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04-21-19 12:34 AM
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Main - The βetaMax Entertainment Center - Kill la Kill
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Posted on 12-08-13 05:23 PM Link | ID: 37834
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This is one of the new anime among the fall 2013 season, and I just started watching it. (I'm on episode 9!) and it's really one of the better anime the world has brought to us so far.

With the community being polluted with nothing but SAO and Attack on Titan it's nice to see some good shit.

Kill la Kill is about Ryuuko Matoi, who transfers to a school dictated by their student council president, and the school runs in a way where your uniform and standing in school dictates how you live. Some of these uniforms give the students special abilities that highlight their already natural abilities. Ryuuko wields half of a giant scissor and is looking for the person with the other half who killed her father. More on

A lot of good action, a bit of crude humor, it's an ecchi too so fan service everywhere. It has transformation scenes with a very sailor moon-esque feel. Just a really good anime from what I've seen.

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Main - The βetaMax Entertainment Center - Kill la Kill

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