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05-26-20 12:17 AM
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Main - General Forum - your dreams (3)
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Posted on 05-20-20 02:11 PM Link | ID: 158317

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Last night my dream was this sort of series of video game-like sequences with an art style similar-ish to Luigi's Mansion where two people would be controlling some sort of ghostly apparition, and the goal was to catch the other person with yours while simultaneously avoiding theirs. There'd be lots of doors and other space for you to roam around in. The apparitions were sort of Tamagotchi-like in the sense that you were tasked to do certain things to nurture them and prepare them for optimal experience in slaughtering your opponent.

The point of view kept switching between the players and the apparitions. For instance, there was a point where I saw a POV of a ghost locked inside of a bathroom, which the other player I believe had done to my ghost to subdue it, but the ghost grabbed onto the sides of the door as if it was trying to snap a person's neck and rotated the door 45 degrees or so.

Last thing I remember was some cutscene sequence of a middle-aged couple talking to one another about some devilish woman named "Layla" who supposedly birthed the apparitions, and then I woke up.

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Posted on 05-23-20 08:45 PM (rev. 2 of 05-23-20 08:49 PM by Arisotura) Link | ID: 158482
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so I 'accidentally' fell asleep for about 3h...

interesting dream bits.

an Age of Mythology type game, presumably me against an AI player. I occupy the bottom part of the map, with a nice beach at the top of my part.

at some point there's a battle on that beach I think? the game is a bit glitchy. there's fog from some spell that sticks around. later on a 'cage entities' spell is thrown, that, well, does what it says on the tin, and even some bits of the glitched fog find themselves caged into floating spherical cages. it's a bit weird, I can't interact with them at all, can't even select them, they're just stuck there.

later one, attempting to explore the map with a superfast cheat unit akin to AoE2's VMDL unit, but that can also walk over water. that endeavor doesn't go too well as the cheat unit is attacked by wildlife and dies.

that room in crapo-grandpa's house, with the ancient computer. I try to turn it on, but all it does is display a '501' error code. I recall a Youtube video about it. then 501 is also the computer's name/model? it's weird.

at some point there's another ancient computer? and that one is working, running DOS software. or that's a Youtube video about retro computers? anyway, there's a bit explaining graphical modes and all. then, some sort of DOS graphical editor, that is actually a text editor but for text-mode graphics, or something of that sort. it even supports 'frequency lines' at the top of the files, that tell it how to parse the file (width, etc; apparently encoded into a repeated pattern), and they recommend that you use that feature.

more talk about graphical modes, you even get one where you can use more colors per cell, or something like that...

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Posted on 05-24-20 08:09 AM Link | ID: 158515

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i had a dream a few nights ago that my friend bought me several 2 liters of sprite and sent them to me individually wrapped in manila envelopes

he also bought me a car, except it had the following problems
- it was a jeep pickup truck. i need to be clear: it was not a jeep (the type of car) at all, but a Jeep brand pickup truck
- it was painted this shade of green
- when i got to it there was already an old guy in a business suit in the driver's seat
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Main - General Forum - your dreams (3)

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