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08-18-19 05:52 PM
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Main - The Officer's Club - Looking Back and the Future of The Internet
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Robbie Rage
Posted on 08-12-19 05:14 PM Link | ID: 150472

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After 5000 posts here, more I believe than on the original Acmlm's Board, it got me thinking ahead to the future, as well as a bit of nostalgic reflection about the things I've thought about since I first started coming around these parts.

I was a kid during the age of mainstream consumer internet and the Dotcom boom. When Acmlm's first came about, it felt like the first taste of what was to come; an interconnected future where everyone had an online presence, and individuals the world over could interact with one another.

Even though the rise of modern day social media and it's ills are now a daily reality for us all, it does not change the wonder I had back then, nor does it dilute the hope I have for the future in the era of smart devices and connection.

The questions: What sort of ideas have you had for the internet and the future of tech? What are some of the things that bring you that sense of wonder, and what do you hope to see in the future?

inb4 cyborg waifus

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Main - The Officer's Club - Looking Back and the Future of The Internet

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