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04-15-21 02:31 PM
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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - What's the oldest program you use regularly?
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Posted on 01-04-19 03:06 PM, in Link | ID: 145587
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ed, the "standard text editor" of Unix fame, was recently updated (well, okay, this is GNU ed, but still), which made me think, what's the oldest piece of software you use regularly? I doubt many people here are using ed for most of their text editing, of course... and let's also exclude retro computing and count programs on your main computer only.

OSes are probably a decent guess in my case; I'm on a Mac and NeXTSTEP dates to 1989. (This is older than vim, which dates back to 1991) The bash shell also dates back to '89.

Posted on 01-04-19 03:41 PM, in Link | ID: 145588
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Paint Shop Pro 5 (1998 build) is the most classical software I have that runs. I use it as my go-to image editor if I don't need to do anything fancy - it also loads faster than Microsoft's Paint.

Everything else is a newer build of something - including Windows' programs (Notepad is a 2009 build)

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Posted on 01-17-19 07:17 PM, in Link | ID: 145772
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The oldest program I use is the bsd 'core' utils that come with OSX. Since those are all traced back to the BSD split which could be traced to 1977. I also use the coreutils from gnu which go back to the '80s (1983). Not quite the unique answer sadly. :)

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Posted on 01-22-19 02:23 PM, in (rev. 2 of 01-22-19 02:23 PM by Rambly) Link | ID: 145882
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I still use Microsoft Paint for most of my per-pixel image editing -- the build I'm using is from Windows XP (probably built in 2001 unless it got rebuilt in a Service Pack, but I doubt it), and the actual program itself has roots in Microsoft Paintbrush... which itself dates all the way back to 1985 in Windows 1.0... which further was a licensed version of PC Paintbrush by ZSoft from 1984! I couldn't tell you how much old code is still in the version of Paint that I use, though: it seems mostly adapted from Windows 95's Paint, but also given that Microsoft's never been shy about reusing legacy code, who knows >_>

I use bash, too, along with a bunch of GNU coreutils, but I couldn't tell you when most of those were written... I don't use the BSD ones anymore since I'm not on macOS anymore, though...

Posted on 01-26-19 01:14 PM, in Link | ID: 145939
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MagicDisc for mounting ISO images, made in 2005 but it seems to support systems as old as Windows 98. MagicISO itself is from 2001. It may not be that old date-wise but believe me, it sure feels old when you use it. Most important is the fact that it has no user interface, you select all its options using a context menu. I use it because it's more reliable than WinCDemu. I'm not even sure if it works with Windows 10. Not a problem for me now, but it will be when I upgrade from 7.

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Posted on 02-05-19 10:01 PM, in Link | ID: 146222
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I have to say, PSP5 works on Windows 10. Version 5.01 has a bug which causes it to crash on Windows 10, but applying the version 5.03 update - which is archived on those software archiving websites - fixes it.

Looks like one for the history books.

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Posted on 11-21-19 07:55 AM, in Link | ID: 152746
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My main desktop computer (running Arch Linux) uses Window Maker as its window manager. It's been updated recently but the majority of the code is old and crusty (still no XRandR support.)

My main laptop (which I'm using right now actually) is *still* on Windows XP, so you can't kind of imagine the stuff that I use on here frequently.

I do web design! Check out the stuff I've done here (some of it is unfinished though.)

Posted on 02-07-20 03:52 PM, in Link | ID: 154445
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Nightmare has to be ancient at this point. Mostly because all the translations for the games it edits are absurdly dated (but endearing at the same time)

Posted on 02-09-20 08:45 PM, in Link | ID: 154504
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Red Yoshi
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Since: 04-23-19

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vim. that counts, right?

Posted on 03-04-20 08:58 PM, in Link | ID: 155152
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Well, I'm not sure if this counts or not, but since I compose music for the PC-98 soundchip for a game I'm working on and I use PMD to compose the notes and a DOS emulator to run the MC compiler program.

If that doesn't count probably Adobe Flash CS3, which is from '07 I think. I use that for animations on the odd occasion I do those. I see no reason to use anything past CS3 really. Adobe never really added any useful features within it outside of maybe the Actionscript side, but who the hell scripts anything in Flash these days anyway?

Oh actually I guess VLC Media Player also counts since that's from '01.

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Posted on 03-05-20 05:33 PM, in Link | ID: 155189
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Red Yoshi
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Since: 04-23-19

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depends on the version of vlc, since version 2 was released in 2012 and 3 in 2018.

i guess winamp counts since version 5 is from 2003

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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - What's the oldest program you use regularly?

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