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04-23-21 05:15 AM
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Main - General Forum - is there a way to (look at the thread)
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Posted on 07-30-20 02:38 PM, in Link | ID: 161289
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Is there a way to make a free website exactly like NSMBHD, Kuribo64 and Kafuka?

I wanna make a website because I was jalouse to Dirbaio, Arisotura and Epele with their sites, I wanna make a website called Midonado, this site will be based on NSMBU/NSLU Hacking, DS emulation and programmation, Wii emulation and programmation, 3DS emulation and programmation, Wii U emulation and programmation, and it will have more forums.

Posted on 07-30-20 04:35 PM, in Link | ID: 161290
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Well, if you mean "free" as in hosting-wise, you could hypothetically host a web server from a computer, or just look up some free web hosting service. As far as setting the site itself up, I'm no web dev so my knowledge on that front is rather limited admittedly, but there are people on here with some more knowledge on that front that you can ask, but you'll probably want to start with getting some form of hosting set up and installing the acmlmboard software itself.

You can probably join the Discord/IRC in Kafuka or any place with some people with dev knowledge, and ask any questions you may have there. I'm sure there's plenty of people who are willing to help you set it all up. But if you don't already, you may want to have at least a basic coding knowledge in terms of html/css/php and such.

Again, my dev knowledge is rather limited, but that's just my two cents.

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Posted on 07-30-20 05:55 PM, in Link | ID: 161292
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Generally free hosting services that will allow you PHP and MySQL are a dead breed, they don't seem to last long. I don't really recommend hosting from your personal computer; I did it as a kid, but hackers are much more sophisticated these days and drive-by ransomware is rampant.

I think some of the old free board hosting sites like proboards are still around; you can't run Acmlmboards on there of course, but hey.

In general though I think very few people post on messageboards, and who will want to post on yours that you started just out of jealousy? Honestly you'd get more people on a discord these days, even if I dislike that Discord, Inc. has killed IRC for most.

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Main - General Forum - is there a way to (look at the thread)

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