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12-08-23 01:21 PM
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - What's the story behind your Username? (1)
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Posted on 12-22-17 07:48 AM, in Link | ID: 115562
Excessive drama.
Level: 73

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Since: 06-03-14

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lol fine I'll stick with it :P

Good riddance!

Moonlight Capital
Posted on 01-02-18 06:35 PM, in Link | ID: 120288
Normal User
Click here for catgirls
Level: 32

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Since: 04-26-16
From: Italy

Last post: 1783 days
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I have this name because i was a bored 10 years old who wanted to register on a site. I rarely even use this name anymore.

Some admin please rename me to MoonlightCapital aaaaaah.

Posted on 01-02-18 07:24 PM, in Link | ID: 120298
Retired Staff

Not okay
Prophet of Celestia
Level: 93

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Since: 01-01-12
From: The Netherlands

Last post: 1888 days
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It's a remnant of a Halloween theme rename on the old Acmlm's Board.

I used to have this real suck-ass name. Then for Halloween I was "teh fuzy evil". Horrid spelling on purpose. Afterwards, that was (badly) translated to Japanese, and then later I dropped a word for simplicity.

Then I found out there's dozens of Kawa all over the internet, including one involved in roguelike development. Oops!

Posted on 03-24-18 06:27 PM, in Link | ID: 129428
Normal User

Super Koopa

Level: 57

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Since: 07-31-14

Last post: 635 days
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tierage is an extremely old username I got from the World of Warcraft name generator for a male Dwarf. I've tried multiple times to start using a new name, but this one stuck. might make it Jasmine, idk

Posted on 03-31-18 12:50 AM, in Link | ID: 129710
Normal User
I guess I pop up occasionally now
Level: 102

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Since: 10-26-13

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I registered at SMWCentral on 1 October 2013 because I wanted to have an account on every Acmlm-ish board. I decided to use a different username, SkyLuigi (yes, with capital letters which I subsequently removed elsewhere), containing a Nintendo element (because it was SMWCentral so yes) and also similarity to my own actual name. On 1 January 2018 (not for the new year, it just happened to be then), I removed the Marioness by chopping off half of it, and here we are.

Can you burn a Luigi board?

Posted on 03-31-18 01:14 AM, in Link | ID: 129712
Global Moderator

Bullet Bill
well then
Level: 129

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Since: 01-29-14
From: ???

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Post #5248
Schezo is a Puyo Puyo character.

Kak comes from Khakis. I chose that word in 2012 around the time I was watching WhiteKhakis' WL Shake It Playthrough. If that sounds like "original username do not steal" you'd be right, but the name stuck anyway. Not like it matters since this link isn't exactly obvious, especially when you also watch danooct1's videos and the Kak worm exists (this was a fun coincidence).



Bill Cipher fan
Posted on 01-09-22 11:31 PM, in Link | ID: 166828
Normal User

Kaptain K. Rool is COOL!
Level: 45

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Since: 07-15-21
From: United States: Michigan.

Last post: 264 days
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Hi, My name is obvious, If you know Gravity Falls then you know Bill Cipher, He is my favorite villain of all time, He is the greatest great guy, He is cool and awesome, And scary! BILL CIPHER RULES!!!!!


Posted on 01-10-22 09:13 AM, in Link | ID: 166833
Normal User

Super Koopa

Level: 57

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Since: 07-31-14

Last post: 635 days
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I started being Kaj in 2019 after I remembered an infamous user on Scratch back in the day with the name. I thought it was a cool name, so then it became my name, and it stuck.

