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06-18-19 10:39 AM
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Posted on 07-07-16 06:13 PM Link | ID: 90846


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From: Atlanta
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Super Smash Bros. is a great series. The man behind it (Sakurai) also was responsible for the wonderful Kirby series. I really love it; it's my favorite fighting series as well. :D

Anyway, what's your main, and what's your favorite game? I'm a Kirby main (Luigi is my secondary) and my favorite game is Smash 3DS.. I'm not a big fan of Melee (considering I'm a Kirby main xD) and think that Brawl isn't that bad, so that's a bit on an unpopular opinion.. Also, I'm not that good at this series :P I'm about par with Level 7/8 I'd say, and I usually fight against level 7 oppenents when doing freeplay.

I guess you guys can also organize Smash tournaments/sessions with eachother here if you want, I guess. :P

Note: This thread does apply to the Series, not just the N64 game!

Posted on 07-07-16 10:17 PM Link | ID: 90849
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I dunno why, but I find myself using Link a lot.

Back in the day, all I would do was spam his up-B spin attack because that shit was OP.

In the rare occasion nowadays that I play, I vary my moves to be less predictable (within means of Link's limitations). I concede that he isn't an amazing character, but in the right hands, he can work wonders.

As for my favorite in the series, I don't have one. Sure, I've played all five, but I haven't played them enough for one to stick out as a favorite for me.

As for the "competitive" scene and their raging boner for Melee, I don't get it. The game was buggy and exploitable to the point that if you didn't know how to exploit the mechanics, you COULDN'T WIN.

Let's not forget the infamous Play as Master/Crazy Hand glitch on the character select screen.

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Posted on 07-13-18 12:41 PM Link | ID: 135814
Excessive drama.
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Brawl wasn't even hated outside of the so-called hardcore Melee players

I don't care much for Smash, though... I did play Brawl aged like 10 a bit

also lol, fiver's post style is strange here

Good riddance!

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