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Main - General Forum - Let's hear it for Marzen64!
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Posted on 11-24-14 12:17 AM (rev. 3 of 11-24-14 08:59 AM by ゼンガー・ゾンボルト) Link | ID: 78910

Morton Koopa
My name is Sanger Zonvolt. I am the Sword that cleaves evil!
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From: Sweden

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His birthday is today. Let's hope it'll be a cheerful one. :)

Edit: Almost forgot:

There is nothing that can stand against my Zankantou!

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Posted on 11-24-14 01:11 AM Link | ID: 78911

I may or may not be back to life.
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Since: 10-09-12
From: 51.41277327819231 0.7888535549864173

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Happy Birthday Marzen, great job on the timing. Coming back like a couple of days before your birthday. Have a good one dude.


Posted on 11-24-14 01:12 AM Link | ID: 78913

Purr? Meeeeow.
Level: 223

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Since: 07-16-12
From: Albany, NY
OS: Mac OS X/Windows 10

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Happy birthday Marzen! Hope you enjoy it :-3

*Elsa gives Marzen a singing Anna doll

"Possessing Your 386 Since 1987"

Posted on 11-24-14 01:32 AM Link | ID: 78914
Site Administrator

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Mother's Rosario
Level: 102

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Since: 12-30-11
From: Akron, Ohio; USA

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Happy Birthday Marzen64! Looks like the cake was taken care of. :) I hope you have a good one.

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"Never Knows Best"
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Posted on 11-24-14 02:50 AM Link | ID: 78918
Trudging Scribe
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Since: 08-04-12
From: South Florida
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Happy birthday, here's a :toot:.


Posted on 11-24-14 11:31 AM Link | ID: 78936
Site Administrator
The Sorceress.

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Happy Birthday!

The world could always use more heroes!

Lili~ ♥
Posted on 11-24-14 04:35 PM Link | ID: 78940
Queen Lesbian of Kafuka
Level: 151

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Since: 01-06-12

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Since Trapster was early for the show (like always), I decided to wait until it's *actually* your birthday.

So happy birthday, Marzen64!

Posted on 11-24-14 05:27 PM Link | ID: 78941
T̨̞͎͓͉̮͓̠o͚͎o ̴̘̼̳͔̥̺͓m̤̤a̸̳̫̜̠̬͉̗ny͕̳ ̥͈̘̞͟c͚̦̳̘̠̟ͅo҉̗͎̮̣͉o̷͍̤̥̞͔͎̹k҉͙̲̩͍̮̮s͈̼͎
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Thanks guys! This birthday was probably the first one ever to just sneak up on me. I'm usually super excited, but I was like "Oh, it's the 21st. Wow I forgot about my birthday in 3 days" last week.

Thanks though! :D It's still great when people show up and show they give a shit by saying "hey I'm glad you were born".

Posted on 11-24-14 10:29 PM Link | ID: 78947
vi er din grundvold
Level: 96

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Since: 10-26-13
From: bowl-of-mountains

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I don't really know you, but happy birthday. :)

Wikipedia is a strange place.

Posted on 11-24-14 10:32 PM Link | ID: 78950
NES Game Aficionado
Level: 69

Posts: 1140/1354
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Since: 01-02-12

Last post: 539 days
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I'm not really *glad* that you were born; you require food, oxygen, and other shit that kinda eats into my supply... That being said, I'm kinda glad you're around now because what you bring to the table is worth more than what you require. :P

Posted on 11-24-14 10:56 PM Link | ID: 78959
Unspecificed Cooling Off Period. Be Safe
Bisexual Empress of the Stolen Title?
Level: 133

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Since: 07-17-13

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Happy birthday, Marzen64!

Also, you need some pancakes. :)
*@SquidEmpress" gives Marzen64 some pancakes.

Enjoy your day! ;)

Sunshine Realm
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Posted on 11-25-14 01:58 AM Link | ID: 78972

Level: 47

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Since: 01-04-12
From: Central Florida

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Maple Post-o-Matic 9.2
Birthy latehappday :3

Layout by Maple.
Hoennese Realm Safir Alliance

Posted on 11-25-14 04:28 PM Link | ID: 78985
Retired Staff

Level: 36

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Since: 02-02-13
From: Maryland

Last post: 835 days
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Happy latebirthday, I was busy yesterday. :3

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