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02-22-19 06:07 PM
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Main - General Forum - what are you in your dreams?
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Posted on 10-23-18 01:27 PM Link | ID: 142636
there was a girl
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Since: 01-05-12
From: France

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like, do you know who/what you generally are?

I don't. it's never clear what I am.

however, sometimes, amusing details creep in.

like in that dream. basically I had to get dressed for a marriage or a similar event.

so those people were approaching me, and, apparently, they knew I was trans and not fulltime yet, because they asked me if I wanted the male outfit or the female one

I picked the female one tho, and I think it was a pretty nice dress

in another dream, my genitals were... a rather intersex thing. weird.

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Posted on 10-24-18 01:51 AM Link | ID: 142659

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Usually I'm just me in my dreams. I don't really think about myself, I don't usually get to see myself in the mirror. For years I was almost always male, with a few exceptions (usually with some squee-y joy involved!). For some reason, sometime after I started HRT that all just... shifted. For a little bit if my gender came up I was usually an open, obvious trans girl in my dreams, and now I'm just... a girl in most of my dreams. No quantifiers, nothing strange about it, just, a girl, like it's totally normal.

I'm almost never anything but myself. Sometimes I'm weird alternate universe versions of myself, but I can't recall any dreams where I'm not just me off the top of my head. I don't think I've ever had any dreams where I'm anything but human, either...

Posted on 10-24-18 01:52 AM Link | ID: 142660

Eva Pilot
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I remember when I met Kristen Stewart in a dream fairly recently ;) She seemed like a nice lady, not sure if she is IRL though :P

"1-800-273-8255... it can save a life!"

Posted on 10-24-18 01:55 AM Link | ID: 142661
Goddess of the Apocalypse
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11870 2606 66
I'm usually myself as well, or some variant of myself (like, in a recent dream I had lightning powers and lived in Japan, but was still recognizably "Nicole") My experience with gender in dreams is pretty close to Rambly, now I can't remember the last time I was male in a dream.

However, I do have a lot of "observer dreams" where my mind is playing out a story but none of the characters are me, and I just kind of am in a position to see stuff happening without it impacting me; in those dreams it doesn't matter at all who I am, almost like the concept of an "I" doesn't exist. Weird to think about in the conscious world, but makes sense at the time.

Posted on 10-24-18 08:49 AM (rev. 2 of 10-24-18 08:49 AM by Hālian) Link | ID: 142673

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Maple Post-o-Matic 9.2
Sometimes myself, sometimes a female or azhar (i.e. futanari) safir (four-armed blue-skinned psionic elvenoid from my main worldbuilding project, the Safir Alliance). In the latter case, invariably with ankle-length hair or longer.

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Posted on 10-25-18 12:08 PM Link | ID: 143066

outta here.
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Just myself it seems. No difference.

Posted on 10-25-18 12:18 PM Link | ID: 143083

Volcano Lotus
My name is Sanger Zonvolt. I am the Sword that cleaves evil!
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Since: 01-04-12
From: Sweden

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Myself, for the most part.

There is nothing that can stand against my Zankantou!

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Posted on 10-27-18 07:41 PM Link | ID: 143411
the postcount+++er from 2014
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Since: 10-26-13

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I rarely dream, but when I do, I'm usually not even aware of myself - but when I am, I'm just me (my short ginger self, lol).

Wikipedia is a strange place.

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Main - General Forum - what are you in your dreams?

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