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01-21-22 01:58 PM
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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - What browser do you use? (Redux)
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What browser do you use in this almost-2019 era of browsing?
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Pale Moon
Other Firefox variant
Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer
Other????????????????? (Let us know)
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Posted on 10-23-19 01:21 PM, in (rev. 2 of 10-23-19 01:48 PM by Rambly) Link | ID: 152030
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Since: 07-01-12

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update: holy hell the new firefox logo is bad enough that it might honestly make me switch

no but for real i'm just tired of untrustworthy corporate buzz-y garbage and i kind of want to switch just for the sake of supporting something else

i was using safari on my macbook, but holy hell catalina is so awful that i might switch away from OS X. or even sell my laptop, i'm not sure yet

update #2: i switched to pale moon. considered seamonkey tho

Posted by RanAS
At work, we are obligated to use Google Chrome only.
ladies & gentlemen, the IE6 of the 2020s

the more things change, the more they blah blah blah

Posted on 10-23-19 02:57 PM, in Link | ID: 152057
Normal User

Blue Mail Link
the future is now
Level: 97

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Since: 04-23-19

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i wish "chome is the new IE6" was just a hot take rather than the reality

produced by or under license from cat witches co, ltd

Posted on 10-23-19 04:24 PM, in Link | ID: 152070
Normal User

Level: 124

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Since: 01-02-12

Last post: 436 days
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Still running Opera, keeping it up-to-date. I've sorted out some of the issues I was having back in June. They were mainly the tendency to take the most literal file extension (filename.jpg_LARGE or filename.png_ORIG on Twitter), which I solved with an extension, as well as allowing me to extract multi-image tweets at their original resolution.

I admit I troll around Twitter for NSFW art and extract and save the images I like. I don't repost any of it, I'm not a scumbag. I keep them because I either like the art and don't want to lose the image (I still lose it on file, but oops...), or I want to take concepts from several images and present them as basis for art to commission.

Got sidetracked, my bad.

Posted on 10-28-19 12:57 PM, in Link | ID: 152156
Goddess of the Apocalypse
Level: 193

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Since: 01-03-12
From: Boston, MA

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12935 3670 18
I run Firefox for all my main web browsing and all my personal web projects, but do my work web dev in Microsoft Edge (developer release of the Chromium version)... used to use Chrome for that (because everyone else at the company did) but switched because I had a friend on the Edge team (she's not on the Edge team anymore but oh well)

How are Chromium!Opera's dev tools, does anyone who uses it know?

Posted on 10-29-19 04:13 PM, in Link | ID: 152175
Normal User

Level: 68

Posts: 1015/1263
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Since: 07-01-12

Last post: 47 days
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i switched back to firefox because pale moon is slow and doesn't work with like 50% of all web pages


Posted on 11-10-19 12:07 AM, in Link | ID: 152402
Normal User
Level: 53

Posts: 645/779
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Since: 07-31-14

Last post: 19 hours
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Posted by Rambly
i switched back to firefox because pale moon is slow and doesn't work with like 50% of all web pages


came here to post the exact same thing, actually >_>

Posted on 05-14-21 07:17 PM, in Link | ID: 164578
Normal User

Level: 21

Posts: 146/160
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Since: 07-25-20
From: Brazil

Last post: 89 days
Last view: 86 days
I use brave, however I will take a look into browsers like waterfox and Otter

Posted on 05-31-21 03:28 PM, in Link | ID: 164667
Global Moderator

Bullet Bill
well then
Level: 125

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Since: 01-29-14
From: ???

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Post #5509
I'm using both Firefox and Chromium, depending on what I need to do.

Part of this is that the version of Firefox I'm using is pretty old and I keep forgetting to update to some other browser that supports the superior XUL plugins.

Bullet Bill
aka Schezo

Bill Cipher fan
Posted on 01-13-22 04:26 AM, in Link | ID: 166865
Normal User

Kaptain K. Rool is COOL!
Level: 26

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Since: 07-15-21
From: United States: Michigan.

Last post: 18 hours
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I use Wii U browser.


Posted on 01-14-22 06:57 AM, in Link | ID: 166879
Normal User
Level: 53

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Since: 07-31-14

Last post: 19 hours
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Posted by Rachael
Pale Moon, with uMatrix to block everything ever. Once things are configured it all works well, and I can feel a bit more relieved than with Firefox. Firefox is corporate disguised as privacy-friendly.

the fuck was wrong with me here

i use chrome most of the time. i spend a lot of time applying for jobs online and medical/government websites, which very very often do not function in firefox, let alone old ass versions of it
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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - What browser do you use? (Redux)

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