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07-27-21 04:06 PM
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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - I bought the Playstation Classic
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Posted on 05-29-21 01:11 PM, in Link | ID: 164660
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I was curious about the system when I used to be in the shelter system, it arrived today. I wish the controllers were Dual Shock controllers, and the games coulda been better.

I'm pretty sure you can hack this system to put ROMS in it, I'd love to put my NES, SNES, GB/GBA, Genesis and TG16 ROMS on the system, is it even possible? Another question I wanna ask is, would there be a way to play PS1 ISO files through a 1TB USB drive? I saw one on Amazon for $40 and I have almost 200GB of PS1 games.

I don't wanna feel buyer's remorse, and tips you guys and girls can gimme I'd really appreciate it.

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Posted on 06-07-21 10:18 PM, in Link | ID: 164708
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Upon doing a slight bit of research, apparently there is something called Project Eris that exists as a way to mod your PS Classic to add more games, and allow you to run games from other systems through emulation. I dunno much about the PS Classic and I'm sure you probably stumbled across this in your own research, but figured I'd link it anyhow.

Also, I believe it is possible to run iso files, so assuming you have some storage to put them in that you can plug into the system then I guess you can do that.

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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - I bought the Playstation Classic

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