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03-29-23 02:20 PM
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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - What's the oldest operating system you own?
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Posted on 01-02-21 02:27 AM, in Link | ID: 163777
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Red Goomba

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Since: 12-19-17
From: 4 hours northwest of Hiryuu (Farmington, Arkansas)

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What is the oldest operating system that you own? It has to be installed on physical hardware, not in a virtual machine. For me, it is Windows 2000 on an Acer TravelMate 2480 that originally came with Windows Vista. This is supplemented with Windows XP. Both are on 36.7 and 37.2 partitions respectively.

And this is no ordinary 2000 install either. It has Office 2007 as well as the latest supported FireFox for XP (52.9). It is also fully up to date, accomplished with Windows Update right before they took it down for 200/XP/Vista. It also has working drivers as well. Everything works from Intel Graphics to even wireless internet (using Boingo, which is software. not a USB adapter). To accomplish this, I just downloaded the 32bit XP drivers from the Acer support page for my laptop model.

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This is a bio? Is this where I input Biology or Biography? And I'm pretty sure graphy is a suffix due to its usage in geography, photography, biography, and tomography.
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Posted on 03-06-22 09:25 PM, in Link | ID: 167525
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Since: 07-15-12
From: Arkansas

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XP, that is in active use anyways. It's running BOINC in the living room for Einstein@Home.

Posted on 03-09-22 08:39 PM, in Link | ID: 167616
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Miracles Happen
When you believe...
Level: 250

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Since: 07-16-12
From: Albany, NY
OS: Windows 98

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Windows 3.11 on a maxed out 486 system here, the earliest era I find personally interesting 😆 XTs and stuff really don't interest me

"Miracles happen, when you believe..."

Posted on 03-10-23 06:01 AM, in Link | ID: 169714
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Red Koopa

Level: 24

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Since: 09-06-17
From: World X Pipe

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If by own you mean have physical original copies of, then my oldest would be a set of Xenix 386 floppies! I have no clue if they even work (I've tried to install it on actual hardware before, but it's pretty finicky and limited in what it likes)

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Main - msg db 'Computer Address',0xa - What's the oldest operating system you own?

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