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10-28-20 02:47 AM
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Main - Creativity and Artwork Showcase! - Random art general
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Posted on 07-04-19 05:47 AM, in Link | ID: 149369
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Since: 07-31-14
From: Portland

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A general thread for art you think is cool from around the internet, even if it's not yours. Must be credited unless you don't know the source, and ideally not NSFW.

Posted on 07-04-19 12:24 PM, in Link | ID: 149370
Site Administrator
The Sorceress.

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Since: 01-01-12
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Just to get this going, I'm gonna post something I found rather neat.

Artist: Cubewatermelon

The world could always use more heroes!

Posted on 07-04-19 12:53 PM, in Link | ID: 149376
Normal User

the future is now
Level: 82

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Time to repost the gay Zelda art I linked earlier

Artist: alexis moore (alexisparade)

Posted on 07-04-19 01:01 PM, in Link | ID: 149380
Normal User

Handsome Gentleman
Level: 85

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Since: 08-05-17
From: Africa

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That's a pretty neat Banjo drawing! Just gave this Cubewatermelon fella a follow.

Also here's some contributions from me I guess.

Artist: sanoji

Artist: takatuki_iti

Artist: Kinu Nishimura (maybe)

Artist: Poch

Artist: ukatujyu

Giant Paratroopa
Affected by 'Wooster Syndrome' ++++!!
Handsome Gentleman

Posted on 07-06-19 08:41 PM, in (rev. 2 of 07-06-19 08:45 PM by Rambly) Link | ID: 149431
Normal User

Toss Tortoise
extmrely f*cking abnormal user. whatch out
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just fyi but i think twitter blocks external image hotlinking, a lot of the images in this thread are broken

warning: gonna post a billion pics. none of this is mine, obviously...

drawn by dennou usagi — agh, i forgot to credit this one! well it's my layout pic sooo... i think i'm gonna shove that in my sig...

drawn by yuuho

drawn by tdaiki1216 — that guy also used to do a lot of weird photographic/mixed media stuff which i absolutely adored.

drawn by crisalys — absolutely gorgeous colors

drawn by atsushi nishigori — char designer on psg, absolutely adore his style w the bold lines... and the expressions he does, theres a lot of emotion in his facial expressions

drawn by hiroyuki imaishi -- absolutely LOVE his bold/sketchy/gritty style in his stuff he draws by himself

drawn by kawaichihiro

art by shiros — reminds me of paul robertson. also found out that guy drew psg and it is delightful

that's all i got for now sorry for the wall of images

Posted on 07-13-19 11:34 AM, in Link | ID: 149646
Normal User
Level: 51

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Since: 07-31-14
From: Portland

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pink link! by @medievalwing

Posted on 09-30-20 10:52 AM, in Link | ID: 162636
Normal User


Level: 15

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Since: 08-16-20
From: Venezuela

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Well, I want to share this image that I did not make, it is shameful that I found on the internet

I can't put the direct image here , because it's embarrassing, but I can show you the url.

Before they say that I made the image, I didn't make it, it was someone else.

it's about Luz and Amity

The author is Javisuzumiya

I am not ashamed of what I found on the internet, I was only impressed by the image I found when I wrote the name of the program

I have an explosive personality

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Main - Creativity and Artwork Showcase! - Random art general

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