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Posted on 11-06-14 04:33 PM, in Link | ID: 78312
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Bio: Ech0

Sex: Male
Age: 21
Race: Human
Height: 6'6"

Appearance: Slightly tan skin, Light brown Medium length straight hair, Dark brown eyes, Slim build
Occupation: Space Outlaw/Thief
Power Type: Stealth Field
Apparel: Black jeans, Black short sleeve shirt, White and blue boots, One black fingerless glove on right hand, Black leather duster coat, Exoskeletal arm under right sleeve on arm.

Increased Stealth,
Silence (Ability to not make any noise),
Imbued Silence (Ability to make other objects/beings silent)

Affinity with technology/gadgets,
Hacking (In General),
Firearm use,
Door/Terminal Hacking,
Unarmed combat.

Weapons/Tools/Items (At start):
One blue and one white Laser Revolvers, (crudely painted their colours)
Hacking gear,
Dimension Teleporter,
Bag of stolen gems (Shaped like rupees from LOZ but are actual gems),
Limited Energy Cells for laser revolvers.


Ech0 originates from Sapphyre's dimension, however does not possess magic, but set 45-ish years later where Sapphyre developed all of the tech that is used at the time. e.g. laser revolvers.

Ech0 had an affinity with technology and things that didn't belong to him and the was a lot of tech in the future... and things that didn't belong to him. So he quickly learned to get through security systems and get things he wanted. Started off small, clothing, components, music. But that quickly escalated to things like, money, access codes, information.

A lot of money was made, not enough for him to get caught but enough to live. Ech0 learned various ways of keeping quiet and unseen as well as making small gadgets he needed and a device that allows him to be silent and imbue silence, which is an exoskeletal arm he wears over his right arm. (Below the clothing of course). He also acquired his two laser revolvers which he named 1 and 2, giving anyone who found him the ol' 1, 2. 1 being a shot from the Blue revolver, 2 being a shot from the White revolver.

But he couldn't run forever, midway through developing his new gadget: The "Dimensional Teleporter", patent pending. Enforcers broke into his apartment and opened fire.

In this situation Ech0 did what any sane thief would do... Grab as much stolen loot (bag of gems) as he could, his revolvers plus a few energy cells for them, his hacking device, and the Dimensional Teleporter, and hope it works before he got shot.

Robbie Rage
Posted on 12-11-16 09:04 PM, in (rev. 5 of 03-17-17 05:38 PM by Robbie Rage) Link | ID: 95004
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Name: Moxley Windham

Sex: Male
Age: 36
Race: Human
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 260 lbs (w/o armor)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Paladin
Patron Deity: The Silver Flame
Hometown: Aruldusk, Thrane, Eberron


Moxley was born a 2nd generation slave. His mother was a prostitute owned by a brutal orc slaver. Because of his low station in life, young Moxley would often get into fights and steal just to make ends meet. His life seemed to be on the fast track to nowhere, until one fateful night...

After a heated dispute over money, Moxley's mother was killed by her orc master. Moxley, in turn, killed his master in revenge. Before the bloodshed could escalate, however, Moxley was calmed by a wandering paladin investigating the slave ring operating in the area. Seeing such an at-risk youth in his midst, the paladin offered him shelter and a warm meal with his order. Seeing kindness where he had never seen it before, Moxley immediately asked about becoming a paladin himself, and his life was forever changed.

Moxley trained, fought hard, and went on several adventures all over his world. His grandest adventure to date, however, was a campaign against The Celestial Court; a cabal of the most ancient world building deities that threatened to destroy the known universe in civil war. Over several months and with the aid of a small band of key allies, Moxley eventually reached the court and channeled so much divine energy that the Celestial Court was usher to sleep for several millennia more, bringing peace to the world once again.

The battle was over, but the deep bathing in divine energies irrevocably changed Moxley's physiology and paladin powers, pushing them beyond their limits. Today, Moxley rides on his warhorse between worlds as one of the Silver Flame's greatest champions, taking in their wonders and protecting them from enemies big and small.


Moxley is a generally cheerful fellow with a deep sense of justice. His background gives him deep compassion for the poor and desperate, and strives for mercy whenever possible. But when peace can not be achieved through words, Moxley has no qualms about resorting to violence and killing when necessary. A crusader through and through, Moxley can even be found deeply enjoying the fights he finds himself in. Some even say Moxley enjoys fights as much as he does peace, though he has always denied this.


