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04-01-20 05:41 PM
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Main - General Forum - How do you grip your Mouse
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What style of mouse grip do you use?
Palm Grip
Claw Grip
Fingertip Grip
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Posted on 02-25-20 08:39 AM Link | ID: 154958

htt fangirl, also http:// fangirl
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Posted by Rambly
clawing doesn't feel that unnatural to me, i used to play super metroid as a speedgame and i've played a lot of dark souls
i just realized this made me sound like some dumb Challenge Gamer that's trying to brag. i'm not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm not i promsie i'm noit i'm not i'm not

Posted on 03-07-20 11:25 PM Link | ID: 155305
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Post #5469
I have kind of a mix between a palm and fingertip grip, mostly the former though.

Obviously this depends on the mouse I use too. At some point I had to use an horrible cheap Chinese mouse, which was too flat and it felt very unnatural to use.
For things like that I had a "proper" fingertip grip... and needless to say, I don't miss using that mouse at all. :P

You may or may not be able to recognize where I stole this grid background from.
aka Schezo
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Main - General Forum - How do you grip your Mouse

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