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12-08-23 12:49 PM
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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - How did you start gaming?
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Posted on 08-03-14 06:39 PM, in (rev. 2 of 08-03-14 06:42 PM by thereturnofdoritosxD) Link | ID: 71856
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Everything started in the early 2006 started gaming when I was about 5 years old and I was at a house of a friend because he invited me for lunch. He had a Gameboy Advance SP and when he showed it to me I was fascined from I asked him if I could borrow it and he accepted.
And that's how my gaming started. :P

Posted on 08-03-14 07:43 PM, in Link | ID: 71858
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My dad being in the business, we had an old Mac XL (not a Lisa as I always thought) with a Memory game on, and an MSX with a few games I could barely play. But what I did learn early on was how to work a command prompt, so that was nice. I must've been, like... seven or eight at the time?

Later, we got a NES with a 370 multicart. Of course, most of those were just variations of the others with certain cheats on, like "SUPER MARIO FS" where you'd start every level as Fire Mario and you could swim everywhere. That was about the time I honestly started gaming, 'round ten years old or so? No more than twelve.

Wasn't long until I built my own 286 in my bedroom. Imagine that, little twelve-year old sumbitch carrying a heavy CRT up the stairs.

The rest, as they say, is ROM BASIC NOT FOUND

Posted on 08-14-14 11:49 AM, in (rev. 2 of 08-14-14 11:50 AM by Ailure) Link | ID: 73041
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Super Mario Bros for NES. This was possible sometime during 1990 or 1991. All I remember is that I insisted on calling Mario for the "Video game guy". :p

I remember things more clearly post Super Mario Allstars, such as being upset when SMB3 glitched out as I thought it was broken (was just usual NES glitching), and that I played some PC games early such as a demo of Transport tycoon in 1994-1995. :P

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Posted on 08-17-14 04:12 AM, in Link | ID: 73372
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Posted by Ailure
Super Mario Bros for NES. This was possible sometime during 1990 or 1991. All I remember is that I insisted on calling Mario for the "Video game guy". :p

The inverse: When I was really young we had the NES Game Atlas, and for a while I'd call it the "Mario magazine". It looked like a magazine to me, and at the time the only games in there we had were SMB1 and 2. Later we got some others...

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Posted on 08-18-14 09:46 PM, in Link | ID: 73934
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I remember seeing Mario commercials on TV before I started gaming in late December 2004. I even knew that Mario is an Italian plumber before I even started gaming.

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Posted on 03-11-22 12:49 AM, in Link | ID: 167670
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That would've been the NES for me. My parents did have an old VCS but by the time I have memory of past events, it was already in their closet collecting dust. Original SMB, Duck Hunt, Tetris would eventually be followed by Dr. Mario and SMB3. And that was the early years before 1990 rolled.

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Posted on 03-31-22 10:16 PM, in Link | ID: 167906
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I could probably trace it back to a few key events:

- Playing Pitfall on my aunt's old Atari 2600 in her basement when we used to visit.

- Getting an original Game Boy when I was 5 or 6 years old.

- My dad taking me to the arcade on the weekends.

Any one of them could have kickstarted my love of games. And yes, I am old.
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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - How did you start gaming?

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