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09-24-23 05:58 PM
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Main - General Forum - What was the biggest thing you have ever won?
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Next Jen
Posted on 10-13-12 05:58 AM, in Link | ID: 28072
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Since: 08-04-12
From: South Florida
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I would have to say the NASA tweet-up, but that really wasn't a competition. Instead it was more of luck and popularity (I think) on Twitter. So my vote goes for the flat screen TV (and a XB360) that I won thanks to a Rock Band competition at work. Not my fault that the majority of the people that entered were terrible. It was a two person team, I was on guitar and a guy that choose me when he saw me practiced, played the drums. When he saw my practiced, he was shocked. Not sure if he works for the company anymore.


Posted on 10-13-12 05:59 AM, in Link | ID: 28073
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Red Birdo
Fat Lesbian
Level: 88

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Since: 04-03-12
From: Seattle, USA

Last post: 3241 days
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$20 on a scratchoff ticket I received as a gift.

My luck isn't very good <_< >_>

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When no matter what you do it's never good enough,
When you never thought that it could ever get this tough,
That's when you feel my kind of love.

Posted on 10-13-12 11:53 AM, in Link | ID: 28108
Retired Staff

Level: 41

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Since: 01-01-12
From: Sanford, NC

Last post: 3557 days
Last view: 3557 days that you've got me thinking about it, I don't think I've ever "actually won" anything. >.> I've queued for an upgrade to first class on a flight to Tokyo and got it, if that counts?

Sonnanja, ore no inochi wa toreneena!

Jinpu Ishikawa


Steam: Ryudof

Posted on 10-16-12 10:06 PM, in Link | ID: 28215
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Scryforce - A place that still exists. Neat.
Level: 85

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Since: 07-18-12
From: USA

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Posted by Taryn
$20 on a scratchoff ticket I received as a gift.

That except I had bought it and perhaps a few band awards and some other misc tiny things.

Posted on 10-21-12 04:51 PM, in Link | ID: 28333
Normal User
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Level: 81

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Since: 01-02-12
From: Internet

Last post: 3190 days
Last view: 2476 days

The Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful Clean Water Essay back in seventh grade, probably. I didn't win first place, but I won, like, third. That's close enough right? I had to write an essay on clean water usage.

Okay yeah I can come up with something better...... Does my Eagle Scout count? I won that. Kinda.

Okay, I got nothing.

Posted on 10-24-12 07:44 PM, in Link | ID: 28376
Site Administrator
The Sorceress.

Level: 233

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Since: 01-01-12
From: UK

Last post: 627 days
Last view: 7 min.
I tend to not win much that's big.. but I do get quite a lot of small wins.

I'm gonna go with a plush toy as my biggest win in terms of size. >_>

The world could always use more heroes!

Posted on 03-09-13 02:05 AM, in Link | ID: 31681
Site Administrator

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Mother's Rosario
Level: 107

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Since: 12-30-11
From: Akron, Ohio; USA

Last post: 231 days
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I really don't win much. I've got various prizes over the years.. The biggest thing I own (other than a house) is probably..

One of the few screen used things I own in my collection. According to the documentation it is the one RDA hit with a rubber P90.. so it may not be that exact one...

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Posted on 03-09-13 05:26 PM, in Link | ID: 31692
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Since: 01-02-12

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I spent $10 in raffle tickets that won me a DS Lite. Other than that, I tend to win small raffle ticket prizes. One time, there were a bunch of toys given away by an event boss, who gave two raffle tickets to each person as they walked in the door. There were about 90-100 people there at the event, and they called BOTH of my tickets.

Posted on 03-09-13 05:56 PM, in Link | ID: 31693
Goddess of the Apocalypse
Level: 197

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Since: 01-03-12
From: Boston, MA

Last post: 43 days
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2554 4281 82
I think I won $5.00 on a scratch ticket once?

Posted on 03-09-13 08:49 PM, in Link | ID: 31697
Normal User

Roy Koopa
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Level: 152

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Since: 01-04-12
From: Sweden

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Hmm. Probably a total of almost €200 on a gambling site over time? It all started with a mere €10.

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Posted on 03-10-13 06:18 AM, in Link | ID: 31713
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Since: 01-02-12

Last post: 1756 days
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Oh yeah. I also won my dad $100 on a scratch ticket when I was 4. Did I even get one fucking toy? Nope, not that lucky.

Next Jen
Posted on 03-13-13 03:46 AM, in Link | ID: 31840
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Since: 08-04-12
From: South Florida
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Last post: 1366 days
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Posted by Emuz

Yep and I still want to steal that from you...


Posted on 03-13-13 04:58 PM, in Link | ID: 31860
Normal User

Level: 37

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Since: 01-05-12

Last post: 1411 days
Last view: 102 days
I once won £50 for getting 1st place in a dance competition. :J

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Main - General Forum - What was the biggest thing you have ever won?

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