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10-24-18 05:13 AM
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Posted on 07-20-18 05:02 AM Link | ID: 136674

Giant Paratroopa
My name is Sanger Zonvolt. I am the Sword that cleaves evil!
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From: Sweden

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Isn't this song great?

There is nothing that can stand against my Zankantou!

My youtube channel
FFRK Brotherhood

Posted on 07-20-18 09:21 AM Link | ID: 136680
Global Moderator

Buster Beetle
Level: 115

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From: ???

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Post #5422
Posted by Epele
I'm disappointed that go, the, extra each have a link.. but mile, in, editing all have to share a link.
(:effort: intensifies)

lazed out

You may or may not be able to recognize where I stole this grid background from.
Buster Beetle
aka Schezo

Posted on 07-23-18 09:59 PM Link | ID: 138062
The Sorceress.
My servants never die!

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From: UK

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I wonder if this crush is still ongoing.

<Nicolyn> Thierry doesn't sleep
<Nicolyn> she is powered solely by those little floating hearts

Posted on 07-23-18 10:34 PM Link | ID: 138126

Crazy Catgirl
Meow meow meow meow...
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Since: 07-16-12
From: Albany, NY
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I thought Jamie was on Team Eppy now and not Team Nikki? ^_~

"Help control the population—always spay and neuter your pets!"

Posted on 07-23-18 10:35 PM Link | ID: 138129

Volcano Lotus
Handsome Gentleman
Level: 56

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Posted by Danika
I thought Jamie was on Team Eppy now and not Team Nikki? ^_~

Loyalty has no meaning to him.

Giant Paratroopa
Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome' ++++!!
Handsome Gentleman
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - Nicole is cute :p

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