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06-18-21 09:43 AM
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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - Wario Land complete disassembly
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Posted on 05-16-21 11:55 PM, in Link | ID: 164601
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Bullet Bill
well then
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After three failed iterarions, finally I managed to finish a complete disassembly of this game.

All of the code has been documented, including the unused/unreferenced ones, and all binary data was split.
It should build a bit perfect ROM as-is by running the included build script.

Link here

I've marked out things that are either unused, interesting/odd or outright bugs with the tags [TCRF], [POI] and [BUG].
There are quite a few of these things all over the place.

If you have suggestions or improvements to the naming conventions or file structure or see something that's incorrect, feel free to suggest anything and I'll see if it works out.

Bullet Bill
aka Schezo

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Main - General ROM Hacking and Emulation - Wario Land complete disassembly

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