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04-25-19 09:41 PM
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Main - No Limit Zone IRC Network (NoLimitNET) - IRC (and Discord!) Quotes Thread (5)
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Posted on 10-25-18 01:01 PM Link | ID: 143190

Level: 46

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Since: 01-04-12
From: Central Florida

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Maple Post-o-Matic 9.2
Do Discord quotes (through the IRC-Discord bridge) count?

If so:

[8:53 AM] Melody: Aww, the screeching baby gave me a high five

Layout by Maple.
Hoennese Realm Safir Alliance

Posted on 11-06-18 12:09 PM Link | ID: 143756
Excessive drama.
Level: 66

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Since: 06-03-14

Last post: 21 days
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Of course.
To be honest, I feel like this doesn't need its own section on the board since most of the current members use both.

Though given the bridge was fucked up earlier due to derpiness I guess it is useful

Good riddance!

Posted on 11-06-18 12:15 PM Link | ID: 143757

11 Hit Combo:
Mother's Rosario
Level: 99

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Since: 12-30-11
From: Akron, Ohio; USA

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They do from now on. Unless we split the thread up. (From now on please return to just quotes.)

The Dynamic Profile Administrator™

"Never Knows Best"
Note: if you can see this my layout broke. ALL THE CREDITS WILL BE REVEALED!!
'Victory Noriko' by @thatsheepagain.
'Chibi Dance Noriko' by @Haru__Kitsu.
'Deity's Night Out (Featuring Gabbie)'
by @thatsheepagain
Noriko Emotes by @Haru__Kitsu.
Side Bar Noriko by @thatsheepagain
'Noriko's Nature Walk' by @projectTiGER_
Emotive Noriko by @thatsheepagain.
"Space Candy Noriko" by BerryVerrine.
"Super Sharp Noriko" by Xionfes.
A gift illustration from the wonderful EverKinzPony!
"Magical Girl Noriko" by @cute_hospital!
"Patient Chibi Noriko" by @Ruii_ki!
'Dapper '60s Noriko' by @thatsheepagain.
'Shiny Chibi Noriko' by @inioli.
'Flower Veil Noriko' by @Sushiee_.
'Noriko in Realism' by @_Sarybuu.
'Noriko's Midnight Adventure' by @projectTiGER_
'Yukata Noriko' by @yunyunmaru_
'Birthday Wishes Noriko' by @thatsheepagain

Posted on 11-28-18 02:12 PM Link | ID: 144560

Level: 11

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Since: 11-24-18

Last post: 144 days
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<Chyruno>dexter is probably more productive
<Nicole>a furry cat is very good at javascript
<Nicole>that's why he keeps going on my keyboard, to explain why i'm doing it wrong
<Nicole>typical mansplaining *shot*

Actually a DM chat but funny regardless :)

Posted on 12-13-18 01:08 PM Link | ID: 145097
The Sorceress.

Level: 215

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Since: 01-01-12
From: UK

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[13:01] <Discordian> <K‍a‍g‍u‍r‍a‍ ‍神‍楽> wonder if I've become addicted to lottery
[13:01] <Discordian> <K‍a‍g‍u‍r‍a‍ ‍神‍楽> 😛
[13:01] <Discordian> <K‍a‍g‍u‍r‍a‍ ‍神‍楽> suppose that's better than cigarettes
[13:02] <Discordian> <K‍a‍g‍u‍r‍a‍ ‍神‍楽> at least with lottery you can win money and not cancer

The world could always use more heroes!
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Main - No Limit Zone IRC Network (NoLimitNET) - IRC (and Discord!) Quotes Thread (5)

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