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02-23-20 11:28 PM
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Main - Kafuka Gaming Arcade - Game Console Modding
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Posted on 08-31-19 05:55 PM Link | ID: 150868
Goddess of the Apocalypse
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Since: 01-03-12
From: Boston, MA

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I recently did a tiny mod to my Neo Geo to get rid of jailbars in the video output. Have you ever done any game console mods?

Robbie Rage
Posted on 08-31-19 09:11 PM Link | ID: 150879

Fueled by Board Nostalgia and Old Memes
Level: 109

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Since: 11-22-16
From: New Jersey, USA
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Since: 2001

Last post: 21 hours
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Not modding in the traditional sense, but I have been making heavy use of Brook converters lately. I've also heard about people modding Arcade 1up cabinets fairly easily, but I'm not sure if I'd ever go that route.

Posted on 09-01-19 01:05 AM Link | ID: 150892

the future is now
Level: 51

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Since: 04-23-19

Last post: 4 hours
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I should get around to modding my Wii

Posted on 09-01-19 01:08 AM Link | ID: 150894
Goddess of the Apocalypse
Level: 182

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Since: 01-03-12
From: Boston, MA

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12765 2973 59
Posted by Robbie Rage
I've also heard about people modding Arcade 1up cabinets fairly easily, but I'm not sure if I'd ever go that route.

I've seen those around YouTube as well, some very cool stuff, though in some cases it seems like nothing is left of the original cabinets beyond maybe some of the wood :p

Posted on 09-08-19 08:55 PM Link | ID: 151192

Larry Koopa
My name is Sanger Zonvolt. I am the Sword that cleaves evil!
Level: 142

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Since: 01-04-12
From: Sweden

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I modded my N64 to add RGB to it. Or rather, I sent it off to be modded. Image got a little darker. Not sure if I should get a signal enhancer.

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Posted on 09-21-19 02:04 AM Link | ID: 151441
I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!
Level: 118

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Since: 01-02-12
From: Pennsylvania, USA

Last post: 19 hours
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I softmodded my Wii and Wii U, giving me unbridled access to the whole library for both (within reason, be it storage or general interest). It's how I originally played Breath of the Wild.

I also paid for a hardware mod for my 3DS to capture video for streaming, though I hardly ever use it for anything more than easy, quality, screenshots.

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Posted on 09-25-19 10:35 PM Link | ID: 151504
Trudging Scribe
Level: 83

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Since: 08-04-12
From: South Florida
Acmlmn' Since: 2001

Last post: 57 days
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My ex-roommate modded an original Xbox for me. Had a heap load of games on it, all retro, of course. I still have that Xbox, just haven't used it in a long time.


Posted on 10-22-19 10:18 PM Link | ID: 152012

Blade Knight
obnoxious little death gremlin
Level: 60

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Since: 07-01-12
From: co

Last post: 49 days
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i modded my snes to play japanese carts

it involved a pair of pliers and lots of twisting and pulling

other than that nothing really. i guess i softmodded my wii. i actually want to mod my OG game boy advance to have a screen light at some point, that'd be nice

Posted on 02-22-20 12:03 AM Link | ID: 154848


Level: 10

Posts: 28/28
EXP: 4181
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Since: 12-19-17
From: 4 hours northwest of Hiryuu (Farmington, Arkansas)

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I've modded many consoles over the years. I've modded a Wii, Wii U (Virtual Wii), 3DS, Android phone, and some laptops if you call patching uxtheme.dll to accept non-Microsoft themes. The Wii was hacked to play Gameboy games and eventually Gamecube games. The Wii U was hacked to play Gamecube games (I can use the pro controller for that), and eventually Wii games once I figured out how. That was replaced with a Windows 10 desktop that can play those perfectly. 3DS was hacked to play any 3DS games as well as Gameboy advanced games. Android phone was hacked to downgrade its Android version back to the version that came with the phone, 6.0, but a later security month update (I think I switched it to the July 2016(?) update for Android 6.0). This has since been restored to Android 7.0 with nags to update to 8.0, but I ignore those. The uxtheme.dll was hacked to support Windows XP's Luna theme for Windows 7.

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Posted on 02-23-20 07:22 PM Link | ID: 154878
Level: 17

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Since: 06-25-16

Last post: 4 hours
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I've never modded a game console, but I have bought a modded Wii for my father as a birthday present. He really liked it! :D

"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear." --Ram Dass

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