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06-17-21 08:29 AM
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - What's the story behind your Username?
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Posted on 12-22-17 07:48 AM, in Link | ID: 115562
Excessive drama.
Level: 70

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Since: 06-03-14

Last post: 804 days
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lol fine I'll stick with it :P

Good riddance!

Moonlight Capital
Posted on 01-02-18 06:35 PM, in Link | ID: 120288
Normal User
Click here for catgirls
Level: 30

Posts: 119/243
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Since: 04-26-16
From: Italy

Last post: 879 days
Last view: 878 days
I have this name because i was a bored 10 years old who wanted to register on a site. I rarely even use this name anymore.

Some admin please rename me to MoonlightCapital aaaaaah.

Posted on 01-02-18 07:24 PM, in Link | ID: 120298
Retired Staff

Not okay
Prophet of Celestia
Level: 90

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Since: 01-01-12
From: The Netherlands

Last post: 984 days
Last view: 659 days

It's a remnant of a Halloween theme rename on the old Acmlm's Board.

I used to have this real suck-ass name. Then for Halloween I was "teh fuzy evil". Horrid spelling on purpose. Afterwards, that was (badly) translated to Japanese, and then later I dropped a word for simplicity.

Then I found out there's dozens of Kawa all over the internet, including one involved in roguelike development. Oops!

Posted on 03-24-18 06:27 PM, in Link | ID: 129428
Normal User
Level: 52

Posts: 471/764
EXP: 1058629
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Since: 07-31-14

Last post: 3 days
Last view: 3 days
tierage is an extremely old username I got from the World of Warcraft name generator for a male Dwarf. I've tried multiple times to start using a new name, but this one stuck. might make it Jasmine, idk

Posted on 03-31-18 12:50 AM, in Link | ID: 129710
Normal User
I guess I pop up occasionally now
Level: 98

Posts: 3174/3204
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Since: 10-26-13

Last post: 77 days
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I registered at SMWCentral on 1 October 2013 because I wanted to have an account on every Acmlm-ish board. I decided to use a different username, SkyLuigi (yes, with capital letters which I subsequently removed elsewhere), containing a Nintendo element (because it was SMWCentral so yes) and also similarity to my own actual name. On 1 January 2018 (not for the new year, it just happened to be then), I removed the Marioness by chopping off half of it, and here we are.

Posted on 03-31-18 01:14 AM, in Link | ID: 129712
Global Moderator

Bullet Bill
well then
Level: 124

Posts: 5248/5511
EXP: 21241010
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Since: 01-29-14
From: ???

Last post: 12 days
Last view: 6 days
Post #5248
Schezo is a Puyo Puyo character.

Kak comes from Khakis. I chose that word in 2012 around the time I was watching WhiteKhakis' WL Shake It Playthrough. If that sounds like "original username do not steal" you'd be right, but the name stuck anyway. Not like it matters since this link isn't exactly obvious, especially when you also watch danooct1's videos and the Kak worm exists (this was a fun coincidence).


Bullet Bill
aka Schezo
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - What's the story behind your Username?

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