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05-26-24 05:44 PM
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And what do you think of this closure?
This is not fair
It was going to come in its time
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Posted on 04-17-24 02:33 PM, in Link | ID: 170106
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Let's talk about the most used operating system of all time; Windows 10

The most used system for work and entertainment, the system is about to celebrate ten years of existence.

I never thought about moving to this system because at that time it was not attractive to me to move to another system because I was stuck on staying with Windows 7.
But now that I see it, it is not worth staying with that old system and "upgrading" to another system and my expectations were high and I saw how nice it is to work with Windows 10

Starting in 2021, they notified me that there will be Windows 11, but I didn't like what they asked to install it at that time.

Until I received the bad news; Microsoft will shut down Windows 10 services on October 14, 2025.
I was quite surprised and at the same time sad.

I say this is because Windows 11 revenue was low.

And what do you think of this closure?


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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - Windows 10...

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