

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Posted on 07-16-12 08:31 PM Link | ID: 20726
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Red Birdo
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Since: 04-03-12
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Out of the listed languages, I have some knowledge of C, C++, Java, 6502 ASM, and PHP.

I can also speak SQL, 6502 BASIC, and a smattering of other languages that I've mostly forgotten like Pascal.

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Posted on 07-16-12 09:51 PM Link | ID: 20748
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Since: 06-19-12

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I picked ASM, mainly because I do a bit of Assembly work in my Super Metroid hacks and it uses xkas an all that load of junk. I'm not that good at it though, but I do take lessons on how to make stuff.

Posted on 07-18-12 06:04 AM Link | ID: 20922
Normal User
Scryforce - A place that still exists. Neat.
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Since: 07-18-12
From: USA

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The first real programming language I've ever learned was C++.

After a few problems with learning further into it in a class, I decided to pick up PHP. Even though I learned C++ first, the first real understanding of most concepts came from PHP. I probably know PHP best out of all the languages since I used it in a lot of projects and even helped a site out by being a board coder which eventually lead me to further my knowledge of PHP and MySQL and I built a board myself for my site. To this day, I seek to help teach others what I know and program for others where possible.

I know a little Java but not too much. I don't remember why I randomly decided to learn but I think it had to do with Minecraft but I could be wrong.
I also learned some Actionscript (Flash) recently due to me wanting to build some sort of chat script with PHP and AS. It is mostly working but I have to work out a few kinks.

I have plans to learn more C++ and Java a bit more this year. I'm also hoping to continue working on my RPG System I made for my board.
It uses so many tables and takes much time to develop but it is fun.

Posted on 07-18-12 04:19 PM Link | ID: 20952
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Since: 01-21-12

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I know Java and Python, and it seems I'll be learning C/C#/C++ and ASM next year...

But knowing Python isn't much. Anyone can do python. It's hyper simple.

Posted on 04-20-22 01:51 PM Link | ID: 168108
Normal User

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Since: 04-14-22
From: Spain

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i know gamemaker language, HTML, CSS (see my layout), and a bit of Java

have you got any idea how cool
this layout looks?
like, sure thing,
vaporwave layouts are cool
but i see no vapor
and no wave
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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - Which Programming Languages Do you know? (1)

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