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05-24-24 04:26 PM
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Main - Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking - General SMB3 Hacking Thread (Kafuka Version)
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Quick Curly
Posted on 10-16-15 04:00 PM, in Link | ID: 87737
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Hello all, and welcome to the Kafuka version of the General SMB3 Hacking Thread! We're happy to have you with us. :D

The main purpose of this thread is to serve as a common place for any and all SMB3 hackers to gather to post about their questions, findings, personal projects, tutorials, custom ASM hacks, and anything else that they can think of. Please feel free to post screenshots, videos, and download links for your demos and completed hacks.
(Please only share patches. NO ROMS.)

This initial post will try to cover some basic quick links for any newcomers who are just getting started.

*Note to KP: If you can elaborate on any specific details and topics (like Reuben) please feel free.*

SMB3 Specific Tools/Utilities:

SMB3 Workshop by hukka - With this program, you can edit the levels, level headers, and object palettes, among other things.

SMB3 Map Editor by Beneficii - With this program, you can edit the World Maps. This includes the tiles, pointers, sprites, starting spaces, airship retreat points, pipes, and locks. A patch of an ASM hack is also included with allows you to have a different X coordinate and screen position for each world's starting space.

SMB3TE by never-obsolete - This program simplifies the process of modifying the tile placements and palette attributes of the title screen.

SMB3 TSA Editor by DahrkDaiz - You can edit the individual graphical tiles that build the blocks and other objects in the game for each Object Set with this program. If you have any issues with trying to run the program (I experienced them myself trying to run this on an older computer) you can always potentially modify the TSA directly by finding the appropriate values at the very beginnings of the Object Set ROM banks. Please ask for more details if you require further assistance with this.

NoDice by southbird - A more advanced editor that I don't have any personal experience with (yet), but should you feel the need for something more advanced than the utilities listed above, you can check it out, and post any additional questions you may have.
A disassembly is also available.

Reuben by DahrkDaiz - A more advanced editor that is still currently in development.

General Hacking Utilities:

FCEUX by FCEUX Team - With its multipurpose tools and features, you can potentially hack anything with the game directly. You do have to know what exactly you're editing though, either by referring to information available, or by finding the data and code yourself. Use this to edit palettes for enemies, Mario, Luigi, etc. that cannot be edited in SMB3 Workshop, as well as text, music, etc.

Tile Layer Pro by SnowBro - A graphics editor which features a tile arranger tool that allows you to better visualize your potential modifications. Be sure to apply the bug fix patch with Lunar IPS if you use this graphics editor.

YY-CHR/YY-CHR.NET by YY - Another graphics editor with plenty of features and capabilities.

WindHex32 by Bongo` - A hex editor for direct modifications. With this utility specifically, you can compare 2 files to find all of the differences between them, with the offsets and the number of different bytes in each case displayed.

HxD by Maël Hörz - A hex editor for direct modifications. With this utility, you can check your ROM's checksums to confirm which version you have. You need to know this information for properly distributing your hack so that others know which ROM version to apply your patch to. (If you use the BPS patching format instead of the IPS patching format though, the user will only be able to apply the patch to the correct version, which removes the risk of an improperly patched ROM.)


SMB3 Data Crystal Page - For quick RAM and ROM offsets, as well as the locations for palettes and text for editing purposes.

General SMB3 Hacking Thread (Board 2 Version) - The original thread that this one is based on, which was started back on July 12, 2009. While I'm not trying to direct any users away from this board overall, considering that there are lots of informative posts in the original thread, it is certainly a helpful read for newcomers and general SMB3 enthusiasts alike.

Other notable old posts that are Board 2 and SMB3 related include:

Small SMB3 Map Editor Pipe Editing Tutorial - A short, simple tutorial, complete with visuals, showing how to add a pipe system to the World 1 Map.

Small SMB3 Map Palette Editing Tutorial - A short tutorial showing how to use FCEUXD to edit the palettes for the World Maps.
Also take note that the palettes that each World Map uses are determined by the values found at the ranges 0x1842D-0x18435 (0x9) for object palettes and 0x18436-0x1843E (0x9) for sprite palettes.

SMB3 Title Screen Palette Definitions - Courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood KP.

SMB3 ASM Hack: Disable 2 Player Mode by DahrkDaiz

DahrkDaiz's 2004 Notes

Random RAM and ROM Data Posts:
1. June 20, 2010 - Palettes, Music
2. July 28, 2010 - Underground & Plains Bonus Areas, Map Crap
3. August 16, 2010 - Object Set ROM Banks, Free Space, Unused Levels
4. February 25, 2012 - Koopa Kids Data From Insectduel
5. August 27, 2012 - Mekeninzo Data Dump

Luigi's Chronicles 2 Time/Music ASM Hack, Editing Pipe/Door Pointers, "Custom Offsets"/Your Own Level Sizes

Underground Pipe Death Oversight, Infinite Lives ASM Hack, RetroRain's "Suicidal Mario" ASM Hack

Inventory Bar Worldly Palette ASM Hack

If I'm missing or overly complicating anything, the floor is now open for further discussion and sharing! Please enjoy! :)

Posted on 08-16-20 11:51 PM, in Link | ID: 161819
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Where on the site to upload my SMB3 and SMW hack


Posted on 08-17-20 01:27 AM, in Link | ID: 161827
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Upload to and share the link on the forum. Unless someone else has an idea. We don't have an uploader on this side of

Posted on 08-18-20 01:55 AM, in (rev. 2 of 08-18-20 12:28 PM by DanielC4) Link | ID: 161877
Normal User


Level: 45

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Since: 08-16-20
From: Venezuela

Last post: 37 days
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Thanks for the help


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Main - Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking - General SMB3 Hacking Thread (Kafuka Version)

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