Master Martial Combatant: Moxley's extensive paladin training and rough upbringing on the streets has given him a considerable amount of practical combat experience. Though he is skilled in a wide variety of weapons, Moxley usually tends to favor a longsword and shield. In addition, Moxley has also shown expertise in wrestling, street fighting, and improvised weaponry.

Superhuman Physiology: The amount of divine energies that Moxley has channeled has granted him a wide variety of changes to his physical body, including increased strength and dexterity, immunity to disease, and a slowed aging process. This also impacts his psyche as well, granting Moxley an immunity to fear effects and mind control.

Holy Magic: As a just paladin of The Silver Flame, Moxley can use a variety of white magics to heal, turn undead, detect evil, buff his allies, and in some limited cases, revive the dead.

Divine Smite: Moxley channels holy energies into every punch and weapon strike he lands, making them more damaging. This power increases potency against undead, demons, and fiends, and can be pushed even further via channeling his daily healing power into his attacks.

Summon Charger: Moxley can summon Harper's Chance, his friend and faithful steed, at will. Harper's Chance is a mighty black war horse that is clad in silver barding and can telepathically communicate with Moxley. Harper's Chance cannot be fully killed unless Moxley is, and if destroyed, simply sleeps in a pocket dimension for 24 hours until he can be summoned again. Also enjoys apples.

Silver Fire Bolt: Though Moxley's ranged options are limited, Moxley has also been known to project blasts of silver colored fire at enemies until he can close the distance.

Lay on Hands: Moxley can transfer a great deal of healing energy to a friendly target once per day, healing their injuries and cleansing their bodies of poison and disease. However, Moxley can also use this ability on enemies, stunning them, inflicting wounds, and recharging his healing ability.

Emotion Sense: Moxley possesses a light mind reading ability focusing exclusively on detecting and identifying emotions. Though no specific words or thoughts can be read, this is useful for empathizing with the needy, detecting imminent threats, and anything in between.

Aura of Strength / Valor / Defense / Healing: Moxley is capable of projecting his own personal aura approximately 60 feet around him to affect his allies and those friendly to him. Strength increases a person's physical strength and attack power. Valor increases their movement speed and grants and immunity to fear effects. Defense toughens the person's armor and improves reaction time. Healing gradually heals the person's wounds over time. Only one type of aura can be active at a time.


Silver Flame Armor: A set of metamorphic armor bequeathed to Moxley by The Silver Flame. The armor responds to Moxley's will and can adjust itself accordingly, though in most instances it takes the shape of a set of ornate silver armor befitting a paladin.

Silver Flame Sword: As an extension of his armor, Moxley can also command it to take the shape of most any melee weapon he needs. However, Moxley's most commonly used weapon takes the shape of an ornately decorated longsword with a silver blade. The blade is extremely sharp and reinforced with divine energy, making it comparable to what most would call a Holy Avenger. Can also be used with a shield.

Nightsmoke Shroud: A deep blue cloak of otherworldly origin that seems to ebb and flow in and out of reality itself. It has a variety of capabilities, including limited flight, the ability to teleport self and others to a previously visited location, and a pocket dimension capable of storing Moxley's belongings.

Thieves Tools: A set of lockpicks and related tools for thievery and disabling traps. Though largely a visceral memento of Moxley's humble roots, they are in good condition and can still be used.

Posted on 12-11-16 09:54 PM, in Link | ID: 95006
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Name: Kawa Erolvohfhra
Age: Uncertain
Height: 1.80-something meters
Weight: 74 kilos
Hair: brownish-red
Eyes: reddish-brown, yellow sclera

Kawa the Storyteller is a felin. Specifically, they are one of the Blessed, having both male and female parts. Their fur is a plain brown with lynx-like black patterns. Kawa is somewhat quirky and tends to do ostensibly impossible things such as leaving a locked room. Though they seem an otherwise perfectly normal felin, archaeologists may mistake Kawa for the lost, presumed dead Sin, who looks exactly like Kawa, but with lighter colors, shorter hair, and an entirely different character. This is because Kawa is Sin, claiming to be demonically possessing them. Noone buys it, despite the disregard for logic and physics.

