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10-16-18 07:42 PM
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Posted on 08-03-15 07:47 AM Link | ID: 86797
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This is my first time doing any "real" programming since I got out of school in 2009. It's not fantastic by any stretch, but I'm kinda proud of it.

It's a dumb little script in ahk to assist my auto clicker for a clicker game I'm playing. I'm doing the clicking in an outside program because I attempted to just let the script do it all, but it doesn't see to like to work as quickly.

Anyway, code dump (It's shitty, I'm sorry)
coordmode, mouse, client
MsgBox,, Trel's Clicker, Commands`nNumPad1:Summon Boss`nNumPad2: Activate buffs`nNumPad3: Activate Gold Fountain`nNumPad7: Activate Away Mode`nNumPad8: Deactivate Away Mode`nNumPad9: Exit Script

Away = 0

mousegetpos, x, y
tooltip, %x% %y%
settimer, removetooltip, 5000

NumPad1:: ;Summon Boss
click 1200, 50

NumPad2:: ;Activate buffs
click 450, 675, 0
click 650, 675, 0
click 750, 675, 0

NumPad3:: ;Activate Gold Fountain
click 550, 675, 0

Away = 1
Gosub Auto

Away = 0
Gosub Auto

If (Away = 1)
click 550, 675, 0
Goto Auto

MsgBox,, Trel's Clicker, Script terminated
Sleep 1000

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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - I Wrote a Shitty Script!

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