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10-15-18 11:03 PM
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favourite DE?
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Posted on 07-11-18 02:13 PM Link | ID: 135489

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Discussion and a poll. ^^

My favourites are LXDE and Budgie. Not a big fan of LXQT as it's as heavy as XFCE has become.


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Posted on 07-11-18 04:54 PM Link | ID: 135530
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Amiwm, y'all.

Posted on 07-11-18 05:07 PM Link | ID: 135531


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I just use LXDE because it's the default for Lubuntu (which is currently my distro-of-choice). It's pretty lightweight and does whatever I ask it too. Moksha (wm for Bodhi Linux, it's based off of Enlightenment) is cool too but I never use it.

I'd like to try out some others at some point, most notably plain Openbox and 9wm.

Posted on 07-13-18 09:57 PM Link | ID: 136030

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Yeah might try different ones on my 2009 Mac Mini, because El Capitan is going out of support soon and I don't want to buy a new one 😉 Any recommendations for a Linux?

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Posted on 07-13-18 10:00 PM Link | ID: 136032
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When I last used Linux I used KDE and then Elementary OS, both were pretty good IMO (though Elementary OS just left me wishing for real OS X)

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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - Linux DE Thread

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