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01-23-19 05:28 PM
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Main - The Officer's Club - Regarding the situation
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Posted on 06-29-18 02:59 PM, in Link | ID: 134519

King Bowser Koopa

Level: 87

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Since: 05-23-16
From: Atlanta
ID: 308

Last post: 2 days
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Posted by Jamie
But all it took last time was that i made a private board and i ended up banned again

oh the one in april?

that really got you banned from dc as well?

also why would you explain Kafuka to your dad. there's no reason for that.

Posted on 06-30-18 05:56 PM, in (rev. 3 of 07-01-18 04:51 PM by Jamie) Link | ID: 134567

outta here.
Level: 65

Posts: 615/1457
EXP: 2289640
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Since: 06-03-14

Last post: 74 days
Last view: 74 days
EDIT: Ok. I talked to my dad and he made it clear i am never to return or talk in any way to any of you, or even have internet access until i am living alone. Goodbye, this is the last you'll ever see of me.

Posted on 07-01-18 06:43 PM, in Link | ID: 134592

outta here.
Level: 65

Posts: 620/1457
EXP: 2289640
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Since: 06-03-14

Last post: 74 days
Last view: 74 days
ok one last thing, im bumping the thread so it reflects how i updated the post in the index

Posted on 07-01-18 07:01 PM, in Link | ID: 134593

internet = mistake

Level: 30

Posts: 202/244
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Since: 02-15-14

Last post: 123 days
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Did you explain the people on here or something if so why...?



Twitter - YouTube - E-mail

Posted on 07-01-18 10:06 PM, in Link | ID: 134605

outta here.
Level: 65

Posts: 621/1457
EXP: 2289640
Next: 45988

Since: 06-03-14

Last post: 74 days
Last view: 74 days
yes and bc i wanted an actual answer out of him

now if you'd all forget i ever existed i would gladly fuck off

also, ban me and delete this thread for my own sanity. i might decide to spam out of nowhere if im not banned

Posted on 07-02-18 12:59 PM, in Link | ID: 134646

gee, waffles!
Level: 95

Posts: 2692/3256
EXP: 8586254
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Since: 03-19-13

Last post: 1 hour
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ban or no ban, please don't pull lame excuses like 'I might do x if you don't'.

I get that you wanted to be straight with your dad, but this is kind of a shame. Kafuka is a place where you've got no troubling history, yet the people you like know you from all around the communities. it's pretty ideal.

I'll wait for you to come back, as I did everytime prior. may you be well.

for all intents and purposes, you are all lewd.

Posted on 07-06-18 12:45 PM, in Link | ID: 134973

Banned permanently: Re-reg
Level: 12

Posts: 1/56
EXP: 7774
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Since: 02-13-18

Last post: 60 days
Last view: 58 days
Mods Just put the brakes to jamie with an ip-cookie ban.
I really don't understand why he would say this despite family problems.
However this needs to come to an end, just something that needs to be said loud and clear.

Posted on 07-06-18 01:00 PM, in Link | ID: 134984
The Sorceress.

Level: 212

Posts: 18035/19706
EXP: 140477786
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Since: 01-01-12
From: UK

Last post: 15 hours
Last view: 4 hours
I'm going to close this before it spirals into undesirable directions.

Jamie - if you happen to read this. I'm going to recommend going to see a therapist, see if they can give you advice to help you out.

The world could always use more heroes!
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Main - The Officer's Club - Regarding the situation

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