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04-26-19 10:12 AM
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Posted on 07-24-12 08:40 PM (rev. 3 of 07-25-12 12:19 AM by Marzen64) Link | ID: 21509
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What's that? A new cartoon show? That doesn't suck and is filled with humor, good animation, and a nice art style?


That'd be Gravity Falls.

It's a pretty creative and fun series, only 6 episodes so far so it's rather new. I dunno if anyone's seen it yet, only one person I know has heard of it. Check it out, it's really awesome! It's made by the guy who made Flapjack. It's got lots of crazy easter eggs. I don't wanna spoil them but most episodes seem to have a special puzzle, often with mixed up words, that you have to unscramble to figure out. I won't tell you how, you gotta figure out yourself!

Mabel's cute and Dipper is totally me, callin' it now.

If you wanna see the first episode, here's a link to it. I dunno how long it'll be up though, so get it while it's hot:

Posted on 11-15-12 08:46 PM Link | ID: 28837

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What? I forgot to post in this thread? I could have sworn I said my opinion about how awesome it is...

Anyways, I really agree. When I watched Gravity Falls months ago (when I was pointed out by this thread or another), I really enjoyed each episode.
As mentioned, it is sort of a surprise seeing something this good from Disney that has quite nice animation and humor.

Might try to rewatch some episodes now because they are very good. ^_^

Back to my favorite layout!

Posted on 02-28-14 01:19 PM Link | ID: 50714

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The only thing I know about this show is Kristin Schaal does the voice of Mabel. She's always hilarious. I've only seen a few clips from this show (not quite in my interest range) but it does look well written an hilarious.

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Main - The βetaMax Entertainment Center - Gravity Falls

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