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03-20-19 09:10 PM
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Main - AcmlmBoard Developer Zone - kak2x/jul: suggestions thread
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Posted on 07-28-18 11:35 AM Link | ID: 138935

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I'm just making a suggestions thread here because it's easier to do so.

Some ideas:

* Make the mobile view somewhat better by removing the thread/post count and putting the last poster below the forum description instead of to the side (prevents table stretch). Obviously don't do this change on desktop view, a small CSS hack would work!

* Allow combining of PHP-variable based stuff and an external stylesheet based theme. This would be achieved with $schemetype = 3 or something perhaps and would allow basic stuff to be achieved within PHP, and CSS for other stuff if needed.

* Custom profile fields allowed to be added into profiles. I'd add to my own board the gamer IDs and social accounts, and have them autolink to the profiles. Similar to a certain ABXD plugin except added to editprofile by the admins.

* Add a special class for the post table and td, so themes can style them globally without stupid hacks (i.e. having to use td[class^=contbar] instead of ABXD's

Kafuka: Saving You Catgirls Every Day

Posted on 07-29-18 09:47 AM Link | ID: 139049
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Buster Beetle
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Post #5431
1 - oh god mobile mode
2 - This is already possible. Every theme using a .css file also requires a .php file. From there you can use $css_extra for extra css trickery.
3 - One of the special features I considered but I'd have to think how to actually do it. For now you can always concatenate <br> in the location field :V
4 - You can use tlayout-* or .post now. (.topbar and friends should only ever be used for styling the personal post, as it is on AB2.5)

I eventually figured out that editprofile bug, which isn't related to editprofile much actually. And of course it only happens on a mobile browser because mobile support in jul is pretty special (square peg into a round hole).

On mobile thread layouts are forced to compact and post layouts are disabled. This is directly set to $loguser.
Outside of edit user mode, $loguser is also used as source data in editprofile because it's the same otherwise.
You can guess the result.

(this also happens on normal jul, try viewing editprofile from there)

You may or may not be able to recognize where I stole this grid background from.
Buster Beetle
aka Schezo

Posted on 07-29-18 11:22 AM Link | ID: 139050

Level: 66

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Since: 06-03-14

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You know I'm banned in Jul :v

Anyhow I'm happy you responded to all that and my board is uptodate now. I'll keep you updated on things :)

Kafuka: Saving You Catgirls Every Day

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Main - AcmlmBoard Developer Zone - kak2x/jul: suggestions thread

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