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02-20-20 11:40 PM
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Main - General Forum - Thoughts on Linux
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Posted on 02-08-20 11:21 PM Link | ID: 154483

Fire Snake
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My friend is suggesting that I give Linux a try, so I wanna ask all of you which version of Linux should I get into for a beginner like me? Do any of you use Linux, and what are the pros and cons?


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Posted on 02-08-20 11:29 PM Link | ID: 154484
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I would say elementaryOS; being Linux beginner friendly is a big focus of there; I used to use it when I last used Linux as a main OS; it has a very macOS-like feel if that's something you're familiar with.

Ubuntu is probably also a good option; it's more popular so there are more docs out there. But I think they're not as desktop-focused as they used to be, judging by their website.

Posted on 02-09-20 07:51 AM Link | ID: 154491

Red Koopa

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From: World X Pipe

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I used to be an avid Lubuntu user. It has a more Windows feel (system tray, start menu, taskbar) and is more lightweight than a lot of other distros.

I do web design! Check out the stuff I've done here (some of it is unfinished though.)

Posted on 02-09-20 08:48 PM Link | ID: 154505

the future is now
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i recommended Ubuntu MATE since it's more lightweight than the standard GNOME or KDE distros and can be easily configured to look like WIndows or Mac with mate-tweak

Posted on 02-10-20 06:31 PM (rev. 2 of 02-10-20 06:31 PM by Kak) Link | ID: 154521
Global Moderator

Buster Beetle
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Post #5467
I haven't tried Linux in a couple of years, but I remember trying out Mint MATE on a VM back in the "college" days and it was a good option with good customizability and a recognizable interface coming from Windows.
It also wasn't trying to be a tablet interface on a desktop machine, which was (and still is) always a good thing in my eyes.

I should get back into this, but probably this will only happen once I'm forced off the Windows 7 laptop

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Buster Beetle
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Main - General Forum - Thoughts on Linux

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