Rachael became my girlname in 2020 because it's cute and I knew a girl growing up with the name. I felt ashamed for a while but then I learned it wasn't uncommon for trans girls to take names from old friends :P

Posted on 01-11-22 07:12 PM, in Link | ID: 166847
Normal User

Hero of Winds
the future is now
Level: 111

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Since: 04-23-19

Last post: 142 days
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darkwitchclaire post

aesthetic + chosen name

produced by or under license from cat witches co, ltd

Posted on 01-11-22 09:49 PM, in Link | ID: 166852
Normal User

Miracles Happen
When you believe...
Level: 253

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Since: 07-16-12
From: Albany, NY
OS: Windows 98

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My real name, that's all 😁

"Miracles happen, when you believe..."

Bill Cipher fan
Posted on 01-11-22 10:20 PM, in Link | ID: 166853
Normal User

Kaptain K. Rool is COOL!
Level: 45

Posts: 338/777
EXP: 640877
Next: 19287

Since: 07-15-21
From: United States: Michigan.

Last post: 264 days
Last view: 206 days

Posted by Danielle
My real name, that's all 😁
That is a good idea:D


Posted on 01-27-22 05:45 AM, in Link | ID: 166997
Normal User


Level: 44

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Since: 08-16-20
From: Venezuela

Last post: 46 days
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my name was never decided Daniel C4
but as i gave passion to the board with my name, i decided to leave it like that, now i have another cool name Moon Star on some websites.
DanielC4 I got it from something I saw from a gif "mario cape flies to the ground and everything explodes" and also from names I've never heard "Dana Terrace" "Meyer" "azulejo" "magenta"

working in:
Sonck's Adventures

Bill Cipher fan
Posted on 01-29-22 12:12 AM, in Link | ID: 167044
Normal User

Kaptain K. Rool is COOL!
Level: 45

Posts: 367/777
EXP: 640877
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Since: 07-15-21
From: United States: Michigan.

Last post: 264 days
Last view: 206 days

Posted by DanielC4

now i have another cool name Moon Star
That IS a cool name! i like it for you:D


Posted on 03-04-22 11:52 PM, in Link | ID: 167469
Normal User

Level: 28

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Since: 07-15-12
From: Arkansas

Last post: 600 days
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The original release of my name actually originated from an anime/manga long past its prime, at this point. I used the full name with underscores in spaces at the time that I originally started out on ACMLM's back in 2002 and was suggested that I cut down the amount by...some, I can't really remember who. So I did and the name stuck for two decades as my main screen name.

I say main, I've got way too many now.

Posted on 03-10-23 06:13 AM, in Link | ID: 169718
Normal User


Level: 25

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Since: 09-06-17
From: World X Pipe

Last post: 29 days
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Mine comes from the names of the built-in ghosts in Mario Kart Wii; they followed the naming scheme of "Nin★[some name]", and I simply copied this and inserted my own name. I quickly dropped the ★ though because unicode characters are a pain to deal with in login forms (and most sites don't support them either)

Digital Cheese
Posted on 03-30-23 04:45 PM, in Link | ID: 169752
Normal User

Mini Octorok
TDK Emperor
Level: 6

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Since: 03-29-23

Last post: 135 days
Last view: 18 days

I've had two really long lasting names throughout my time on the internet (that weren't just my first name or an alt account on certain sites like "Analog Cheese"). I will go over the history of my D2 name marksmenMario and my main name Digital Cheese.

Digital Cheese

The Digital Cheese name was picked back in 2019 when I made my YouTube channel. I was thinking of a name for the channel and obviously I needed it to be simple.

I originally thought of "PizzaGamer0616" because I liked pizza and I liked gaming (still do, who could hate pizza tho). The numbers made the name sound weird to me so I changed "0616" to "5027" but even that name didn't sound good. Also, having numbers in the name I realized would make my channel annoying to remember.

As a result, I needed to figure out a better name. Plus, PizzaGamer is probably pretty generic anyways and likely wouldn't help me out because I'd probably be buried under 100s of 1000s of channels. Then I thought of the name "Digital Cheese" and made my PFP that I still use today. It was basically perfectly made, even if it was just me thinking of an otherwise stupid name and making a PFP on MSPaint that I will never likely remake.

