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12-07-23 12:42 AM
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Posted on 11-24-18 01:25 PM, in Link | ID: 144357

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The general thread for discussing emulators, general support for both players and hackers alike, and anything else. Hopefully this gains some traction...

Here are some Nintendo emulators I can recommend for retro consoles that have some debate.

FCEUX - Decent enough accuracy, many mappers supported, has a lot of debugging and other features...
higan - Obvious choice for SNES emulation.
Snes9x - The other choice for older PCs.
bgb - Game Boy emulator.
NO$GBA - For DS and GBA and very good for debugging and the GBATEK documentation which has been useful to many.

Two other emulators for NES worth checking out:

Nestopia UE

For keyboard schemes.
I use the bottom row for A/B type, middle for X/Y and top for L/R, and the arrow keys for directional pads. A and B are covered by X and Z respectively (much easier than Z and X respectively).


Happy discussing!

Posted on 02-21-19 02:20 AM, in Link | ID: 146374
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Since: 05-23-16

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my boy - gba emu for android

VBA - gba emulator for pc

desmume is better than nocash imo, same with VBA

Posted on 02-21-19 05:41 PM, in Link | ID: 146389
Normal User

Level: 107

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Since: 03-19-13

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nocash is the lag-free, cheap alternative. of course it's not as good, but for quick testing it's great. by default it has a key to speed up emulation.

Posted on 06-01-19 08:44 PM, in Link | ID: 148097
Normal User

Giant Koopa
Keeping ROM Hacking gangsta since 2003...
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Since: 08-07-12
From: Brooklyn, NY

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I've been using the Mesen Emulator it works great for games that are being made in NESMaker, haven't tried out other NES games yet. ^_^

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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - Emulation General

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