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02-22-19 09:02 AM
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Main - Creativity and Artwork Showcase! - Poetry
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Posted on 06-03-12 07:08 PM Link | ID: 16285
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T̨̞͎͓͉̮͓̠o͚͎o ̴̘̼̳͔̥̺͓m̤̤a̸̳̫̜̠̬͉̗ny͕̳ ̥͈̘̞͟c͚̦̳̘̠̟ͅo҉̗͎̮̣͉o̷͍̤̥̞͔͎̹k҉͙̲̩͍̮̮s͈̼͎
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Who here writes poetry? I know at least some of you do. It doesn't have to be the sappy "woe is me" "quoth the raven" dark kinda stuff. I've written poems about cats before. Show us some poetry of your's, and comment on others! Say your mind, speak what you think! :D

Here's some poetry I wrote last year. I had to do it for a class, but I kinda liked it at the time: We were put into groups of four and were told to write three poems: A limerick, a sonnet, and a villanelle (which Firefox assures me is NOT a word despite it being one). I was the only real writer of the group so I was like "You guys work on the limerick, I'll take a chunk of the villanelle". I did. I completed it in a day. They were still on the limerick. The next day I finished the sonnet, and they still hadn't finished the limerick. Finally the final day, I finished it for them. I don't have the limerick (I didn't really like it at all actually) but I DID like the limerick and the sonnet I wrote. These days I think they're eh, but that's how it always seems to go.

A Sonnet To Life

Come into our world, my son, it's your own
There is much to discover, much to learn
I know you wish to learn of the unknown
Though you are scared, there is no need for concern

Come into our world son, you're still so young
You're just a child, frail, yes courageous still
But you shall learn, my son, once you are stung
And yet still, while scared, you seek out new thrills

Come into our world son, you are older now
I see that middle age has slowed you down
A lovely girl with whom you share your vows
A child, a job, each day you work at town

Come into our world, my son, you are dead
Your life is over, heaven lies ahead.

Posted on 07-09-14 12:01 PM Link | ID: 69289
Hero from the Past
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i sort of dabble in the poetry stuff if you guys would want to read it i guess idk

four of them are like love poems i guess, and the herewegoagain.txt is sort of hate.
i guess just tell me what you think of them. i'm sure i'll get some negative responses but still i figured i'd share them since it's a very personal thing of mine and people around here think i'm all jokes sometimes.

if i write more i'll post them here

TwitterWebsite • Skype: phoine266

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H Magyar H
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Posted on 10-26-17 01:19 PM Link | ID: 103990

outta here.
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Speaking of poetry (yes this is a huge bump but idc) someone in my year group managed to write a really good poem quite a while ago about the grenfell tower fire, now it's just my task to look for it since he posted it on twitter ages ago...

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Main - Creativity and Artwork Showcase! - Poetry

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