For one, the name didn't have 4 numbers so it was easier to remember. Also, the name was the perfect length. Even in Mii maker, the name can be easily shortened to just DC meaning I have 8 characters left to do whatever I feel like. Also, Digital Cheese was a unique name that very few had on YouTube (i found out there was like one other channel but I'm usually one of the first) so it would be easy to find me if you're just searching the name up.

Plus, the name in general sounds nice. Its a name that is easily remembered, simple to type in, simple to make shortened/slightly modified versions if its too long or the name is already taken, and theres no reason to change it. But what about my other name, marksmenMario? Well I will explain that one below.


This name was my PSN gamertag back in 2016. The one you see on my profile is a different gamertag, but I still have the original account. I was like 7 so I can't 100% figure out what I meant by it, but I do remember that I liked Mario and Luigi a lot. I can't figure out the marksmen part, I probably didn't make that one.

Whatever, few years go by I make Digital Cheese and use that. Around 2022, bungie allowed people to change their Bungie names without making a new account. Now normally it would just be changed and I'd probably (for the most part) forget of the marksmenMario gamertag, however I decided on Destiny 2/ to keep it. For one, its the longest running name I used on and I had even played Destiny 1 back in 2016 because it was my first Playstation game and first FPS game I think.

Even if it were possible to change your Bungie tag as many times as you want for free whenever you want and no one would take the marksmenMario name eventually, I probably wouldn't change it anyways. Now if Bungie made a custom user link system (such as YT channels with 100+ subs) then I'd probably just put DigitalCheese as the userlink name because it would be more consistent with everything else.

Thats pretty much the history of my two names that I've used from 2016-2023. I had a Wii U NNID going back to Christmas 2014, but it contained my real name for some reason so I won't share it. I did have the SuperFireLuigi1 NNID when I got my 3DS in 2015, but I can't say for sure what made me pick that name.

I will say one thing though, the only thing that topped the SuperFireLuigi1 NNID for me was the Digital Cheese name. Yes I am the real Luigi, bow down to me. Jokes aside, I don't have much else to say lmao. This was a bit longer than I figured it would be and I pretty much have nothing else to say now.

My Website | YouTube Channel | 3DSPaint

Posted on 05-18-23 12:10 PM, in Link | ID: 169849
Normal User

The funny SSBC modder. A guy who loves Fighting games and indie. Sprite and Pixel art enthusiast.
Level: 19

Posts: 115/118
EXP: 31477
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Since: 04-14-22
From: Spain

Last post: 203 days
Last view: 183 days

- "what is the story of my username", you guys say?
well back then i was simplily called Matatsuki-NinjaX.
that name was really a good name. no, like, seriously, it has the name of the Watatsuki's sisters from Touhou.
basically i considered myself just like someone who "turns around", and matatsuki is the best name that describes that fact. not just that but also, because there's a fandom character in yume nikki who also has the same name.

- "but what about my current username?"
well easy there, as my name originally was meant to be Exodus, but I switched it with a word, called ex-deity, and wanted to make it more unique. it turns out that one friend I played a game with had that username too, but he wasn't really known outside of it. so I decided to tell him:
"What a coincidence that I just thought of an username that someone else already took."
and it also seems that there are plenty of Exodus' out there as well. XD

have you got any idea how cool
this layout looks?
like, sure thing,
vaporwave layouts are cool
but i see no vapor
and no wave

Posted on 06-15-23 03:20 AM, in Link | ID: 169908
Normal User


Level: 18

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Since: 12-19-17
From: 3 hours northwest of Hiryuu (Farmington, Arkansas)

Last post: 163 days
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My username is taken from my old hometown. Actually, it was East Moline, but that probably would have been too long to register with, so I shortened it to its neighboring city, Moline!
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Main - Craziness Domain 二番: Kuchi Kopi's Bar - What's the story behind your Username? (1)

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