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07-02-20 11:53 AM
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Main - Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking - SMB3 Collab Project (You're Invited)
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Posted on 04-21-19 10:22 PM Link | ID: 147266

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Since: 04-15-19

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Are you interested in designing SMB3 levels on SMB3 Workshop?

Do you have any scrap levels that you're willing to share?

Did you abandon an SMB3 hack but need a home for those levels you created?

If you're kind enough to share your levels and work with me to polish them, your efforts will not go unnoticed and you'll receive full credit. Give me a PM if you're interested and I'll give you more details, OR join us on Discord to work with us or get the latest updates!

Everyone, from Noobs to Experts, are welcome!

We have an amazing team right now including Koopa, Bluecrush, The Dark Warrior, Insectuel, Zacmario, Googie and VHR2121. We're hoping for a November 2019 release. I'm heading the project along with Mari42 helping me out. If you're interested, come join us, even if it's a small contribution!

Not sure if you remember my last project, A New Journey, but this project is basically the same format and premise...

...8 completely different worlds for Mario to explore, though some big differences....

-This game will be easier. The difficulty should be on par with the original SMB3 if not a tad more challenging.

-We are composing all new music for levels and over-worlds! Koopa proved to be an amazing composer for us and we're lucky to have him.

Levels List. Claim your level and let us know! (Google Sheets:


We're working hard to meet that deadline. Any suggestions or input? Let me know! Thanks.

Posted on 05-07-19 12:49 PM Link | ID: 147471

Giant Goomba
Keeping ROM Hacking gangsta since 2003...
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Since: 08-07-12
From: Brooklyn, NY

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I've been getting some ideas for some levels in World 8, I'll reach you on Discord when I get the chance. ^_^


Love Rollercoaster

Googie's Mental House, baby!

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Main - Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking - SMB3 Collab Project (You're Invited)

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