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09-26-23 03:42 PM
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - Smoking
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Do you smoke?
Used to but quit
Not tobacco but other stuff
Multiple voting is allowed. Changing your vote is allowed. 24 users have voted so far.

Decoy Blimp
Posted on 04-01-20 11:27 AM, in Link | ID: 156291
Normal User

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Since: 06-26-17
From: Maryland

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I used to think I would never do drugs but then I went to college.

I regularly smoke weed these days, I'm a flower purist though so I don't really do dabs or vaporizers (although I do miss how high dab pens used to get me). For a while I was deliberately using it to avoid my depression but that bit me in the ass so I stopped using it as a means of escapism. These days I do it to relax and have fun, and it's helped me grow a lot as a person. I do have a problem not smoking it if I have weed in my possession, but that's why I only buy like 4-5 grams at a time; That'll last me about 1.5/2 weeks and then I take forced 3-5 day breaks, keeps me from having short term memory issues or other side effects of weed.

The first time I ever smoked anything was a cigar at my high school graduation. I won't lie, I really like cigars. I had another cigar when I returned home after graduation and a month ago I smoked a Backwoods cigar (I bought them to roll blunts but I hadn't had a cigar in a while so I figured why not smoke one).

I've hit my friend's Juuls/vapes a couple times and honestly I don't like it. I don't have monster lungs so if I suck on the thing for more than like half a second I'm coughing and in pain, but not in the same way weed does where it feels natural, it genuinely feels like my body is just rejecting the stuff because it's pure cancer. The few times I've managed to get a decent headrush out of it wasn't worth the feeling of my lungs being coated in a thin film of cancer. 1/10 would not reccomend.

Cigarettes are also disgusting. I only smoked a cig once and it was after I had sex with one of my exes. She was a chronic cigarette smoker and I was like "Hey we should do that post-sex cigarette thing." Three puffs into mine I turn to her and go "You wanna finish this? It tastes like shit." Didn't even get a headrush.

Beyond that I haven't done anything else. I don't like alcohol and I'm scared to try psychedelics (mainly because I'm on an SSRI antidepressant and I hear SSRI's and psychedelics are a really bad combo) but I'd really like to do shrooms some day and maybe LSD when I'm older.

Posted on 06-12-20 04:34 PM, in Link | ID: 159550
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Super Koopa

Level: 57

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Since: 07-31-14

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Didn't have a need for weed for several months, but now I'm feeling it again. >_>

If I want it, my friends have it.

Posted on 06-30-20 07:53 AM, in (rev. 3 of 06-30-20 07:54 AM by Rambly) Link | ID: 160413
Normal User

Level: 70

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Since: 07-01-12

Last post: 513 days
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i smoked weed for the first time a couple weeks ago. it was actually dreadfully boring. i didn't even really feel "high", just kind of alert like i took some adderall or something (or just drank caffeine honestly)

Posted on 01-25-21 03:41 PM, in Link | ID: 163921
Normal User
I guess I pop up occasionally now
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Since: 10-26-13

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Posted by Rambly
i smoked weed for the first time a couple weeks ago. it was actually dreadfully boring. i didn't even really feel "high", just kind of alert like i took some adderall or something (or just drank caffeine honestly)

I tried it in December and had basically the same experience. I wasn't even sure if it was affecting me at first. The only thing I really noticed is it felt like my movements had echoes? like it felt like my whole body was made of this cake or something.

Can you burn a Luigi board?

Posted on 01-27-21 10:01 PM, in Link | ID: 163944
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Since: 05-23-16

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Posted by skyl
this cake or something.

thank you for this video

Digital Cheese
Posted on 04-21-23 06:47 PM, in Link | ID: 169797
Normal User

Mini Octorok
TDK Emperor
Level: 6

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Since: 03-29-23

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Never have and probably never will, its one of the most useless things you can do. I don't know why people like it, even more so depending on how much it is. It just seems like a waste of money to me and I'd rather not do it.

Same for a lot of shit in general, waste of money. Basically I like money more than I could like any addiction.

My Website | YouTube Channel | 3DSPaint

Posted on 05-18-23 12:02 PM, in Link | ID: 169848
Normal User

The funny SSBC modder. A guy who loves Fighting games and indie. Sprite and Pixel art enthusiast.
Level: 18

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Since: 04-14-22
From: Spain

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i smoke them schmoes /j

have you got any idea how cool
this layout looks?
like, sure thing,
vaporwave layouts are cool
but i see no vapor
and no wave
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - Smoking

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