You may not recognize them, but they'll certainly recognize you.

Kawa usually wears either jeans or a skirt, and black t-shirts with memes on the front. The memes are in felinese. Sometimes they'll wear a long brown coat. Like most felin, Kawa goes commando. Kawa almost always wears a "Chelsie's Pet" collar.

Known Languages
  • Felinese (native, Japanese-accented)
  • American English
  • Japanese
  • (as Sin: Felinese with a Greek accent)

  • Singing
  • Programming (mostly adventure games, hence the title)
  • Swordfighting
  • Marksmanship
  • Acrobatics (species perk)

  • Tank - Like most felin, Kawa is hard to keep down.
  • Dark/infravision - Like all felin, Kawa can see in infrared to a degree, and see somewhat clearly in the dark.
  • Uncertainty Factor - The longer you try to study Kawa, the more you doubt your findings. Kawa is mostly unaware of this.

  • A ceremonial dagger, as given to all felin when they come of age.
  • A Wildcat standard-issue handgun, surplus.
  • A length of rope
All of these are hidden on their person, except for the rope which is in the coat.

Robbie Rage
Posted on 07-13-19 03:59 PM, in (rev. 3 of 07-13-19 04:03 PM by Robbie Rage) Link | ID: 149671
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Since: 2001

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Name: Bakk

Age: 15
Height: 4’
Race: Kobold
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Green
Hair: None

Occupation: Hunter / Vigilante
Class: Ranger (Gloom Stalker)
Education: Self-Taught with Bardic Tutoring
Bonds: Alison Sterling (Mentor / Friend), Fourth (Tressym, Pet)

Likes: Hunting, Music, Justice, Meat, Puns, Shiny Things
Dislikes: Corruption, Arrogance, Greed
Favorite Food: Wild Boar


Bakk was the 15th child born into a littler of 17 kobold children. Being a collectivist society, the kobold warren quickly gave him the of hunter-gatherer once he reached maturity, hunting wild game for his people. Until one day, when a band of adventurers came knocking.

The adventurers were hired to flush out the kobolds who were attacking traveling caravans, and Bakk expected to be extinguished in the process. To his surprise, the adventurers ended up hiring the warren instead, and quickly befriended the group's bard; a woman named Alison Sterling.

Alison saw potential in Bakk, and the two became fast friends. Bakk also learned much from her as well, furthering his marksmanship abilities, as well as theatricality, deception, and even a bit of magic. Before long, Bakks natural ability and newfound skills led him down the path of the Gloom Stalker; a hunter who could slip through shadows and strike down his prey just as quickly.


Bakk strives to be relatively serious most of the time, but often find himself caught up with the wonders and shiny things of the world. To this end, his vigilante crusades can be hasty and his adventures quite spontaneous, but his tenacity and loyalty shines through.


Master Marksman: As a hunter, Bakk is an excellent and efficient shot, able to hit targets most would find impossible to hit.

Expert Martial Combatant: Despite his relatively small frame, Bakk has been trained in the art of martial combat, specifically with short swords.

Enhanced Dexterity: Through his training and kobold physiology, Bakk has heightened speed and agility than most.

Shadow & Nature Magic: Bakk's unique training allows him to utilize complimentary magic abilities to various effects, such as teleporting through shadows, multiplying shots to rain arrows on his enemies, and turning invisible.

Dark Vision: Having lived underground for most of his life, Bakk has the ability to see in limited or no light.


Custom Bow: Bakk carries a custom made compound bow made through a combination of bardic knowledge and kobold ingenuity. It has a custom draw strength to fit Bakk's frame without sacrificing the deadly piercing power of a conventional longbow.

Quiver of Infinite Arrows: A magical gift from his mentor, Alison. It gives Bakk the assurance that he will be ready for anything from an extended hunt to an intense battle.

Short Swords: A set of twin short swords of kobold design. They seem a bit crude in appearance, but are still quite durable and sharp to the touch for any foe.

Vigilante's Cloak: A versatile, durable cloak with a hood. Useful for shielding the wearer from harsh weather, shrugging off attacks, or moving through an area without drawing attention.

Explorer's Pack: A pack full of supplies and gear Bakk needs, including a coinpurse, ration keeper, bedroll, rope, hook, smoke grenades, flares, and the like.
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