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07-04-22 12:27 AM
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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - Games I'm waiting for
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Posted on 06-14-22 12:27 AM, in Link | ID: 168501
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First game on this list is 171 aka GTA Brazil, this is a GTA style game that a small group of programmers from Brazil that's taking on the task of putting their whole city in the game.

1. 171 game play video

Duke Nukem Forever 2001 got leaked last month, and already passionate DN fans are fixing and completing this game, even from this build is better than what we got in 2011.

2. Duke Nukem Forever 2011 game play video

Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake is a free fan made game being worked on by three people to bring the classic game to modern times, according to the authors it'll be coming out sometime this year. I'm waiting for this game to be finished more than the RE4 Remake Capcom announced.

3. Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remake game play video

The last game on the list is Operation Black Mesa, a full remake of Half Life: Opposing Force & Half Life: Blue Shift, the people at Trip Mine Studios are doing a great job remaking these classic games.

4. Operation: Black Mesa / Guard Duty video demonstation

I'm waiting for these game more than any AAA games coming out this year into next. ;)

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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - Games I'm waiting for

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