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Main - General Forum - Specifications of your dream house
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Next Jen
Posted on 10-13-12 05:49 AM, in Link | ID: 28062
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I'm going to have to really think hard about this one. I do know that if I could choose, it would be a castle. And it would have to have a pool, a large one. Two, in fact. One for outside and then an indoor one. A water slide is a plus. Of course a video game arcade and a movie theater. And a dojo.


Posted on 10-14-12 10:54 PM, in Link | ID: 28163
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I'm modest. City or small neighborhood. 2~3 story pre-1940s. It should have a balcony on the second or third floors for sure. Hardwood floors are a plus, as well as tudor or brick. Something I could entertain in, and room for a family if I decide to have one. Updated electrical and such with some rooms made to look the period.

I guess that's the basics. I'm sure I could drill down more. I like the Colonial and Victorian style with the mortise locks on the doors and all that.

I actually am looking at houses now oddly enough. Why I've been MIA this weekend.

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Next Jen
Posted on 10-18-12 03:23 AM, in Link | ID: 28256
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How is the house hunting going?

I've never lived in a house.


Posted on 10-21-12 04:49 PM, in Link | ID: 28332
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A DREAM house? Well I guess I can go big and say either a floating island or an underwater house.

But if I were to be more modest and normal, I'd say either the house I am living in now (the one I grew up in, albeit maybe in a different location), which is a 2 story with four bedrooms, or my grandmother's house down on Sarasota Bay, which is a one story with three bedrooms.

Posted on 10-24-12 07:58 PM, in Link | ID: 28379
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Dream house, huh?

I'd probably go with a boring old "Four Bedroom house" with one bedroom as an Arcade-room. A dining room'd be nice too. Never experienced one of them. Large Kitchen.. 'cause someone potentially turning and burning you with a hot pan isn't a nice thought.

A swimming pool'd be nice too. Preferably covered over. No fun to swim through leaves. >_>

The world could always use more heroes!

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Main - General Forum - Specifications of your dream house

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